Law of Attraction in the Kitchen

Law of Attraction in the Kitchen

This article on law of attraction in the kitchen is one of several pieces I wrote to help charge energy in the home and manifest positivity in our lives.  In this installment, we will discuss how we can manipulate energies in the kitchen to encourage a limitless, free-flowing channel of health and provision.

As discussed in the introductory article on law of attraction in the home, energy cannot be removed from a location.  Energy does not die, ergo, it cannot be eliminated.  We live in an energetic world, where elements of life can only be included in our experience, not excluded.

So, let’s say we’ve been piling up negative energy in the kitchen.  This can happen in many ways. Mostly, negative energy can build up because we are not paying attention.  An abundance of negativity will accumulate because of:

  • Arguments in the kitchen,
  • Sulking or ruminating over fear-based thoughts,
  • Dwelling on hateful or angry thoughts
  • Uncleanliness, poor hygiene in the kitchen
  • Clutter in the kitchen
Law of Attraction in the Kitchen
Law of Attraction in the Kitchen

Through law of attraction we can transform that negative energy into positive.  Further, in the restructuring of kitchen-energy, we make way for provision, health and abundance that will become evident in our entire lives.  Why?

Because kitchens are symbolic of :

  • Provision
  • Care
  • Sharing
  • Community
  • Health
  • Harvest
  • Nurturing
  • Compassion
  • Celebration

So, when we work to transform and purify the energy in our kitchens, these aspects of nurturing and caring will expand into all areas of life.

Steps to putting your kitchen in cosmic order to attain abundance and well-being:

1) Keep in Clean:

Law of attraction simple does not work when our environment is permeated with clutter and filth.  Make a concerted effort to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.  This will go a long way to clearing your internal energy too – and this will begin to break up obstacles so you can feel your highest flow of provision, supply and pure nourishment.  Remember, everything is connected.  A clean kitchen equates to clean inner energy.  By caring for the condition of our surroundings, we reap their symbolic benefits!

2) Pay Attention:
Simply pay close attention to what kind of thoughts you are thinking while you are in your kitchen.  If you’re dreading the upcoming workday over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table, be aware of it.  Also pay attention to conversations you have with others in your kitchen.  Are these uplifting discussions, or arguments? 

3)  Convert Energy:
If you’re thinking thoughts of dread over your morning cup of coffee, acknowledge it, and also play with the concept of converting it.  We can convert self-defeating or negative thoughts by picking out their opposites.  Try to pick out some positives to look forward to.  It may not come easily (particularly if you are accustomed to a habitual pattern of negative thoughts in your kitchen), but keep reaching for thoughts that uplift you, and this habit will replace your negative ones. 

Same with arguments in the kitchen.  If there are unhealthy confrontations in your kitchen, do your best to divert them in a positive direction.  If you cannot do this, then remove yourself from the conflict as delicately and lovingly as you can.

4) Reinforce:
Reinforce your intentions for an abundant, satisfied, joyful life by using elements of nature in the kitchen. 

Law of Attraction in the Kitchen
Law of Attraction in the Kitchen

Here are a few ideas about reinforcing law of attraction in the kitchen…

Plants: Keep herbs in your kitchen as these are symbolic of growth, provision and healing.  Green plants hearken to the qualities of the heart charka, which deal with health, love, compassion and altruism.  Certain herbs like sage, basil and rosemary are sacred in many parts of the world because of their healing properties.  Consult your local horticulturalist for plants that will grow well in your kitchen conditions – particularly in the light you have available.  Also choose plants that give you a boost, you will know them when you encounter them.  The right plant will speak to you.

Light: Kitchens need lots of light.  In fact, kitchens in ancient cultures were often the focal point of the entire home as the cooking fires were constantly burning.  Your kitchen can be representative of your own soul-fire.  Light up your kitchen to cook up some wonderful energy of warmth, welcome and love.  Even a small candle lit with love and well-intent will go a long way in lighting up your soul-fire.

Symbols: You can decorate your kitchen with symbols that represent abundance and well-being.  Put a picture or figurines of certain animals on your countertop or windowsill to enhance feelings of comfort.  Certain animals will resonate with kitchen energy more than others.  For example: Rabbits, bears, domestic cats, cows, certain fowl, deer – these all have nurturing heart-warming qualities that will enhance your kitchen energy.  But, what’s important is what feels best to you.  

Other symbols can come in the form of stones.  Placing just a few stones on your countertop can go a long way in shifting the energy of your kitchen.  Choose warm colored stones like jaspers, ambers and garnets to goose up vital energies.  Consider feelings of fulfillment, satisfaction and warmth when selecting your stones.

Explore the natural world for symbolism, and incorporate these into your kitchen.  For example, Wheat is an ancient symbol of security and provision.  It speaks of always having plenty to share with friends and family.  In one of my homes, I decorated the kitchen with a stencil of wheat bundles – the effect was incredibly positive. 

To summarize: It is important to surround yourself (and your kitchen) with thoughts and objects that cooperate with your own understanding of well-being. 

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on law of attraction in the kitchen with a goal to attain a sustained level of abundance and positivity. 

As always, thanks for reading.



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