Bearing Up to Bear Totem Messages

bear totem messages

Bear totem messages have big meaning and bigger lessons.

Bear Totem Guidance and Messages

The Bear Totem Says:
“I admit, I’m a tricky totem to figure.  I’m engaging, but I also like my privacy.  I can be curious and playful.  But on any given day, I can be cranky and difficult to predict.

This is especially true if I’m a mamma with new cubs.  I’m putting all this down to you for this one reason:  Do what you have to do to protect and preserve that which is precious to you.

Maybe you’re a mamma.  Hear the call of what a new day brings, and do what you must to survive it.  Maybe you’re an aspiring artist. Forage for inspiration far and wide.  Once you’re inspired, fight tooth-and-nail to mash out your masterpiece.  Maybe you’re a business person.  Be calm.  But when you see your chance to strike for your highest benefit – DO IT!

See…I’m all about opportunity.  I won’t make a move until absolutely necessary.  You might benefit from that same kind of behavior.

I’m also here to remind you about the overlooked necessity of rest and relaxation.  I spend quite a bit of my life in hibernation.  My metabolism slows down, my body goes in slow-mode and I just kind of shut down for a spell.  We bears think that’s important to humans.  We think you might benefit from slowing down, taking things easy and getting some rest when circumstances call for relaxation.  Put away the briefcase, shut off the TV, stash your iPhones.  Unplug and decompress for a bit.  You’ll be beary glad you did. 🙂 “