Fortuna Symbols for Fortuna Day

Fortuna symbols

Today is Fortuna day! It is a day sacred to the ancient Roman goddess Fortuna.  This lovely goddess was recognized for her ability to inject fortune, good luck and blessings upon humanity.

So what’s that mean for you? Plenty.

Today is a prime-pickin’ day for gaining the advantage, recognizing great opportunities, and being open to the idea that it just may be your lucky day! It’s like Charlie and the Golden Ticket, or Harry Potter sipping the Felix Felicis potion! 

This day has a vamped-up energy that amplifies wildly fortunate moments. Maybe it’s a day to play the lottery (if you’re into that sort of thing).  Or perhaps a good day to pluck up the courage to do something you’ve wanted to do, but didn’t have the gumption until now.

Today is a day when actions are blessed with good ju-ju, and any manner of luck is available to you!

Fortuna is the Roman Goddess for Luck, Prosperity and Plenty

Some Fortuna symbols to ponder on this bright Fortuna day:

  • Gold: The element of gold is highly powerful and auspicious. Thankfully, you don’t have to get your hands on a bar of gold to utilize its symbolic power. Simply bask in golden sunlight, contemplate the gold of a dandelion, focus on the rich, healing energy gold represents and that will facilitate more luck coming your way!
  • Roses: On their own, roses are glorious, but on this day they are quite the symbol for good luck! Roses were often offered to Fortuna on this day as a sign of recognizing the positive flow of fortune and destiny. If you have a choice, pick golden, yellow roses to wear in your hair or on your lapel, it will boost your receptivity to happy opportunities!
  • Cornucopia: Okay, we normally see these around Thanksgiving, but the cornucopia is a cone-like vessel stuffed with goodies! It is a symbol that represents all the best gifts life has to offer. No need to haul down your holiday ornaments, simply contemplate the bounty all around you. Birds, bees, flowers, trees, good food, good wine, all the lovely gifts creation provides to bring us pleasure! Doing so will put you in the mood to receive good fortune.

I hope you enjoyed this brief article on Fortuna symbols for Fortuna day. As always, thanks for reading. Oh, and if you want more information, please be sure to check out the links below!

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