Symbolic Altars of the Mind

My Altar
My physical altar is effective, but so is my brain altar.

Most of us know what an altar is. 

My friend @DonnaFaber8 of When Isis Rises and I often chat on metaphysical matters.  During one such conversation my mind wandered into the topic of symbolic altars.

Paraphrasing Webster: “An altar is an elevated place or structure at which sacred rites are observed.”

Regretfully, the term altar often conjurs some wild imagery.  And, although it’s true, altars can be the home of complex ritualistic scenes – even sacrifices (Aztecs, Mayans and other other ancient cultures were notorious for their sacrificial altars) – the nature of this blog post is a bit more subdued.

Let’s simplify.

The term altar can be traced back to the Latin word altus, meaning “high.”

At its core, an altar is simply a higher place of focused thought upon – or devotion to a higher concept.

I propose an altar does not even have to be physical.

To wit, some ancient alchemists (many of whom were also physicians by day) conducted extensive research on human anatomy…particularly the brain.  Their studies revealed some pretty startling and revolutionary conclusions about the function of the frontal lobes.

They (among other gifted scientists & mystics) theorized the forefront of the brain has the ability to communicate directly with the energies of the Universe.  And, the energetic vibration that emanates from this area of the brain is quantum-magnetic.

What that means is the perception reflected in the “higher mind” is the reality maker, and thus creator of our experience.

Essentially, humans have a built-in altar; the frontal brain where we can place our devotions, troubles, prayers and perceptions on the elevated space of the higher mind.

In the same way a devotion is placed upon a physical altar with the intent of answered prayer, clarity or thanksgiving – similarly,  the alter in our mind (the front of the brain/higher mind) can serve the same purpose.

What does this have to do with you and every day life? I’m glad you asked.

Do you pray?  Do you work with the law of attraction? Do you visualize and make intentions for a better way of life?

If so, try a meditation or contemplative practice of placing these prayers and intentions in the forefront of your brain.  Physically feel those thoughts localizing into a focused beacon that permeates your frontal lobes.  Essentially, place your thoughts on the altar of your higher mind.  Just give it a try and observe the results.

I can tell you from experience this has produced some amazing (downright eerie) results for me.  I wonder what kind of results it will have for you.

-Just food for your brain-altar.

10 Comments on “Symbolic Altars of the Mind”

  1. Cool concepts. Great post.

    I know when I run thoughts like a film projector through my third eye – the stage of life responds in kind.

    Similar concept, no?

  2. Hey Freckles…yes, outstanding. Love how you phrased this…..

    Running thoughts through the third eye like a film projector.

    That is fabulous. Permission to utilize that analogy? 🙂

    Luv ya Freck, and glad you’re feeling better.

  3. Avia … what an incredibly wonderful post! And so, so true, as it highlights the constant connection between science and faith … “as above, so below” is such a packed phrase, don’t you think? On a similar vein, while driving I’ve often noticed that trees (the way the branches start from a truck and then get smaller, etc., as they reach for the sun) look an awful lot like capillaries. As above, so below. Also, another similar vein, though unconnected somewhat … Years ago, I had an enormous cabinet full of doo-dads a la altar. As my grew faith grew, the need for a physical altar got smaller and smaller.

    So, you’ve made this awesome connection, and I wonder where you would place the heart in all this. Just curious. You know, thought/brain and emotion/heart. Just because I’m so focused on that right now, yes?

    Love ya,

    P.S. Thanks so much for the shout out. As a spirit sister, you’re a dream come just in time!! <3

  4. Hey Donna! Absolutley…the Hermetic epitaph is foundational “as above, so below” – it’s a law that underscores our complete reality – nice call.
    Love the capillary connection too.
    I hadn’t thought about emotion/heart in building this post. Hmmmm, maybe I’m heartless. 🙂
    Keep row, row, rowin your boat (’cause life is but a dream!).
    & Love back!

  5. In all the places I have visited, the impact of alters in Bali, Indonesia is truly something else. Every shopfront, home and public place has one. You come across them in unexpected places on the side of roads, under trees and in the middle of nowhere. They are covered in flowers and other offerings. The lightness of the atmosphere is unlike any I have sensed elsewhere in this world. You might say each place has its own spiritual frequency.

  6. Hi again … I’ve been pondering this post since you published it, and really grappling with it. Mostly because my altar resides in my heart, and you’ve described something different that I’m trying to understand, trying to get my around. Well, today, as I was doing my thing, I read your post again, closed my eyes, focussed my energy and projected it outwardly through the front spot you described.

    I realized this spot is almost the same as the third eye.



  7. Hey Donna…
    When I was a kid I wanted to be a brain surgeon (I sh*t you not). I would make clay models of the brain.
    With age and perspective, the concept of this whole “brain altar” thing clicked for me as I could actually see this frontal part of the brain as a great place to store devotions, intentions, and holy sacraments. It’s elevated, and forward-positioned.
    I love that you got the “zango” connection with the third eye. As my friend “Freckly Specktacles” observed in an earlier comment – we can project these holy sentiments THROUGH the third eye…like playing a film with the third eye being the orifice of projection.
    Much love,

  8. I love this. Makes total sense. Again, your ability to weave meanings out of symbols makes me want to ask “who are you and where the heck did you come from?”
    Big hug,

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