Service Announcement about Tattoo Symbolism

Some of you  may have noticed the recent removal of one of my websites, <> from the internet.

Under ever-buckling time constraints, I simply could not maintain the site and keep up with everything else.  No worries about the symbolic tattoo information though, it’s still alive and kickin’.

I’m in the process of moving symbolic delights regarding tattoo meanings, tattoo ideas, etc., to my main site,

Here’s the portal page for tattoo info I’ve transferred so far,  if you’re interested.

Thanks for your patience during transfer/re-construction, and for your continued interest.

One Comment on “Service Announcement about Tattoo Symbolism”

  1. I have great appreciation for your work and am amazed that you can juggle all of the information on multiple sites. I don’t blame you for consolidating some of them! Your research is so helpful for some of the articles I write on esoteric subjects, including shamanism. Many, many thanks for all that you do.

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