No More Tarot Readings

No More Tarot Readings

There is a time and a place for intuitive & Tarot readings. To be sure, psychics, Taroists and other intuitive practitioners can certainly offer extreme value to seekers and questioners.

However, I no longer offer Tarot readings or casual intuitive interpretations.

Why the choice?

In spite of my continual admonishment that oracles are guides, not the path to Light – I still sensed the message was left unheard.  So, by continuing to offer Tarot readings, I felt like I was feeding an unhealthy dependency. 

The Light is within, not without. The Clarity is internal, not external.  The Answers are…well, you get the idea.

This is a sign of the times

More and more each of us must rely on our own souls, hearts, minds, beliefs, intuition, etc.  The more we externally seek out satisfaction – the further away we move from our potential divinity. 

“Temet nosce” (know thyself).

This is not to say I have parted from the Tarot path.  Quite the contrary as I am still a devotee of  Tarot wisdom, and shall continue to build on the premise that the Tarot is a magnificent tool for personal/soul development via my Tarot website:

But the impressions, revelations and messages I’m getting are clear:  Serving as a reader is counterproductive to the current paradigm.

What am I doing now?

  • I surf the cosmos gathering glimmery bits of bright inspiration
  • I convert these bits in some sort of useable format, adding my own spin & flavor
  • I send them back out into the cosmic seas, messages in buoyant bottles, gift wrapped with high anticipation
  • I observe who picks these perspectives up, who shakes out the oracles, and who weaves personal understanding between the lines
  • I remain vigilant, expressing in as many ways possible the variable paths to self-empowerment & personal illumination

Thanks to everybody for allowing me to serve, and mostly thanks for understanding and honoring this choice I’ve made.

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  1. Hi … I knew this was building in you for some time, and I completely respect your decision. This may highlight that perhaps the true purpose is to guide others to their self-empowerment instead of letting them use you as a vehicle for decision making, etc. As we exercise discernment in our lives, these decisions become crystal clear, don’t they?

    Digging your groove big time,

  2. I completely agree with you! I turn away more people than i read for. No matter how much you tell some one that the cards are guidance not rules, that they need to meditate on the meaning of the card as it relates to them, they still hang on every word with literal meaning. I am still discussing this with someone who insists her third marriage will end in divorce (based on a reading done by some one else) and she is not even married yet!

  3. Bless you Donna as you have been a profound voice of reason in my life. You are so right in this statement: “As we exercise discernment in our lives, these decisions become crystal clear.” Yes, indeedy they do, and I’m anticipating unique responses (in a larger sense) from this choice. Thanks so much – you are every bit my soul-sister.

  4. Hi Elyssa, thanks so much for that confirmation. It is rattling, but you apparently have a remarkable way of manuevering through the unique challenges inherent to reading. I can totally relate to what you’re saying, and I’m utterly grateful for your plight to maintain integrity. There is such a need for you, and your perspectives. You have my respect for the work you are doing.

  5. How wise of you… the ultimate goal of tarot seekers could indeed be to design a personalized set of cards, or to form a symbiotic affinity to a specific tarot deck, tuning in, as it were, and using it as a mirror, or a spiritual barometer of sorts. I do value your insights, and I hugely enjoy reading your pages, often wondering at the connections you make. Anyway, I wish you all the best on your ongoing journey in the realm of symbols.

  6. More … after reading what Elyssa wrote, it is obvious that so many people out there want someone else to make their decisions for them. And/or they are so into their negative states that they cast curses on their own experience! I mean, that is really scary to me, and yet I grew from that place long ago, as well, so I still can understand it. Astrology & tarot are not definitives by any means, any more than the future is cast in stone, mutable as it is by the dancing fool on the wheel of karma … our free will. Yet an individual who accepts their own empowerment is also accepting responsibility for themselves, their decisions, their actions, and everything that goes along with it. Therein lies the rub, I think.

    Hm, great string, yes?


  7. You know, it’s an ultimate statement to read these comments…such brilliant minds, thoughtful souls, escalated awareness. I’m blessed in every way to share this life with you guys.

    @Ólöf – love what you’ve said here….especially your phrases “spiritual barometer” and “symbiotic affinity” in context of choice or design of a personal deck. Outstanding. And, sometimes I wonder at the connections I make too. Many of them are surely not (entirely) my own as various energetic lineages come through. My deepest gratitude for you, your insight and for being on this journey with you.

    @Donna – love the visual: “dancing fool on the wheel of karma” You know, there is such innocence in that….which is great….for a time. I’m being led to an impression that the label of “naivete” will only go so far. A time is approaching where the blindfold has become moth-eaten and the music that the fool has been dancing to is coming to its finale.

  8. Ah, from a purely selfish reason, am sad to see that you’re no longer giving Tarot readings because I’d been hoping for one myself 🙂

    I bet you feel so much lighter and freer after having made your decision.

    Glad to read that you’re sticking with the Tarot though – you’re too good to lose!


    Ali X

  9. Ali, this means a lot coming from you as I know your devotion to the genuine craft of Tarot is an honorable one (for those of you who are not familiar with Ali, she is one among the invaluable forces behind TABI: Tarot Association of the British Isles – it’s an amazing organisation, and reflective of Ali’s devotion/commitment to maintaining the integrity of Tarot).

    Yes, you’re absolutely correct – a great deal of weight has been lifted after this decision.

    Thanks so much for your comment & the continued work you do – so appreciated.
    Much love & high beams!

  10. Always a pleasure to see your name come up on Twitter. May your break from doing personal readings give you the time and space to help ever more people with your light-bringing work. As a reader who also does psychic work for individuals, businesses, and even, I know that sometimes you want people to use your guidance and yet you want them to use it in conjunction with their own intuition. They do sometimes. All best wishes. Monte

  11. Hi Monte, you are a dear heart for all the work you do, and for your radiance. It’s an honor to be in your orbit, as I continue to learn from yours & Amys sage offerings. Great thanks for your comment. High beams to you.

  12. Hi, found you, once again through SBI and felt the urge to comment.

    I too read Tarot many years ago, even over the phone… as other Tarot readers used typical decks I only used the Major Arcana.

    The reason for this for me is that the Tarot was meant as a guide towards inner development and that the Major Arcana is a link to the 21 doors of perception… and so it was to be.

    Me, trying to bring people around from their everyday earth bound questions into seeing different doors of perception for themselves.

    Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Symbolism (which is a major part of the Tarot) all eventually left behind as the deeper meanings of such knowledge were twisted by society into some new way of commercialism to foretell the future.

    Not a belief held by me. So I stopped.

    There is a point us Light Beings reach and realize. All external things we use in our methods are props for the real work that appears through the energy that comes of itself through us without bias.

    Getting rid of our own bias is the trick. 🙂

    Huge Beams of Light to you.

  13. I am a spiritual psychologist and many people come to see me.. When I studied astrology, i came to the same conclusions as you have with the tarot,
    however, there are times when we have the insights that someone else needs and as we are all connected to the great Divine, there are times when we can help another find their way because sometimes we get stuck and we need each other. As we are all collectively connected, there is a way to do this work with balance.. I respect your choice, but you have much to offer within your own realm of knowledge that would benefit humanity, as do i.. I don’t see just anyone, i only work with those who i know will do the work..
    right now, i am suck and would love to have insights into my situation from a mind that is different from my own so that i can see where i am off… just a few thoughts. Warm regards, BT

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