Responsibility and Symbolic Interpretations

Personal Views on the Responsibility of Symbolic Interpretations
Personal Views on the Responsibility of Symbolic Interpretations

I’ve been offering perspectives into deeper symbolism for years.  Understandably, I’m constantly called upon to provide symbolic interpretations and personal consultations.  Although I do answer as many emails as I can (mostly referring inquirers back to the 1000+ online pages I’ve already written) about varying forms of symbolism…I feel a nagging discomfort with it.

This baffles a lot of my friends and colleagues.  They ask: “Why don’t you offer a symbolic consultation service?  You could help so many people.  You could make a great income and profession from it!”

That’s true.  Except…I have major moral conflicts about a) charging for interpretations and b) having the weight of this responsibility on my shoulders.

In a previous life (this life, but seemingly so long ago it feels like a different life), I served in the medical field.  At that time, I was a witness to new lives being born.  Conversely, I was witness to lives transitioning into so-called “death” too.  Each moment in my medical career proved overwhelmingly crucial and stood as a reminder of the responsibility involved with the process of healing the human condition – physical and spiritual.  I know those of you in the healing profession can relate 100%.

Some may argue that offering symbolic interpretations is not a life-or-death business.  I dunno about that.  I’m not so sure human energy differentiates between physical and non-physical.  We’re all an amalgamation of varying forces, entangled and interconnected

Perhaps one day I’ll evolve into a state of being that allows me to offer personalized readings, but for now my perspective is deeply planted in the contrary. 


Because I’m not convinced it’s my responsibility to tell folks what a symbolic phenomenon means to them, or what kind of message it holds.  I always figured this is the responsibility of the one encountering the phenomenon…not me. 

So, I continue to offer personal observations online about symbolic meanings.  But these are only my perspectives. 

The real key to lasting soul-evolution is deciphering symbolism for ourselves – to our own personal satisfaction.  Of course, there are situations in which an outside view is required.  But the majority of the work in understanding ourselves, our lives, our collective consciousness is up to each of us.  That’s why I’m forever touting the value of personal responsibility in interpreting symbolic events.

Furthermore, our awareness would not be drawn to a symbolic event if we ourselves were not equipped to interpret it.  It may take an investment in time, meditation, awareness, focus, research, patience, etc., etc….but I’m resolute in the knowing that every symbolic episode is unique to each of us.  Likewise, the meanings are unique and therefore the interpretations require personal reflection first and foremost.

Trust in the process.  Trust in your own ability to make sense of the deeper meanings that are inherent to life.  That’s what living  a symbolic life is all about. 

Be determined in mining for meanings in your own inner caverns of knowing.  You will reap gold eventually, and that’s a promise.

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  1. I’m afraid I’m one of the ones who has tried to convince you to offer your symbolic wisdom to others as a personalized service. We’ve been good friends for a long time, and I believe I see in you what you cannot see in yourself. I know you can provide tremendous good for others. You’re a natural healer, and although you no longer work on an ambulence or in the ER, you certainly do a great deal of healing on the spiritual plane. Having said that I understand where you’re coming from. I just want you to know you’ve made a difference in my life, and so many others. Ithink the a lot of the frustration you’re having is giving interpretations to people who want “quick and easy” fixes. Those people who are too lazy to find meaning in their lives for themselves. Maybe you could filter out these “lazy heads” from the true seekers who are well-developed, but just seeking extra help from someone who has “been there, done that.” Ok, ok, I’m pushing again. I’ll drop it. You do whatever you need to do. In my opinion, you’re a Midas kind of gal and no matter where you point yourself, others will benefit. Namaste, your pal, David

  2. I read your symbolic interpretations a lot, especially where tarot cards are concerned. I take what I need, or what resonates with me, and move on. It gives me a different perspective, and often a history I might not have known, or found in my own research. I find that incredibly helpful and insightful. And I’m taking this opportunity to say how much I appreciate your website and your observations. Thank you!

    Just as with dream interpretation, the symbolism is so very personal, I don’t think I can read some book that claims to interpret symbols in dreams and get the meaning of my dream, nor do I think someone else can interpret my dream for me. Well, unless they know me and a lot of about my life. BUT, I do think I can glean some possibility from those books, and from others. So, I often talk my dreams over with trusted friends and think through what the images mean to me and what my friends might say they’ve noticed about what’s going on in my life, or the symbols to which they’ve seen me respond. And if someone else asks me to help them with a dream, I start with asking what the symbols they tell me about represent to them. I don’t try to tell them what their dream means, I try to help them coax out for themselves what the symbols mean to them. Then help them apply those meanings to what’s happening in their waking world.

    If you offered a consulting or reading service, you could easily help people figure out what the symbols they encounter mean to them. You could offer your thoughts on what they could mean. Let people take what resonates for them, because ultimately, they have to make the decisions about what information upon which they act, and what information upon which they don’t act. If you’re offering it for their and your higher good and understanding it would seem that it could be a positive all the way around.

    Having said that, from my perspective, which is totally unsolicited :), you also have to do what resonates with you. If offering symbolic interpretations on an individual basis doesn’t resonate with you, then, it doesn’t. In the end we all have to answer to our own belief sets, and I applaud you for the strength to do just that.


  3. Avia – i completely, wholeheartedly understand. In fact, in working with a – now personal friend, a very dear one – who is a medium/clairvoyant, etc. He will PURPOSELY not tell me what is coming next for me re: my personal & tremendously spiritual growth and my signs, communication visions (clairvoyant/clairaudience/) as well as LIVE experiences – he does this because it will interfere with my Angels’will for me at this time. Problem is – I am 1/2 Irish -terribly intellectual, & a researcher – to a fault at times. (during my last reading – the angels were literally giggling that I am ‘very analytical’ ‘Irish stubborn’ and trying to climb Mt. Everest before climbing the hills, rocks, creeks, etc. – becuase in my excitement of this phenomena – I ‘went to town’ divulging your website, other sites, creating my own personalized materials and ordering books, books, books!)This all started happening with a nightly ritual of miracle prayers and meditation – it literally opened up my chakra soooo wide open, that everything and everyone i had prayed to and thanked – came flooding into my minds eye & it overwhelmed me, scared me, even though I knew it was divine (but never in my life had I experiended ANYTHING like this!)etc. until my friend/medium began walking me through (you as well) what is happening, how & why. So now I have been expressly told by my ‘original three angels’ to stick with them only for now! Wanted to share.. thank you – mb

  4. David – all in due time – that time is divinely planned for their higher purpose(s)The divine does not operate on our time – it is their ‘behind the scenes coordination, etc. that causes (if you ask) them to intervene and act on your behalf – and the behalf of all greater good – Avia – of all incredible women/people that we are blessed exists with us today – will know if/when it is her time.. 🙂

  5. Avia,

    I agree with you that symbols are highly personal in nature.

    Perhaps your skills could be used in consulting to work with a person. You could present some common meanings, but have the person “feel” which ones fit for them personally, and take personal responsibility for what meanings resound for them. This way it would be a collaboration.


  6. thank you for this post. I am working on a project for a website right now and one of my dilemnas is that I feel called to explain the subject matter but another part of me says to demonstrate that you know the subject. Yet I don’t feel compelled to do so. Sometimes I think we are a channel for knowledge but this doesn’t necessarily mean we must have others consult with us. Finding this post was a message to me.
    Thank you.

  7. Well Jesus could have made a great living healing the sick and interpreting the signs. Like Cyndi Lauper said “Money changes everything”.What is more intrinsically symbolic than paper money.Anyway choosing how and which way to use our gifts is up to each one of us.
    I came here today to learn about a white moth. Instead I figured out that the butterflies/moths are reminding me to be whole and work in the darkness as well as the light.I do not have time to figure on my own the symbolism of every animal since I do other things right now for money. You have helped me today which I could never afford if you were doing this one on one. I agree with the path you are on but more important is that you agree with the path you are on. Thanks for the help today

  8. I believe that is the most wise answer you could ever give! Symbols to me are mirroring my own personal shadow or are from my higher self guiding me. How could anyone know other than me? Only the ego would say and charge for the interpretation of another souls journey, in my opinion. That makes you 100% more authentic as a guide, intuitive, and I thank you for living your truth, an inspiration!

  9. Love and gratitude greetings!

    Passion is an energy to BEhold and I LOVE the passion you transfer in your sharing with what I believe to be the very energy that resonates within each and every one of us. Your work for me symbolizes the Dictionary of All I need to know. With my love intent in place I know that I will receive what I need from your “perceptions”. Add to this the wonder of technology and I can confidently search for this in just a click away all the way from here….little town in S. Africa. Thank you and blessings all around! TM

  10. So, I’ve been thinking. I know you’ve written all this stuff… It’s a near online encyclopedia of symbolism and such. I do fully understand the reasons for no more readings and interpretations. However, I think what you might wish to consider is a book. Not your ordinary list of meanings for different symbols stuff. More like a how to sort of book. Twist it into symbolic meditation, what ever. There’s a book out called The Mist Filled Path? Anyway the book was written as a way to journey into yourself and heal. I think you could do something similar with your symbols, empowering people even more.

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