Owl Symbolism – Deeper Meaning of Owl

Owl Symbolism - Owl Meaning
Owl Symbolism - Owl Meaning

I got an email from a young lady in a panic because she had encountered an owl.  She was apoplectic about it because she thought Owls were a bad omen or a sign of death. 

Nothing could be further from the truth as you can see from my email response on the deeper meaning of owl:

Dear Owl-Shocked,

Utter nonsense – the owl is no more a symbol of death than I am (and I assure you, I am not!).

Yes, in certain cultures (China, Egypt, India) the symbolic meaning of owl is associated with death, but you must understand that the owl is nota symbol of death per se. Rather – it was revered (honored) as being the guardian of the after-life – a highly respected emblem indeed.

Throughout many cultures, the symbolic meaning of owl deals with:

  • intelligence
  • brilliance
  • perspective
  • intuition
  • quick-wit
  • independence
  • wisdom
  • protection
  • mystery
  • power

Native American tribes (primarily plains’ Indians) viewed the owl as a protector against harm and their feathers  were ritually worn to ward of evil spirits.

Ancient Athenians made the owl an emblem of wisdomand even emblazoned the image of the owl on their coinage.  To the ancient Greeks, the owl is a symbol of Athene who is goddess of foresight & knowledge.

Taking symbolism from the owl directly, it is noteworthy that it is a creature of the night.   Nocturnal creatures are symbolic of inner-knowing, psychic ability, and intuition – so too is the owl.

If an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed.  Also, keep in mind that animals are only called to those who share the same energy.  In other words, you hold within you some of the very same symbolic attributes the owl represents.

To illustrate, you may have abilities to know things that others do not know.  It may be likely you have very strong intuitive abilities that can be fine-tuned.  Further, you may be strong-willed person, and/or have a protective side to you.  I can already tell from your email that you are mentally sharp – so we know you have this in common with the owl already.

These owl sightings may be messages for you to develop your education further.  Or, the owl may be trying to tell you to develop your intuition further. 

Owls also show themselves as a sign of warning (no, not of death).  You simply need to pay close attentionto people around you – owls are incredibly perceptive – you are probably perceptive too – use your powers of perception around new people you may meet.  Not everyone is as nice, or “cool” as they seem to be.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to dispell a common misunderstanding about the owl being a harbinger of death.   With a little more research and contemplation upon the noble owl we see there is much more to this creature than this.  You can read more of my thoughts about the symbolic meaning of owl here.

As I do most everyone who writes in asking for symbolic meanings, I would encourage you to meditate upon the owl. I’ve found that animals are quite willing to share their knowledge with us when we are open and willing to receive them.

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63 Comments on “Owl Symbolism – Deeper Meaning of Owl”

  1. I saw an owl today and knew immediately it was a sign. I tried to take a picture of it through the window ’cause I was afraid when I opened the door it would fly away. It was perched on top of my son’s play set. I have never seen an owl in our backyard or anywhere near our backyard. I saw its backside. Its gaze was focused north of our house.

    We just began construction of our bathroom. So I had the three guys working surmise what it was. The third guy confirmed my belief. It was an owl. They asked the guy working, named “Angel,” if it was a vision.

    So I looked online and read three or four things on owls and then I find your site. This is the info. I needed. Your template is the same as my template for my blog on wordpress, http://chitownmama.wordpress.com/about/.

    In fact, today, I am dropping off the flyers for my first chi-town mama workshop. I know it is a sign I am on the right path and that I should keep going and the owl offers many other signs which I will keep close to my heart.

    Thank you for your insight.

    Chi-Town Mama

  2. Most people go their whole lives without being graced by the owl’s presence. Rare & divine are moments like these. Sharing the moment makes it even more valuable. Thank you.

  3. Hey everyone… I’ve always been a man of great common sense – not to be egotistical, but one of my comforts has been “communicating” with owls. It gives me so much pride when 3 or 4 of these amazing creatures graces me with their presence since they are so rare. I appreciate your insight into the meaning of these beautiful birds and it reminds me so much of myself… thanks very much!!!


  4. I enjoy shopping, especially thrift stores, there are SO many treasures to be found.

    Last weekend, I saw the most beautiful necklace with an owl and had to buy it. I have been wearing it for about 2 days now and I don’t usually wear necklaces twice in a row, but without the necklace this morning I felt a little off like something was missing. I have experienced great clarity in regards to life and school. Since I came to this realization I began to evaluate what differences had been occurring or have occurred in my daily life. One of them was the use of this necklace. I began to do my research online and bumped into this website. I don’t know if it’s a huge coincidence or if I’m just making myself believe my clarity came because of the owl.

  5. Hi Scbuterfli,

    The owl has some incredible energy – it knows how to cut through a lot of haze – perhaps that’s why you experienced that clarity when wearing the owl necklace.

    There is a reason ancient cultures made little fetishes, bone animals, and figurines – they knew about “like attracts like” long before law of attraction (or books like The Secret) became more common knowledge.

    Your necklace resonates “owl-ness” it is a piece of the energetic whole.

    Your last line made me smile – it made me think: “what came first the chicken or the egg?” (or should I say the owl or the egg).

    Is it our belief that comes first, or the coincidence?

    BTW: I adore thrift stores too – garage sales are wicked keen too. I got this outrageous three owl lamp @ a thrift store (hubby thinks its hideous – I think it’s masterful!). 🙂

    Oh, and don’t miss my other writings on the owl here.

  6. Thanks for your information on symbolic meanings. I recently had the most spiritual encounter with a Great Grey Owl. There is one that has been hanging around our property for the past couple of weeks. I am a photographer so the other morning I went out with my camera. At first the owl flew away but then it came back and perched in a tree very near to me.

    I remained calm and quiet while I photographed it and the owl was most cooperative. After awhile I just stood and watched it; and it started to ‘talk’ to me. It made this very soft and quiet cooing noise. Not anything at all like it’s real calls (deep hoot or screeches) that I’ve heard before.

    A few days later I had the most ugly confrontations with a sister and my mother that has ended my relationship with them. Although painful this is a good thing since it was a one-sided relationship. I gave they took.

    I think the owl was trying to give me protection and strength to get through this situation.

  7. Hi Rgail,


    Thanks for sharing your experience here.

    What a marvelous encounter!

    I love how you were given the gift of communication too…Great Greys don’t normally speak in such a fashion – I suppose she really wanted you to listen 🙂

    You are astute in associating the owl with protection and strength.

    Owl will also reveal herself when new beginnings are underway.

    Although it may seem like “ending a relationship” with your mother and sister – we could look at it also as a new beginning in the nature of the relationship, right?

    At least, this is what the owl has shown me… where I thought I had ended a partnership in my own life, the distance effectively allowed me to observe the relationship from an objective perspective – thus coloring the canvas of the relationship quite differently than it was prior.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

    Oh, let us know when you’ve captured the owl on film – would relish a look.

  8. Thank you. For some reason I am just weeping reading this. I have a phobia of birds — I think they are terrifying. Larger birds like ducks or geese or owls are less frightening to me — part of my fear is to do with an overactive startle reflex and small birds startle me easily with their sudden movements.

    When we moved into this house last February (2007), the first night I heard an owl calling in the woods behind our house all night. I was delighted. The owl continued for at least a month, though I never saw it. But when warmer weather came it stopped calling or went away.

    We had no birds all winter, despite many feeders and nice food.

    All of a sudden this week we have been overrun with birds. All types. A smallish hawk or falcon and I startled each other when it landed right by my window and looked right at me. A red-tailed hawk caught a squirrel beside my kids’ playset while its mate looked on. And I looked out my back window tonight, wondering again about what happened to last winter’s owl, and in the tree in our backyard, RIGHT THERE, was an owl.

    I went upstairs to look at it from a better vantage, and it watched me for a while. Then, when I brought my husband and daughter it moved farther away, but kept watching us. I tried calling to it, to see if it would reply, but it just watched me curiously. My owl call is pretty bad.

    But after I put the baby to bed, I heard it calling. I watched it some more, and I am just amazed by this, but a bit frightened because of the number of unusual bird sightings recently combined with my phobia, which can be incapacitating.

    Thank you for calming my fears that this was somehow a bad omen.

  9. Hi Fern,

    Now it is me who feels the well of tears come to the surface. I am so touched by your thoughts here, and so grateful you took the time to share these remarkable experiences with us/me.

    As you already know – all of nature is our most patient, profound and intimate teacher. The lessons are vast and sticky too 🙂 because the experiences these birds leave with us will stick in our hearts forever.

    Sharing your experience allows the lesson to circulate, grow, and gain more power within our collective psyche.

    I’m serious – this is profound stuff – the nature of these lessons are mammoth to humankind.

    Even in the grips of your phobia, you opened yourself to the feathered kingdom – what remarkable courage!

    And, by holding out your hand in faith – it feels as though gentle wings are reaching out to touch you in return.

    I’m deeply grateful for your comment Fern.


  10. I have always seemed to carry Owl energy/force/magic w. me in this life.I had to begin dealing w. death / “transition” at the age of 3 when my 1st Grandmother passed on- then my Mother- my Grandfather- my father- my 2nd grandmother (who raised me) my mothers brother- my own brother (who was one of those who died in ‘Nam and didn’t know till 18 yrs. later..)

    Always I have seen or heard the Owl. The last time I was close enough to nature ( 5yrs ago) to daily walk in wild land close to my house I would daily see a gray owl sitting in a huge oak near the path I took. This was always in the daylight and it never flew away. From the pellets on the ground under the tree it was evident that the nest was there. We would “talk” for sometimes close to an hour– calmly gazing at each other.

    Sometimes I would wake in the early morning with the pull to go to the tree and the knowledge that there was a Gift for me – every time I had this happen I would find a beautiful Owl feather waiting for me either near the tree or further on- I always just Knew where to go to find it.

    One day I was thinking I must have missed the timing because I just couldn’t seem to find it ( I was also w/o my glasses that day) but as I walked back I saw a shining thing way on the other side of the oak filled gully- I slid on my bottom most of the way and clambered clumsily up the slippery deepness of the fallen oak leaves & sure enough there was my Gift- a beautiful, huge, perfect, wing feather.

    I always gave thanks to the owl even if I didn’t see her physically on some days. I moved north to a city area shortly after finding the wing feather but by now my collection numbered over 25 feathers of all sizes — mostly larger (the last being the best of all). I keep them carefully hidden (except for the few on my altar) as I know they are supposedly “illegal” in the hard society of “regular folks” but I know they were Gifted to me by a dear friend.

    And my daughter has always had the gift of hearing the owls in the evening sitting near her house whenever she is with child. Sometimes they are on the branches that brush the screen. She was worried when we all moved north that the city would end this BUT her husband found a wonderful place in the “country suburbs” w. lots of trees & horse property around them & she informed me that she is again hearing the sound of the Owl as she awaits the birth of the current child she is carrying!

    We have also now added Eagles and Hawks to our frequent viewing and I was amazed to find a FALCON perched in the birch tree close to my city apt.complex balcony just last week! It even flew down to the ground below where I toss seed & breads for the ducks ect.

    I laughed so hard at my worries–our totems cannot be parted from us by physical distance or “civilization”, highways or construction.

    I Honor my Owl energy thru my Celtic heritage –
    Thank and Bless the Native Land that accepts me and mine –
    Golden Eyes shining in the moonlight-
    deep with Wisdom and the message that the Circle is never broken –
    wings of Angels- or Owls– is there really a difference?

    Thank you for your message and the opportunity to share mine here. –

    Blessings to All-
    Honor Grace.

  11. PS- to avenefica- I loved what you said about the Owls’ representation of New Beginnings- that certainly fits for my 3 grandchildren ~;-) Thanks for sharing that! Blessings! ~Honor

  12. Hi HonorGrace,

    Your post reads like poetry. I read it several times, each time brought a smile to my face and new observations to the surface.

    I love your emphasis – your capitalizations are not lost on me – I understand precisely where you are coming from, and am grateful you’ve taken the time to share with us these meaningful insights.

    I took the liberty of embedding links within your post (oak, birch, hawk, falcon)…I thought these links might enhance our path as we walk along together.

    I understand it’s a rhetorical question, but no, I really don’t think there’s a difference between our feathered friends & angels – what a fantastic correlation you’ve made here.

    Thank you again for opening a window of light through this thread.

    Bright blessings & big smiles,

  13. I went to the edge of Wa to the reserve, on the coast. We slept on the land, myself ans my husband, and 2 kids. I Showered as soon as I woke and did not speak to any one since I drempt. When I looked in the steamed mirrow, I was Owl. I looked away confused, and still I was Owl. Owl stayed with me all day as we explored the beaches.
    I played in the sand with my kids and I drew Owl.
    I am adopted from Montreal Canada. What do you think this means. I am a cave diver and rock climber, grew uo in the woods with 13 dogs was allowed to roam alot on our property 40 acers with the dogs. One was a wolf. Why Owl why on the res.

  14. Hi Deborah,

    Fascinating. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    What an amazing experience – to mingle and mesh with owl energy is an exhileration, an experience of clarity, and a taste of wisdom that does not normally visit our standard “human-ness.”

    It gives me great joy to read your story.

    It’s not for me to say why the owl has chosen you, and you it.

    I’ve written ideas about what owl energy signifies in this post, these comments, and on my other site here, but as I am quick to point out, the owl whispers a different message to you than it does to me (or anyone else for that matter).

    Just as our fingerprints are symbolic of our uniqueness – so too are our unique energy patterns formed with our animal allies.

    My relationship with the owl comes through years of meditation, contemplation and active communication.

    From this relationship I can express my thoughts and opinions, that may help others. However, ultimately your owl message is meant for you and you alone.

    When you think of Owl – what are your very first impressions? The qualities that first come up in your psyche are a good starting place for your journey of communication with owl energy.

    It sounds like you are very in-tune with the pulse of the Mother (nature) and so I know you are aligned with all her creatures too.

    Relax and enjoy your time with the owl.

    Part of this creature’s amazing symbolism deals with inner knowing. Perhaps this in itself is a message to you – an assurance that indeed, profound answers ARE within you.

    Light and love,

  15. I had an owl bring me a message during a deep meditation. My partner who practices Lakota spirituality (Sioux) is deeply disturbed saying that it is an ill omen. The owl told me to continue my life path–to teach acceptance but to do so “rationally and responsibly.” I’m not seeing this as bad… can anyone shed light on this for me, it is creating a rift in our union… feel free to contact me via my website http://www.usefulart.net. Thanks!

  16. Who is responsible for you?

    The owl comes to you and only you. This visitation is a gift.

    Your mate sees it as a gift of warning. That’s nice, but who lives with the prophecy?
    Who has her spiritual ear attuned to its unique message?
    More simply:
    Who is the observer?
    Who is the meditator?

    Did the owl come to YOU or to your mate?

    As I said in the comment above:

    “Just as our fingerprints are symbolic of our uniqueness – so too are our unique energy patterns formed with our animal allies.”

    Do you blindly follow the message of the owl?

    Do you bare your teeth at your mate’s admonishment and ignore his idea of ill-omen?

    I can’t say what you will do.

    I do know, however, that our core never changes.

    As a practitioner of meditation – you already know this. Within you is the still, calm sea of knowingness – the shamasagara – the unified essence of light and higher, finer understanding.

    Owls come to us.
    Mates interact with us.
    Animals, nature, events, everything our physical realm provides for our infinite diversity are cues and buffers on our path.

    All of these are variables. They enhance our core, and color our perceptions.

    One remaining constant we have in our lives is our ability to interpret our own experiences from the position of our core.

    When we seek guidance from that infinite center – that expanse of knowingness – we step into clarity.


  17. I was dropping off one of my dear friends home after a very special/spiritual night out. She is on the brink of a divorce and is struggling very much emotionally. We were talking about the fact that she thinks he may be deceiving her about money and I was telling her I think she should hire someone to investigate. Suddenly an owl swooped over my car from behind and startled us. I know owls are messengers of wisdom and I feel like it was no coincidence that this happened at that moment. What are your feelings on this? I’ve always been concerned that he’s being sneaky with money and I’m worried he’s going to screw her over. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Blessed Be

  18. Michele,
    Perhaps the owl is a message requesting your clarity on behalf of your friend.

    Holding thoughts of “screwing” or worry for ourselves or or loved ones holds a vibrational match to further disruption and irritation entering yours and your friends energy.

    If the owl is a keeper of secrets (and according to Venefica’s research, this is one of its symbolic implications) – then perhaps the owl wants you to understand the secret of keeping high, clean, radically affirmative thoughts of peace and well being within your consciousness.

  19. I wish that I could send you the picture. Last week my husabnd and son and I were in our car, as we were pulling out of the driveway across the road, where is a small pond, this same owl was there. I tried to get my phone out to take a picture but he left. Today, I pulled out of my driveway and stopped at the road side at the end of our street, which is very close to our house, and I saw the Owl. I got out of my car and walked around the car with my phone and took two pictures. The first picture was of his backside, and then I tried to get closer and as I did he turn his head and looked straight into my eyes. I took the picture and sent it off to all of my co-workers. I do not know what if means to be able to have seen him twice, i know it is it the same owl, and especially in daylight. If you have thoughts about the meaning, I would appreicatite

  20. As a child my Mother was told by her ya ya not to listen if an owl speaks to you as it will tell you when you would die-and it only did so in our native tongue, Coeur d’Alene. My Mom always said she’d plug her ears when an owl was hooting and run home…it was only later did she realize it was just a tale to have her get home on time when she was out playing!

    So different tribes see the owl differently (much like Coyote-trickster to some tribes, bringer of fire and helper of man to other tribes)…we also believe having an owl visit your house is a token of good luck.

  21. I came to this site because I had a dream that an owl that flew onto a fence directly in front of me. For some reason the face of the owl stuck in my mind. reading this site helped me understand more about what the owl might represent. thank you.

  22. Hi Bryan,
    It gives me infinite joy to know connections are made. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

  23. I also have had close encounters with owls. The most profound encounter was when a small owl flew inside my truck and rode along with me for about 1 1/2 miles. I’ve had about five encounters with owls and have knocked over by accident a owl driveway ornament.

  24. I can’t remember when I first heard an owl at home (maybe February or March) but I was laying in bed and thought it was in my garage, as it was that loud. It has visited me on a few occasions before this and I thought about researching the significance of the owl and only have done so tonight, as I hear it again, more faintly. I am grateful for your website and the postings as my first thought was that maybe, possibly, the owl was delivering a message from my father who passed away in January, as I was just thinking about him before the owl visited me. Or maybe I’m looking for too much symbolism. Would you be able to provide me some insight?

    Thank you very much,

  25. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

    There is a ton of insight shining brightly within and between each line of this post, and each comment to this post. I’ve also written more information on the owl symbolism here.

    It is not surprising that the owl has chosen to reveal itself to you – like attracts like, and it’s obvious from your comment that you are quite wise in your perceptions.

    When we look to animals (or any occurance) for deeper symbolic meaning, we can look to all the details for deeper clarity.

    For example, we can look at:

    *Direction of flight or transit (see here cardinal directions for some symbolic guidance)

    *The feeling of the bird call (i.e.: is the bird song light, urgent, repetitive, sing-song, pining, joyful, etc.)

    *Appearance/activity/behavior of the animal (sickly, healthy, hunting, resting, sleeping, fleeing)

    *Environment around the animal (weather conditions, types of trees, in the city, near water, circling in the sky, etc).

    For example, even the garage in your experience may provide symbolic meaning. Often, we use our garage as storage places. So, that your owl is in the garage may indicate you have things (in an energetic/symbolic sense – like thoughts, ideas, dreams, memories) that are tucked away that you might want to pull back out to examine or display.

    Debbie, I hope these thoughts provide some navigation as you continue to make your way to uncover the beautiful messages your higher self (and the loved ones such as your father) are sending to you.

    Just keep in mind that symbolic messages are only reminders. This means that you already know the answer within you before the message even comes.

    Take the time to soul search and meditate – I promise with this investment, answers and clarity will come.

    With light & love,

  26. For 3 years I walked the woods behind my house, as an relaxing escape from everyday life. I never seen a wild owl until 2 days ago. It was a Great Grey owl and he was sitting on a branch low to the ground, I had my camera with me so I took as many pics as possible because I thought I may never have that chance again. After about 10 minutes the Owl flew away. Today(two days later) I was walking through my favourite trail and there was that Owl just sitting for me clearly to see. So, I sat down and the Owl and I looked at each other for a while. Then all of a sudden he got up and flew in the direction I was going to be heading. As such, I got up and followed, and… as I walked along I wondered where the owl would land. I was surprised to see the Owl landed in on of my favourite spots (a beautiful fallen tree which crosses a babbling brook….., I often sat at that location just to listen to the brook and watch the tree tops sway in the wind). Today was special because I got to share my space of tranquility with this Owl. The Owl just starred at me and so I whistled it a song, the Owl made no noise back but he still starred at me…. I looked into his eyes and wondered what he was thinking, I felt peace with our interaction but I also felt I should keep a comfortable distance away. Twenty feet, I think, was just fine for the both of us. This may sound strange but I thought I started to feel a sort of bonding with the owl. Then…All Of A Sudden….the Owls eyes shot off to the right and he peered into the bushes…and so I did the same but I could see nothing. Next, the Owl dove down towards the bushes and caught a mouse. He then flew over my head and landed on a branch of another tree….on that branch he ate his meal. I then climbed on the fallen log which crossed the brook and observed the Owl. After the Owl was finished eating he then flew in the direction towards the end of the trail. Again I followed, and again the Owl sat himself on a branch low to the ground. At that point I felt it was time to be getting back home to my pregnant wife, but, I was still too fascinated with the Owl just to walk away. Then the Owl gave me one last look and the flew high in the trees where I could no longer see him, and so, I returned home with my story and good feeling the Owl left me with.

  27. Hi Adam,

    I recognize and deeply value the time it took you to put your incredible experience in writing.

    It’s a beautiful unfolding you’ve expressed here – and I see the investment you’ve made to share this amazing event.

    Likewise, I invest time in allowing impressions to come, and then invest the time to write what is impressed.

    Honestly, sometimes it takes months for me to grasp the totality of an impression.

    I identify with the needs of others to have reciprical comments here – or just a word of reassurance that, indeed, the connectivity we experience IS truly Divine, precious and expansive.

    I try not to feel a kind of pressure to react to those needs of others and hastily respond – for if I do, it will not be what it is MEANT to be.

    I know that when a comment does follow, it will be at the perfect time.

    Adam, thank you so much for your understanding and patience as I take the pace required to allow full development.

    – a long, vague answer to your question, isn’t it 🙂

    With love & light to you Adam,

  28. Wow! The owl symbol certainly evokes emotion in people. I know a particular woman who collects owls in anything from patterns on bedsheets and teatowels, to china figures or household plates. Her whole house is a tribute to this creature. Whether she may have been an owl in another life is a question she has been asked before. She admits she is drawn to its energy vibrations, but she doesn’t add much more. I think she enjoys being shrouded in mystery…

  29. Adam, it’s obvious you have a connection with the owl. what more proof do you need?

  30. “A wise old owl sat upon an oak,
    the more he saw the less he spoke,
    the less he spoke the more he heard,
    why aren’t we like that wise old bird?”
    ~~Edward Hersey Richards

  31. Hi Adam,

    Have you ever wondered, as you walk through those sacred woods behind your house, if you could mesh and meld right into the scene?

    I believe your encounter was one of synchronicity and communion on a deep level.

    Most birds are finicky about who they allow within their energetic spectrum. But the owl is the one of the more fickle about with whom it
    shares its energy.

    So what does this say about you? What kind of messages does this experience with the owl represent?

    Here are some ideas:

    Continue to tread lightly and respectfully in order to coax in the desirous directions you wish to see your life navigate towards.

    Continue to seek that deeper level just past what your physical senses detect. Surrounding all present matter there is a hairline fracture in the potential perspectives that can be cracked a little further open for you – work on widening that gap of reality.

    Although there is a tendency within you to have structure, order, and set ways of executing progress – there are nudgings for the contrary. Owl besearches you to know that resources to obtain accomplishment are bountiful – and come in unorthodox forms. Although structure is wonderful – chaos can be helpful too.

    You are not intimidated by beginnings, but endings sometimes represent a challenge. The owl reminds you that we cannot begin one moment forward without first acknowledging and respecting the completion of the previous moment first.

    Adam, it takes a certain kind of high vibration and inner awareness to conjure up the experience you’ve shared with us. As mentioned, the owl is very selective about who it reveals itself to – much less share this intimate experience.

    This scene was brought about by what already dwells within you – that unfolding divinity that resides in your core being.

    This is not an arbritrary occurance – this is a calling out to your own deeper self – a connection between you and the deeper you packaged in the awe-inspiring interaction of these beautiful creatures.

    As I encourage all my readers, take the time to further investigate each moment of this experience. Lift these memories from your collection like fingerprints and keep them foremost in your being….impress them into your consciousness – this permits more understanding to flow.

    Furthermore, allow more than just your mind to analyze the exeperience. Use every cell in your body to touch that delicate energetic resonance that this experience represents.

    When we take the time to open up those energetic cracks (in unorthodox ways) we garner the most profound enlightenment.

    Namaste Adam,

  32. Pleasure is always mine. I love what you’re doing here – I’m expecting great things from you.

  33. Does anyone know where to find or purchase owl feathers to help with home blessings and the ridding of evil spirits?

  34. this suggests taking from the owl. wouldn’t it b more fun if you acquescently bowed to the spirit of owl – while already knowing it would bear you the gift you seek?? This places you in a position of already having without taking,

  35. Thanks avenefica,
    I read your comment regarding my encounter. It was very deep and I appreciate your thoughts, so thanks again. As your response was very deep it took a while to think about ,and so, I took the time to think. I decided that I would respond back little by little. So here I go.
    “Have you ever wondered, as you walk through those sacred woods behind your house, if you could mesh and meld right into the scene?”

    I never wondered if I meshed into the scene, because I always knew I did. I am very much aware that I am apart of the natural world. When I spend time in nature I pay attention and enjoy every aspect of it. Sometimes I lay on my back just to watch the trees sway in the wind, the trees move gracefully and it is as if they are dancing a natural dance…it is beautiful. Sometimes I feel as if I am having a conversation with nature itself…..but no words are being said…..just the sound of the pebbles moving through the stream….. the sound of the wind blowing through the trees…. the various birds chirping all around…..and so on and so on. The sights, sounds and smells to me are enjoyed as natural art of a larger masterpiece, being that of the world. I feel as if I am lucky to get the opportunity to enjoy them, and enjoy them I do. When I walk through nature, I am meant to walk through nature and as so I am a part of nature. In short, I meld into the scene because I am a part of the scene. To be aware of your natural existence is to truly experience life, and as such you are truly alive.

    Cheers Adam

  36. Hi I found this site after driving home from a counseling session where I asked for clarity in regard to a relationship. On the way home as I was pulling into my street I saw a grey owl infront of me, it had one wing stretched out and was looking straight at me. It all happened very fast however it seemed like it was in slow motion and it stayed there right up until my car was infront of it and then it flew away. After reading this site it really does appear that the sighting was not accidental and really provides hope. thank you

  37. I came across your website because I was looking for more clarity of a recent experience in Sedona, Arizona. I was at a live spiritual demonstration and was asked by the advisor to think of a question and draw a card. I asked about the outcome of a certain relationship. The card I drew was a photograph of a brown owl. I was confused because I know nothing about the owl. I immediately correlated the owl with the person in question, then I wondered if the owl was myself. The advisor said the owl represents intuition and wisdom. My sister said the owl is a deceiver. The next day I went to a consignment store and asked for a sign of confirmation in regards to the relationship by the presence of an owl. I walked around the entire store and not an owl to be found. As I got near the door, I looked down and noticed a large porcelain statuary of an owl and two owl babies. It was a very expensive, one of a kind presidential gift given in the 1980’s. I have two children both born in the 1980’s. Just then my daughter excitedly called me over to a glass case that she was looking in and showed me a beautiful crystal pendent with an owl etched in it. I bought the pendent and have been wearing it for the last two days. Since I am back from vacation, I have been intrigued by my Owl experience and have been wanting more knowledge. I have gained insight from this website but would like input on drawing the owl card. Thanks so much

  38. This evening, I was walking through the wooded trail and the Grey Owl swooped down in front of me and perched its self on a tree close to me. At that moment there was no doubt in my mind that the owl deliberately came to see me. I know this because he flew from behind me to in front of me with his wings in full spread. It was as if the Owl was saying here I am.
    This evening seemed different though, it seemed like the owl and I reached a different level, but I am not sure what that level is. The Owl was looking straight into my eyes, and so, like before I softly whistled. The Owl (who I named Owlester) was fixated on me as I was on him. As I continued to look at Owlester I paused my whistling, and then, Owlester made a sound. It kind of sounded like his own whistle, and for the sake of this post I’ll call it a whistle. Owlester’s whistle was short and of two different sounds. I tried to whistle his sound but it was difficult, therefore, I continued on with my own whistle. Owlester and I exchanged whistles for about 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure what to think of this experience because I had mixed emotions. What do you think? I felt happy and privileged to be having the experience but at the same time I felt a bit strange. Then, I felt bad for feeling strange because Owlester looked comfortable. I think I mostly felt uncomfortable because it was getting dark and there were cougar warning signs in the area (actual posted signs, not like tracks or anything). As it was getting dark I had to leave and so I waved goodbye. After a few steps I looked back and I seen Owlester fly to a high branch in another tree, I then looked away and headed home. In the end, I felt as if I made a new friend.

  39. i am researching about the meaning of the owl… i was born under the sign of capricorn and i am fond of collecting fallen feathers from birds whenever i come to find one. few days ago i found 7 ceramic figures of white owls on sale from our neighbourhood and that im planning to own tom.

    i feel attuned with this creature. i have background in esotheric and mystery schools here in the Philippines.

  40. I have had two beautiful little Owls in my Courtyard for many months, six months that I have known of but remember hearing Owls before then. I made a perch for them in the courner of my Courtyard so they would be protected. I have seen the one pregnant but never did see the babies. They let me get very close to them ( 2to 3 inches away from them) and I talk to them everyday. Yesterday, I went outside in the a.m. to say Hello to my Owls as I always do and here was a third. Today I went to Lowe’s to buy supplies to make a few more perches. I don’t know what this means but I do enjoy them so much and they seems to have attached theirselves to me and my home. I would love to hear comments on this.

  41. There is an owl who has started sitting on my backyard wall and looks directly at me and my house. Yesterday the owl appeared again for the third time in 4 weeks. He allowed me to go inside and get my camera so I could take a few pictures. I am not afraid of him and would like to walk up for a closer look but my husband was afraid for me to do that. I know this is a message of some kind. I have been following my path since a very young age and cherish those which are scared. Normally my days start off seeing and thanking my hawks for their presense. My friends laugh beacause if I want to see hawks I ask and they appear. Thank you for such a wonderful site.
    Open the Mind and See, Open the Heart and Feel.

  42. During a sweat-lodge some weeks ago between the second and third rounds as I was tending the fire with my elder who is teaching me, an owl flew directly over my head about seven feet above. It flew right along the spirit line east to west over the fire, the alter, and the lodge our into the dark forest. I was the only person who saw it. The next morning my Aunt died of an unexpected sudden and massive heart attack. She was my favorite person and the rock of Gibralter for my family. In reading about owl symbolism I kept butting up against the bad luck and death associations and was shocked. This page has helped me reinvent the story I am carrying with me in my heart. Thank you for that medicine.


  43. Please help. I had an owl and 2 babies over my head and they never moved only when i walked on. What does this mean. Is it good or bad. They sure were a sight to see. It was at dust of the evening. thank you

  44. Hi everyone,
    I know absolutley nothing about owls. But I had an encounter yesterday. It was during the day. My living room couch sits right next to the window I looked and noticed a small bird. I leaned in the window to look closer and found out it was a samll owl sitting in my grass. It was just starring at me for a long time. I thought nothing of it. I let my daughter out to go swiming for a while about and hour or so,butI think I scared him away when I opened the door. After I brought her in and dried her off, I went back in the living room sat on the couch looked out the window again and there he was again! The strange thing was that he was just starring at me in my eyes. Then it would look around the yard and glance to both the right and the left and just stare me in the eye again. He must have been out there standung in the grass the same spot for about 2 hours.

    To my regret now I called my brother in law in amazment at this creature. He scared me telling me it was a sign of death that I must scare it away at once.So I opened the door and approced it and it flew away. After reading this I now wish I hadn’t but he told me to fear this owl. But the thng was it returned one more time at the same spot and statred at me. My brother in law was all freaked out and told me to scare it away again. So I did. It never returened. The funny thing is I have been looking out my window hoping to see it again.
    What does all this mean!? Was this a good sighting did I do a terrible thing to scare it away1?

  45. I returned this evening from a Shake Down experience in which we shake our bodies for about an hour, resting as needed, and then find stillness. Open to whatever may come. Tonight I had a vision of a brown owl which led me to this site. Thank you for the information. I will be open to my dreams and looking forward to growing the characteristics of the owl in myself!

  46. Last night, my family and I were returning home after my son’s baseball game, and having supper. It was about 10:00pm, and as we were driving up our street (in a subdivision), I saw something massive flying. At first I thought it was a hawk, but I had a feeling it was an owl because it seemed too large to be a hawk. It was dark so difficult to see, but I kept my eyes fixed upon it, and it swooped upwards and landed on the highest peak of our 2-story house. We pulled in the driveway, and it remained on the roof. It was definitely an owl. It was all very exciting, as this is something you don’t see every day. I happened to have my camera since I took it along to take pictures at the ballgame, so I tried to take some pictures out of the window of our vehicle, but they were blurry from my zooming in to try and get a closeup picture of the owl. My husband took some from his side of the car, and our camera promptly ran out of battery power. I told him to go quietly and get more batteries from the house. He did, and the owl stayed with us until he came back out of the house. He got one fairly good picture of it. I said something in a whisper to my husband, and when we both looked back, the owl had gone, silently into the night. None of us heard it — not a rustle of a feather or a flap of a wing.

    My immediate reaction to this was that it was a good sign — that the owl may be bringing us goodwill or good fortune. My family has been going through a difficult time these last few years. My husband was laid off from his job of 23 years, in the IT industry, back in 2005. He has worked sporadic contract jobs since then. More recently, we have been on unemployment for the last almost 4 months. We have 3 children to support, ages 15, 11, and 3, and no health insurance since the layoff. There have been numerous job interviews, but the job always seems to go to someone else. As of yesterday, before the owl sighting, we had 3 job possibilities on the horizon.

    Also, we have a 15 year old son with autism, and have been having a very difficult time with him as of late. He has behavior issues (a manifestation of his disability). He can be aggressive at times, and is cyclic in his behavior. We seem to have been in a pretty bad cycle recently, and it’s been tough on all of us. However, a few months ago a wonderful Christian woman named Sue came into our lives as a service provider. She is our son’s respite and supported community living worker. I have felt so depressed at our financial situation and daily life with our son being so trying, lately. His daily meltdowns can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. I had been opening up to Sue, sort of emotionally unloading on her. She has a genuine desire to help our family, and these last few days I have been working with her (via email) on devising a plan to deal with (and hopefully gradually begin to change for the better) my son’s behavior. Yesterday was the first day that we saw it as actually possible. I think my son had a breakthrough yesterday and was able to finally acknowledge his behavior, which is hopefully the first step in beginning to change it. He said to me, “The goodness needs to happen, instead of the badness”. It seemed very profound, to hear this from him. Yesterday, during the day, I felt very uplifted, and the most hopeful that I have in several months. I felt kind of a tingling or energy within that maybe things were about to finally change, for the better — that maybe we could be happy again like we used to be, before we lost our livelihood 3 years ago. I wondered if my husband would be hired at one of the 3 possible employers, and if our son might actually be able to get a grip on his behavior at home. He is perfect at school, but at home he feels safe and loved enough to “explode” after holding it together all day. School is obviously not in session now since it’s the summer, but he attends a summer program for disabled children, so he is still on good behavior there and if he melts down, it is at home with us in the evenings. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that yesterday I felt the most positive that I have in a very long time, and then was visited by this owl last night.

    Something made me get on the internet and see if there was any type of luck (good or bad, but hopefully good) associated with seeing an owl, since most people don’t see them often. I grew up in the country and used to see them as a child, and hear them hooting at night. I also want to say that I was very moved by Adam’s posts and can relate to what he was saying about nature. As a child growing up, I felt the same way, attuned to nature. I’m an only child and spent a lot of time outdoors, and had a magical place in the woods behind our home, that was my very own (I’m an only child and had to entertain myself). I don’t recall ever seeing an owl during daylight hours when I was there, but I also used to lie on the ground and watch the trees sway gently in the wind, and saw them as dancing. I used to love to take a quilt and lie on the ground and watch the clouds drift by, visualizing different shapes. Since being an adult, and living in the city, I have missed nature and felt like I had lost that connection to it that I used to have. So, to see the owl last night was thrilling and I had an immediate appreciation for its presence. I felt graced by its choosing MY house to light on, and stay for several minutes.

    However, when I got on the internet and looked for luck associated with it, I saw all the negative things that are mentioned about it. It didn’t feel right, and gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I try to go with that feeling in my life because it usually never steers me wrong. I began to look for what I could find that would be good about a visit from an owl, rather than the bad, and that is when I found your site. I want to choose to believe that this owl appearing to us last night was a sign of something good about to happen to those who live in the house it landed on. I felt like all the negative things I read about the owl didn’t apply to me. I was born on the 13th of April, and the number has always been lucky for me. Other people fear it and see it as negative, but I never have. I think the owl is the same. Maybe it means bad things to some people, but it could mean the opposite for me, just like 13. I have always felt “different” and not like most other people, in this way. Thirteen always seems present in my life and pops up when I least expect it. There are random occurrences. If I count something, it almost always winds up being 13. I look forward to my birthday falling on a Friday (I was born on a Saturday), because Friday the 13th is even more lucky, I feel.

    I spoke to my mom last night on the telephone. I told her about the owl. I said I wondered if it was a sign (I never said “good” nor “bad”, and I didn’t share what I had read about luck being associated with the owl, so as not to color her opinion or alter her “normal” reaction). She said not to be silly, it was nothing more than a hungry bird, and we have lots of chipmunks around here — tasty morsels for an owl. She said I might want to call the conservation department. My mom thinks she lost her elderly cat last year, aged 21 years, to a hawk. Her vet told her that it’s bad to have a hawk around, but an owl is even worse. I don’t have any small pets outside to worry about. I think it is best to let the owl be, and let it do its thing. I think mankind interferes too much with animals and nature. The owl may have been sitting atop my house every night for a long time and I just didn’t know it until now. I don’t think it is hurting anything. But I do feel that we were allowed to see it for some reason, and to know of its presence. And, I think it is more than a hungry bird looking for a late night meal. The feeling I got from it was that maybe a couple aspects of my life were about to change for the better. That is my gut instinct, and I’m going to stick with it and hope that is the outcome. What is ironic, is that my mom has always loved owls, and collected them. I grew up with owls around the house. She made a large ceramic one in a pottery class, and painted it herself. It’s beautiful. We also had a picture of one hanging over our fireplace mantel. I thought maybe my mom would have something positive to say about the owl, maybe some insight about her feelings for owls and why we had owl things in our house when I was a kid. I was disappointed with her saying it was merely a hungry bird on the prowl, and that I “shouldn’t make too much of it”.

    If after reading my story, you are moved to respond, I would be honored. It looks like you get a lot of posts and haven’t posted here for over a month so I know you must be busy. Also that the time has to be “right” to formulate your response — I am the same way, doing things when it feels right to me. I am respectful of everyone’s time, so if you don’t respond, I understand. It is enough for me to feel uplifted further by sharing last night’s “owl experience” here, with others.

  47. Hi Deanna,

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful observations and insights – I love how this owl called you forth to express these amazing thoughts – it’s an honor for me that you expressed them on my blog.

    Your son’s statement: “The goodness needs to happen, instead of the badness” is indeed profound – he’s a remarkable intuitive – a brilliant gift within your life.

    I’d like to hone in on the protective function of owl energy. My experience (and upon asking) indicates the owl oversees your home, and serves as an energetic sentinel, insuring peace over all you hold sacred within your realm.

    It might also be fitting to point out the owl’s sacred connection to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena. The owl is also depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth.

    Owl is incredibly choosy, shrewd, focused – it would not lightly visit you. If we gather up all the variables – the pure positive moment your physical (and spiritual) eyes touched upon the presence of the owl on your roof is nothing short of clandestine & worthy of the awe you so eloquently expressed in your post.

    Deanna, I’m so pleased to learn you are reconnecting with your true self – the core brilliance that is you – the one who experiences the tingling pleasure of wonder that saturates each moment of life.

    The most masterful among us recognize that wonder & understand there is elation in all things. The most masterful among us are touched by the energetic wings of the owl, and recognize that contact as a dynamic, powerful experience. The most masterful among us know that life causes us to expand and reap the joy available to us in each moment.

    Deanna, indeed, you are masterful. Enjoy your transformation – embrace the blessings and bounty that are yours.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience.

    Namaste & brightest light,

  48. i was wondering if the regularity matters i am a biker and there is hardly a day that i do not see one and do the spacifick bread of owl matter because it seems as if i see differnt depending on the night that it may be

    i work a swing shift and do most of my riding at night or early morning befor traffic realy hits hard so i guess i am asking about the time of day that i do see them

  49. Last night, I was coming home from work just after 9 p.m. It was extremely dark, and as I got my keys out to open the door, I jumped back suddenly because something had brushed by my foot.

    It was a small owl, about the size of a rabbit, staring me in the eye as it sat on the ground about an inch away from my door. I stood there in shock for about five seconds as it stared directly at me, then flew away suddenly away.

    How crazy is that? I knew it must be some kind of omen, and while I’m not exactly sure what, it’s reassuring to know that it is hopefully a good one.

  50. Never having seen an owl before, I have seen one twice outside my house at night. The second time was tonight. I am going through a rough patch and know seeing this owl meant something. I asked the owl what message was it trying to bring me. After a few minutes it lifted its backside and did one big poop and flu off. Can you advise me if this was a message and what the message may be?

  51. I recently met my soulmate and we have been hanging out for about a month. She has been freaked out alot do to the fact that she thinks I can read her mind. She has also freaked me out a few times on her ability to say things that I am thinking. We were hanging out at a friends house and my two friends went in to use the restroom and when they did an owl landed on the peak of the roof and sat there until my two friends walked back out. My girl and I where the only ones to see the owl and we thought it to be kind of weird. The really weird part is about two weeks later her and I were laying in her hammock on her back patio and heard the strangest noise. We both wondered what it was then all the sudden we saw the owl again fly from the tree directly next to us. The two houses were only about a mile from each other so I know it was the same owl, I could feel it. We would have never seen it this time except for the noise that it made to tell us that he or she was watching over us. I have only seen two owls in my life up to that point and I am 29 years old. Since being with her we sighted an owl twice in a two week period. I know it was the same one. Talk about a sign.

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