Law of Attraction in the Home

law of attraction in the home

Law of Attraction in the Home

Home is sacred. Where we live is like the “X” that marks the spot in the treasure map of our life-journey. Homes are headquarters for magnificent transformation and development.

Within our homes, we have the remarkable opportunity to galvanize our most profound intentions and desires for our life experience. Law of attraction in the home can play an enormously significant role in our transformations. Why?

Because our most intense energies dwell within the walls of our living space. Remember, it’s an inclusive Universe we live in. Energy is residual. It never removes itself. Ergo, our homes are filled with layer upon layer of energetic code that we’ve been emitting.

Are you stuck in limiting fears and debilitating beliefs? If so, these thoughts are real, and they linger in your home environment just as sure as paint clings to your walls. And because the nature of our Universe is inclusive – these negative thoughts cannot be removed. Rather, they must be absorbed, manipulated, and replaced by other (kinder, light-infused) thoughts.

law of attraction in the home
law of attraction in the home

Here’s a helpful illustration: Imagine all thoughts are gaseous.  Debilitating thoughts of fear, limitation and hatred could be sulfuric gas.  Loving, compassionate, kind thoughts could be oxygen.

Now imagine yourself in an air-tight jar.  You’re always thinking, so what kind of thought-gasses are you producing in that sealed jar?  Which thoughts would you rather surround yourself with:

  • Suffocating sulfuric gas (negative, fear-based thoughts)
  • Or life-giving oxygen (positive, love-based thoughts)

Our homes are the jars we live in.  Although they are not air-tight, they will absorb all “gasses” we exude in the form of either low or high-minded thought.

There are strategies we can incorporate into home life that will help us “air out” our dwellings and thus create more freedom in our lives.

We can recruit law of attraction on a thought level to absorb negative energy, and also transform it into positive energy. 

Law of attraction is also about moving things around in our mental, emotional and physical environments in order to auger a more fluid, free-flowing current of pure positive energy.

I’ll be creating more articles about law of attraction in the home. These upcoming articles will discuss the various rooms in our homes and what kind of energy these places symbolize as well as how to manipulate energetic realms for the utmost benefit in your life. 

We will also discuss various thoughts and intentions we can practice to counteract noxious fumes (those negative sulfuric gas-thoughts), and maintain highly oxygenated thoughts.

Each article will also focus on elements in our natural world that can assist us in our law of attraction.  For example, certain colors, herbs, stones, etc . can enhance our  mental work. 

So check back on my blog to get more on law of attraction in the home. 

As always, thank you for reading. I hope this article proves helpful!