Dreams An Illustrated Guide by Adam Fronteras (book review)

Dreams: An Illustrated Guide by Adam Fronters
Dreams: An Illustrated Guide by Adam Fronteras

I’ve had the utter pleasure of owning and reviewing a book on dream interpretation entitled: Dreams – An Illustrated Guide by Adam Fronteras, edited by Rashid Ahmad.

From the outset, this book is wholly enchanting because of its presentation.  Bound in a lovely cover with a page-placement jacket design – you can mark your place easily as you journey through your dreams.

Dreams – An Illustrated Guide is indeed every bit a guide.  I highly recommend taking this book with you on all your dreamy transits.  Reading the book from front-to-back as a novel will prove to be engaging as well as enlightening.  

Alternatively, if straight-though isn’t your style, Dreams is a perfect reference guide to assist with dream interpretation.  Keep this book by your bed stand and refer to it upon waking.  Look up specific symbols in your dreams in the book and you will receive outstanding insight.

It’s clear Mr. Fronteras has done his research in compiling this vast array of dream symbolic meanings.  All the common dream symbols are covered in the book, and the explanations are clear, accurate and germane to the deeper psyche.

I’ve used this guide on many occasions of the last few weeks.  I kept it by my bedside and consulted the dream interpretations offered in the book after each dream sequence.  Each time I was pleased with the interpretations offered by Mr. Fronteras. 

As a matter of fact, the dream interpretations in the book spoke to me on an archetypal level.  I felt connections being made between my ancient perspectives and my psyche.  This kind of connection is a gift that few people are able to give.  That gift is extended graciously in Dreams – An Illustrated Guide.

Part of the books power comes from the selection of images chosen.  You can tell a great deal of thought has been invested in the imagery used in this book.  I loved the vibrancy of the pictures, and these special images enhanced my interpretations too.

The book is extremely organized.  This isn’t a banal dictionary of dream meanings spewed in alphabetical order.  Rather, this is a thorough guide ordered in essential sections.  Each section offers a host of dream meanings.  Here are a few of the many areas of dream interpretations offered in the Guide:  Animals,  Environment, Relationships, House & Home, Cycles of life, Space and more.

The Guide also offers case studies and real examples of dream interpretations.  The introduction of the book is equally enlightening as it explains the purpose of our dreams and how to harness dream power for personal development.

It should be clear I highly recommend Dreams – An Illustrated Guide for both experienced and novice dream weaver.  If you are looking for dream meanings book that has depth, substance and profound power in tapping into the dreaming realms – this book is for you.

Get your copy here:  Dreams – An Illustrated Guide by Adam Fronteras.