Symbolic Meaning of Black Cats (Three of Them)

A follower of my work wrote in telling me she witnessed three black cats sitting at her doorstep three days in a row.  She asked what the symbolic meaning of black cats (specifically, these three) could be, to which I respond:

Dear Cat Whisperer: 

Unanimously, the symbolic meaning of cats is that of protection and guardianship.

Stoic, silent and mysterious, cats fit the bill of for being expert guardians of homes and people.  They are also master secret keepers, and are a symbol of esoteric (hidden) knowledge.

As a Celtic animal symbol, the cat was honorably regarded as the guardian of the Otherworld, and served as a gatekeeper to the other realm of existence. 

Black cats double in their mystery, and protection powers.

The number three is highly promising – it is a number that deals with creativity, new ideas, new partnerships, and new business ventures.

The fact that you have seen three black cats on your stoop is a very auspicious sign.  It may mean you will be forming a new business relationship, or that you are coming into a position in which you will become more stable.

The appearance of these cats is also very promising because it tells me that you and your family are protected against energy that may thwart you from launching new ideas.  You all are guarded against trivial, bothersome set-backs.

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  1. I believe phenomenon such as these take place to do the very thing you are doing now: Question.

    Perhaps that is the only purpose for these events – to make you question your own reality.

    Animals come to us for reasons – what their reasons may be depends upon those they appear to.

    In other words, I can only give you some general, foundational thoughts based on lore, or observation (as I have done in the above post). Ultimately you must ascribe your own interpretation to these events.

  2. Pls could you advise

    I have a black cat with 4 white paws that keeps coming to my house and even sometimes enters as if she lived here. She seems to be acustomed to people as i have touched her and taken her out at times, but i have been told that it is not auspicious. especially a black cat with white paws.

    Other cats are fine

    I have always liked cats and had them since i was a child, I now have a white cat with brown patches which I accepted from neighbours whom were going to put him down when they moved house, and a ginger kitten which i found in a dustbin in the city. unfortunatley they dont get along too well but i think it will take time.

    pls advise

  3. I searched this site because I have just came out of a dream where I obtained 3 cats. I new that there could be symbolism behind animal dreams so I looked up the meaning on this site. After reading the comments on this page I have goosebumps, because I am getting married in 3 days! I just thought it appropriate to share this with you!

  4. This is all very interesting. I myself have never viewed black cats as bad luck. A few weeks ago my grandmother passed away and I had to travel back home for the funeral. My husband told me that while I was away a black cat started appearing in the tree next to my bedroom window at night…everynight. WHen I got back I thought it would go away but it has been in that tree every night since my grandma died. Last night I woke up and there it was lloking into my window and appearedd to be watching me sleep. It will wait till I go to work in the morning and if I come late at night will be waiting for me by that tree. Any ideas? It may just be a

  5. Since I moved to my new place I have been adopted by a stray grey cat. Of course I feed him and give him milk, mostly because I appreciate him being there. I live in a “scary” neighborhood and usually don’t go out much at night: however, the garbage dumpster is a block away. When I take the garbage whether it is day or night, he walks with me to the dumpster and back. He is waiting for me when I get home and greets me in the morning. I do not let him in the house because of fleas, etc. but our bond has become very close. Last night when walking to the dumpster I heard a scamper behind me and there he came, running to catch up. A few seconds later I smelled a very, very strong odor of roses. It only lasted a few moments. I looked around in the dark but there was nothing near… only the dumpster and the freeway with its noise and exhaust.

  6. I had recently found out that I was allergic to cats, dogs,.etc. I had a black cat at home that was the family cat. Due to my allergies I had to give him away. He was already 2 years old so we brought him to an Animal Center. There they told us that animals were never put to sleep, they were given 10 days of quarantine (to see their behavior), and they were given years of an opportunity to find an adopter. They gave us a code that my cat was now known as to them, so if we ever wanted to check up on him we could. Three weeks later we decided to call cause we wanted to know how he was adjusting. They let us know that he wasn’t letting them touch him and was aggressive so they had to put him to sleep after only 8 days. This was yesterday that I found out.

    Now this is when it starts to get weird. About three weeks ago everyone in the household started to notice a black cat roaming about. At this point non of us knew that he has passed on. We all seen him doing exactly what my cat used to do. Climb on us at night, sleep on our beds, standing by the window,.etc. Now that we have found out what his destiny was, do you think its my cat that has found his way back home? Why does it mean that he is still around?

  7. Hello
    I live in a small 1 bedroom appartment on the second floor. I just finished eating dinner, after a shower I had closed the door of my room to cook dinner and after eating going back in the room, A BLACK CAT was liying on my bed. We both looked at each other straight in the eyes for a few seconds than i opend the balconie door and tried to chase him out. he went once under the bed i lifted the matrass than he jumped out.last night I heard wird lasting sounds of a crying cat. I have NO idea how he could have gotten in with out me noticing it. Its kind of scarry or wird concidering I m going through some crazy events in my life am a college student my parents are divorcing and a lot of problems everywhere…

  8. hi, ok so i always thought that black cats represented death and badluck,(until now ) so where i work, on the wknds its empty in the parking lot..and on my break time i go outside for a cigg. And 2x this black teen cat has come out of nowhere only in my presence..1st time it stared me down and came towards my car stopped, waited to see what i would do, i drove off scared it would cross my path, as soon as i drove off the cat left. 2nd time a week later spooked me.. i came out-parking lot empty, i went into my car for a min, came back out about 3 parking spots away the black cat is calmly sitting there just staring at me, didnt seemed threatened by me at all. sat there for 15min while i smoked, just staring at me while i stared back, then he just turned around and left. My life has been crazy and stressful for some time, but since the cat started coming around things in my life have come to a turning point, kinda like do or die so,(NOT LITERALLY)but now that i have seen your website i feel better about it, and actually hope to see the cat again, and come to think about it in the past black cats have always popped up when i come around..strange..makes me think about my reality.

  9. I have had 2 different cats come to my home. I have figured out when a black cat comes it means a man or some flirtation or dating will soon occur, the grey cat means opportunity or money will come my way. I just had an orange cat come into my yard. It lives across the street and has never come over. I have recently been worried about money, being alone etc. and last night this cat came, what does this mean

  10. Hello I would like to ask a question concerning black cats. Are they an omen of bad luck, is someone doing black magic against me or are they an omen of good luck? I keep on seeing them around the house outside and also they have crossed my way when driving or walking. If you can help me please send me an email. Thank you. Henry.

  11. Hey, i had a dream the other night about three cats. In my dream the three cats where on a ladder and i was trying to help them. The first one hiss at me. The second one scratch me, I had three cuts on my hand and shaped in half moons. I could see the inside of my had and it was bleeding a lot. I picked up thrid one and he was fine with me.

    Would you have any idea what this would mean?

  12. dear sir madam, on several occasions im driving the kids to school or going to the shops and a black cat crosses my car in front of me from the left side of the road it comes in the middle looks at me in the face and goes back the way it came what does this mean please help thanks aine ireland

  13. Hey, what does it mean when a white cat with gray spots comes out of nowhere and sits down and stares at you then when I went inside I told my sister about it and she went outside to get the cat off of the lawn and it ran off. After that she went upstairs and I started doing the dishes and when I looked outside the cat was back and it just sat the same way as before and stared at me. Then when I went to tell my sister once again when we came back it was gone. When she left AGAIN, I looked outside and it was sitting, but it wasn’t looking at me it was as if it was looking for something else, but it hasn’t left the yard it still roams around. I haven’t had a cat since I was little so I don’t know why or what this cat keeps on watching me for… it’s creeping me out and I thought that maybe you could help me. Thanks

  14. Hello my dear,

    I have recently been experiencing having black cats show up at my home. I had had one show up out nowhere 6 years ago when i was at a time in my life where i was recovering from a terrible drug addiction. I kept the cat and it would sit up all night gazing outside as if it was there to protect me, my step father made me get rid of the cat. Last December i was struggling with my addiction again after i had a major surgery as i had a relapse and my life spun out of control for about 6 months. I had found out that at the same time i was going through these things the cat(which my mother gave to a friend) had recently became sick and ill at the same time i was. Unfortunately the cat did not make it, Around september of this year i began to get my life back in order and getting clean again and yet another large black cat showed up out of nowhere. This was a wild cat and would not come near people and eventually became good friends, my step father will not let me keep him in the house but i keep him in a shed next door and feed him. This cat is huge! and he is one of the most loving cats i ever seen, I absolutely love this black cat, as i recall the black cat from years before was simaliar but not as big and dominant. When i was going to one of my groups(outpatient recovery earlier this week i was walking up to the door and yet another black cat was just standing there watching me. What could they posibly giving me signs of? What are the chances of stray black cats just showing up out of nowhere. I mean i literally live in the middle of nowhere. It is about as country as you can get. I have also had many crows come to me over the years. I feel as if i am being protected or something. I was giving warning by two crows about a serious car accident i would soon be in, The flew down by my car and were cawing out of control, they were definately giving me a sign. I pulled out of the parking lot and drove abut a few miles when a car doing 60mph blew a red light and totaled my brand new car, i got out with out a scratch. And i was wearing no seatbelt. I also see triple numbers whenever i look at the clock it seems. Whether i be in the car, home a friends, anywhere really. Like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and my favorite 11:11…what is all this about. It just like there is something special about me, like i have soemthing to offer. Sometimes i feel like i have pychic abilities. I mean when i am on i am on. Sometimes i am so sharp that i amaze everyone around me including myself. And other times its the exact opposite. I am not sure what to make of all this. Could you please let me know what you think? it would mean so much to me. I always check your website for animal symbolism and it is so helpful to me and i am so greatful for your site. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and i hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance

    Warmest Regards,


  15. excuse me i have black cat a kitten and he plays and eat and some time try to bite on my arm in playing……….:O i m confused she sleeps wid us in bed some time she sits on m lap…..and sleep:O is black cat is good luck or badluck for me

  16. I am a 3rd generation Straga. I can see energy and karma. I can read people by sight. I was taught the old kitchen arts by my grandmother and mother.

    The day before my birthday, December 16th around 7pm at night, I found a dead tabby adult cat behind my fig tree (which I have in a large green pot) next to my front door. I have two large round pots on either side of my front door stoop to help move energy.

    The cat was very dead, cold and stiff. I placed it in a white garbage bag without touching it, said a blessing and then placed it gently in the trash.

    I can sense the goddess is trying to say something to me. I read my tarot and the message that came was confusing at best, which is strange because normally the messages are very straight forward.

    Early this week, still bothered by the death and removal of the cat, I called a fellow practitioner who owns my favorite metaphysical store. She said it was a very bad time to ask her questions about cats because she had come home the day before to find one of her kittens dead.

    My senses are telling me there is a connection… but I still have no idea. I pray that no more cats perish in trying to bring this message to me. I value all animal life.

    I am open to receiving any assistance or feelings you may have in this matter.

    Thank you and happy holidays,


  17. I have a tattoo of a geisha girl with a black cat in her lap an she has one hand on its back as if she is petting it.
    but of lately I’m eager to find out what is the meaning of it. Could you please help me to find out if it has a meaning. Thank you, your response will be much appreciated!!

  18. Omg clinton I just read your comment an it brought tears to my eyes because I have nearly that same experience!! Let me start by saying,I’m 23 my b-day is 2.2.87. Nways when I was a teen my step mom told me a story that back in the days when ppl wanted to become witch, they would steer in a black cats eyes an never squint for days lol, an then they would have psychic abilities. being so young an very experimental,I tried it one day,I steered into my neighbor’s cats eyes for about a good 3minutes an surprisingly he steered back. While growing up I noticed that I was able to dream things,whenever things are gonna happen whether good or bad.I can tell things right before they happen sometime,well let’s just say I have a very strong intuition then. I can feel when things r going to go bad,like accidents,r whatever the sort an then I was always lucky to follow my mind an avoid traveling. i Don’t mean to be superstitious,but I know an I can feel some form of psychic abilities sometimes, it feel strange an sometime it gets me scared, an I can feel when something is gonna go wrong I get this worried feeling. I can remember I had this friend that died,an I saw him about 3days before he died an he called to me an we were talking,an while talking to him he just looked so different to me,so weird in his face,an I couldn’t tell what it was,I told a friend about it an they told me that,that was death that I saw on him. An sometimes I would be sitting down r doing whatever,an then suddenly
    I would get something like a vision of something or about someone, an then it would happen. I could go on an on an on about things I experience ….well please tell me what is going on with me. is it normal for these thing to happen to people or is that black cat the reason why I have these special abilities,could it have given me some sort of ability,Please I need your help!!!

  19. yesterday, while lounging on my bed, watching tv, I vividly saw a black cat at head level on my left suddenly jump into my body. I DO NOT OWN A BLACK CAT.
    Needless to say I was shocked. I was not thinking of cats and yet there it was. i jumped in surprise and my dog, who was on my lap at the time, got up and left the room. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.
    Please , can you tell me what this may mean. thankyou for your support.

  20. Can you please explain the spiritual meaning of a beautiful friendly grey cat turning up on your door step seeking a home. With no disrespect my husband and I are more dog people and it would never cross our minds to purchase a cat. However, my husband has made this little fury animal very welcome.

    We live 20mins out of town on 40 acres.

    Many thanks Moni.

  21. Me and my faïence recently got a new home before me and him moved in he decided to go over and check things out, when he walked up to the house he found a white Siamese Cat that greeted him at the steps and followed him inside. Nobody in the community has seen the cat before and when he left the cat returned to the bushes at the house and fell asleep. Is there a meaning for a white cat showing up at your new home?

  22. last night a all white cat with a gay spot on its face climbed through my sister’s window. it had a collar with a bell and piercing blue eyes. she woke up when it began meowing. it was calm and seemed to be reaching out to her with itss paw. meaning?

  23. To the woman who got rid of her cat due to “allergy” what a selfish self obsessed person you are. No mention of guilt, just more about you.

  24. Thank you…often when I would arrive home I would find three neighborhood cats on my property. I always had this feeling they were waiting for me but at the same time it was a little odd since it would happen often. Now I think I understand why.

  25. I love all animals but I have always felt a connection with black cats. They have always been my protectors. I feel that people should never fear them.

  26. I have dreamed of three black male kittens. I guess I took them in my dream. For some reason I needed to save them or remove them from where ever it was they were at. I remember treading through a dangerous neighborhood filled with many dogs.

    After bringing them to my home the started to speak almost, but I woke up before I could hear what was said.

  27. I found comfort in this I was giving a black cat at age 2 had her until I was 16 and she died, I always confided in her cause my mother died when I was 4.

  28. I had a dream seeing so many cat in my house I try my best to cast every one of the cats out but could not all of a sudden every one of it is gone but after some minute they are back but this time they are about 3 or 4 what those this mean.

  29. My neighbour has a black cat, but for the pass few months. Every evening when I get in it is either staring up at my window, looking right at me or stitting on or around my car again looking in my direction… What does this mean? Is this good or bad

  30. @tweet What you are experiencing is actually quite normal. Everyone in my family has some type of gift. Some of us have dreams that always come true, some can see spirits and/or hear them. I can see spirits of the deceased but that is only if they allow themselves to be seen. We have been this way long before we ever owned our first cat and none of us have ever stared into a cat’s eyes until we actually owned one.

  31. I’m woundering what it means there are two black cats hanging around my house for months now it kind of freaks me out I want to know what this means…

  32. Last night i saw one black cat in my room when i was sleeping. Its still a mystery how it entered my room because all doors and windows were closed. After that i called my father and he drove her out. Can you please tell me what does it signs to me. Thank you

  33. Can you please help me understand this the other night i was sitting outside when black came running down the path across from my house it went towards my neighbors house then i looked down and it was sitting by my garage just starring at me it sat there for about 10 minutes just watching me then it took off n dissapeared i haven’t seen it since

  34. Hello i was went to no i have a black cat that i feed it was a stray cat. I have a son that have asthma she always father and my son around the house and when he leaves to go to school she starts meowing all day

  35. There is a black cat that came to my house ,I have never seen this baby kitten before ,
    This kitten will not leave it always wants to jump in my lap ,or rub its body all over me ..
    I am not a big fan of cats ,so if it’s bad please let me know .

    Thank You

  36. Two black cat’s have decided to move in with us they are both mail and friendly with each other .
    They sit on the window sill and pour at the glass meou ing.
    They are very friendly and won’t to come in to the house.
    What does this mean and what should I do.

  37. Also help to lose weight while busy things.
    Black Cat not mean stare bit notice busy style changes.

    – Good manner.
    – Do desktop organization neat habits

    – While guests visit say in low voice hey and get pads for under coffee / Tea cups on the table.

  38. While Desktop organization neat habits black cat not stare but notice my busy style ways or habits changes.

    I don’t sit and watch TV habits.
    My black cat half stare and half tired to me.
    That mean black cat does not mean to stare me.

  39. I have a black cat and I did dent seam any thing wrong until one day he went in to someone’s storage then I couldn’t get him out it was like he was stuck to the floor then I went home to tell my mom then she said I will go get him I went in my room and he was there sitting on my bed 😰. 2 days later it happened again it was at night I couldn’t see were I was going then I got a flash light and the closer I got to that storage the battery started to die but after I red some other sites I now know that I am being protected .

  40. This is all a joke I think because I have a black cat and he doesn’t go out side I never saw a black cat in my life expect the cat that I have he never does anything weird.

    If you are reading this please add a comet so I can read it

  41. I’ve had a grey striped cat with a grey striped tail come to my door now for the last 3 months I tried scaring him off for ages but he kept coming back I’ve never had a cat I’m not keen on them he now rubs across my legs sleeps in the garden in the hedge or on my garden chairs I feed him sometimes cus I feel sorry for him I think he’s lost his home and don’t want him to starve but befor he came I used to feed the birds it would sound like a avary very beautiful I would get loads of different kinds of birds now I don’t get none. I tryed inticing him into my home when I closed the door the cat went very distressed , I just hope he survives the winter out there I don’t know wat to do he wants my food and a stroke but he won’t come in and he hates the kids it’s like he only likes me has he been sent to me for a reason or is he just using me but he’s there every morning stretching wen he wakes up comes and greets me bless it

  42. Hello, I’m a female i had something that had happend to me that Just could never be no big deal it has to mean something. Ok so the first few hours of August 28 2013 apporximently 2:00 am in tampa, Fl , me and my cousin Mel were leaving the hospital because she had to get a cysts removed, anyways we left the hospital and went to the nearest 24hour Wal-Mart with pharmacy. She got her meds and we made our way to the car, and as we both here to the car I noticed 1 black cat with white eyes coming out of a bush and walked very slow motion like and crossed a few feet back in front of my car while staring me straight in to my soul it felt like, but just then as the cat was crossing my path, a 2nd identical black cat followed behind the first while also staring into my soul. And before I can even catch my breath from being scared 2 more identical black cat s followed right behind the 2nd and 1st cat all in a line staring at me while crossing in front of my cousin and I. I was so petrified with fear, that came over me like a tidal wave, I couldn’t drive home. Well we got home and I calmed down just enough to fall asleep. When I woke up I decided to strighten my hair, and not even two mins of styling my hair my phone started ringing. It was my step father. I answered it and he says are you sitting down and. I reply yes. He says I have some bad news about your one of your older brothers. He told me which one and says he was found by the parimedics that were called from people who seen him put a 22 rifle to his head and commited suicide. Not to meantion this was the day before my birthday. He was pronounced brain dead. He was kept on life support because he had 7 organs that people needed immediately. The hospital said that his record shows that he just rectly signed up to be a organ donor, the surgery team said it was a miracle that he signed up because he was the only one with his blood type that was closest to all the people in need of his organs. Anyways it was a horrible loss. Or was it because of the 4 black cats I had witnessed. And also what makes it really weird is, six months before he passed, me and my husband and son were living next door to my husband’s uncle. An his uncle and his uncles family were having a out door get togther cook out and beer. And his uncle by the way had a few to many drinks and walks up to my husband’s side of the car. His uncle leans in and looks right at me and says ” Oh No Oh No, this is not good. Somthing just warned me that you or someone you care about is going to die with in 6 months to a year and it’s going to happend”. So I tell my husband that his uncle is drunk and needs to not say stuff like that. And that it was disrespectful. He uncle says I’m just warning you I’m not trying to play games it’s for real and it will happen. My husband looks at me and says honey he has warned people a few times before about serious events that will take place at a later date. I’m not trying to scare you but he is usually right about things like this. So I have been wondering till this day if I have a curse on me, or did his uncle jinks me. Or was it because I seen those four black cats the day my brother committed suicide. I don’t know. I just what to know what all this means. Am I going to have bad luck for ever because of the cats. Or did the cats walk in front of me to keep me safe while I drove us home. And I was saved from death and my brother died instead. I just wish their were answers to my odd life changing events

  43. It was already late at night when i return home from work. Just when I was trying to find my door keys in my bag, a black cat suddenly jump out from my right and scare me right infront of my door steps. It just sit still at my staircase literally staring at me.

    I storm my feet at the staircase hoping it will go away and it did ran down my stairs but continue to stare at me from a short distance.

    The entire night I could not sleep but kept thinking about the black cat.

  44. I went out to take the trash to the dumpster and when walking back to my apartment there was 3 greish black cats just standing around my door… I tried shoing them so that they would move and let me in but they didn’t move I had to get very close to them before they walked off and even after walking off they seemed to be not afraid of me

  45. What does it mean if you acquired 3 black kittens at a Walmart someone was giving them away or they would have gone to the pound so I took them home but 4 months later, one of the cats got the wild eye. I let the cat out side and it would come back not to the front door or the back door it kept came to my window meowing so I kept letting it back in. Until it kept tearing the screen off the window to get out. I got pissed one day because I changed it out 3 times. I had already worked my ass off to the point I fell out, my face, ears, arms, nose, would go numb to the point I would fall down. But during the argument with my wife .. AKA ( I’m already pissed because of how rough my day was) and the cat kept crying and trying to get out so I picked it up and threw it at the door trying to get it to go out that way and it accidentally hit her head really hard to the point it started going into like a cardiac arrest her legs was kicking like crazy and it’s eyes staid open it stopped breathing for a couple seconds I kneeled down next to it picked it up wished it had never happened and I didn’t get that pissed I even started to cry. But than I felt what was like a major loss of energy I mean it felt like I had ran 15 miles like I use to in highschool. Than the cat started breathing again lifted her head and looked at me and laid it’s head back down. It took almost an hr for her to start walking straight as if it had never happened. I saw that cat for 3 days out side till the day we left to help a family member. And it’s still alive I just don’t know what it means so I figured I’d ask? Any ideas anyone?

  46. Now I have 8 kittens a mom cat a 2 year old pit and two 11 week old puppies they all get along they play together and even eat together with out any problems

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