Symbolism of Visions: Raven Warrior Reading

Raven Warrior Vision Symbolism

Many of us are having more and more visions, and I often am asked to shed some light on the symbolism of visions.

Such is the case with one gentleman looking for a reading on the symbolic meanings of his vision.

This is his vision told in his words:

“In my morning meditation, somebody was suddenly right in front of my face. This person seemed to be shouting at me. Slowly, my vision expanded and I realized it was a native warrior, face painted, and a single feather rising from the back of his head. As the vision continued to expand, I could see we were in a forest clearing and it was a circle of warriors chanting and dancing around a fire. I watched them as they made one complete circle of the fire, and suddenly they were gone.

Now I realized that straight ahead of me, through an opening in the trees, something was flying towards me. As it came closer I thought it was a bald eagle. It was quite large, and I could see some white. Now it began descending. Closer and closer, lower and lower, and as I strained my neck to watch it fly directly over me, so close I thought I could almost reach out and touch it, I realized it was a pure white Raven.”

My reponse and impressions on this symbolic vision is as follows:

Dear David,

Thank you for indulging me the span of time it took to get in the groove of your vision.  sometimes impressions come in big, beautiful, fully-formed blocks of information. Other times, some stewing is required. After stewing in your visionary energies for over two weeks, these are the impressions that have come forward….I hope it’s worth the wait :-).

Before I begin, please keep in mind these impressions are coming through my own filter.  Meaning my own life experience will color the interpretations. That’s just the way it is.  I cannot separate my personality from what I am shown…and I tend to think that’s okay.

So that is why I beat the drum of independent study so vehemently. You must invest the time to know yourself, and interpret these visions as they apply to you and your life experience. 

YOU are the visionary, and the energies you deal with communicate special enlightenment for only you. My interpretation will never be the correct answer for you, but it will be an aspect of truth, as we are all connected and each of us presents a slice of the whole pie of knowing.

Enough of my diatribe…now onto the your symbolism of vision:

You prefaced the description of you vision by saying “that I don’t think I really understand it and/or, what I should be getting out of it.”

However, your vision begins with a human face confronting you very directly. Eye-to-eye. Nose-to-nose. Direct challenge, direct confrontation.  This initial face-to-face impression in your vision flies in direct opposition of this statement.  Symbolic stand-off’s such as this indicate you DO know precisely the matter and message of this vision. You may be at a “face off” in which there is something you must face or deal with. There may be a part of you that does not want to face the issue – but you certainly know what it is.

Expanding the vision, we see it is a warrior facing you – complete with war paint.  Our energetic lineage retains rituals of our ancestors. As such, we know the painting of native bodies and faces was/is a ritualistic practice carried out with deep sobriety and somber respect for the intention. Meaning, application of markings and color to the body was done purposefully and with focus. So this intentional ritual of marking the body with intent to battle begs the questions: 

  • Who or what are you at war with?
  • You have taken steps, made action, gone through modern-day rituals yourself…but to what end?
  • What is the motivation of your prime action?
  • Where is your focus?

The warrior has one single feather erected from his crown chakra. You can read about my thoughts on the symbolism of feathers (on my symbols website) here, and then more on this subject on my blog here. Briefly, feathers deal with:

  • Ascension
  • Spirituality
  • Clarity of thought

Combined with this feather’s location on the crown chakra the theme of the vision deals with very high ideals:

  • matters of enlightenment,
  • conscious evolution, and
  • energetic advancement.

That there is only one feather calls attention to the symbolism of one:

  • One path,
  • one direction,
  • action,
  • beginnings,
  • foundations,
  • solidarity of thought,
  • singleness of purpose,
  • activity of focus.

When we combine these concepts with the heady aspects of feathers and the 7th chakra, we begin to ask questions such as:

  • Is there one path to freedom?
  • Am I aligned with that energetic channel that seeks the highest vibration?

The feather points up  in your vision – does it not? I would encourage you to meditate upon that image – the feather pointing up with its base nestled in your divine crown. It’s a powerful symbol, capable of launching you into intense epiphany.

Moving further into your vision we see a forest clearing. Trees hold symbolism  that goes way beyond  my capacity for words.  The outermost philosophical branches of trees express symbolism of:

  • Life,
  • strength,
  • resource,
  • evolution,
  • knowledge,
  • provision

Trees encompass such massive and diverse energy that pinning single meanings takes some deep (and personal) contemplation.

However, that there is fire within your visionary forest, this indicates you are using resources at hand. By burning of the wood, you are igniting creative fire in a controlled methodical, ritualistic fashion.

Indeed our cosmic energy reveals our ancestors burning wood in order to obtain the secrets pressed within the flesh of sacred trees. Our energetic ancestors recognized trees as esoteric tablets of wisdom – capable of expressing and transferring that wisdom to us when we activated the indwelling passion (igniting the fire).

Furthermore, fire is symbolic of:

  • passion
  • spirituality
  • creativity
  • desire
  • action
  • possession
  • energy
  • intensity

Within these analogies we may ask questions such as:

  • What surrounds you that sparks your passion?
  • Is there an equal balance between your cool forests and the burning fire you create?
  • Are you “burning out” your resources?
  • In your practices, are you extracting the knowledge and experience you seek?

We cannot ask “what is consuming you” because we see order within your imagery of fire. But we may be bold, and ask if you feel conflict or war is required in order to have peace?

This is asked when we see your warriors circling around your flame. Circles are symbolic of:

  • connectivity
  • infinity
  • evolution
  • cycles
  • repetition
  • union
  • eternity

Can you see the theme of balance within your vision?  Throughout your vision we see contrast:

  • Peace vs. aggression (feathers vs. war paint).
  • Spirituality vs. physicality (Sahasrara chakra vs. human form),
  • Passive vs. active (trees vs. bonfire).

The Raven in your vision is replete with transformational symbolism, as it is typically black yet your vision indicates the Raven as white in color.  This offers further validation to the balance-seeking theme of the vision.

In other words, we see catharsis, release, and transformation as your deeper self propels the traditional imagery of the Raven, which is black, into a pristine white symbol.

Air animals are archetypes of living our lives in higher realms. Birds are symbols of:

  • higher thought,
  • higher intelligence and
  • higher ideals

This is because birds are (metaphorically and mythologically speaking), situated in proximity to the higher energies of the Universe.

Ravens are no exception to this underlying symbolism of air totems. However, Ravens are special among their airy clan as they are the symbolic containers of:

  • mystery,
  • magic,
  • secrets, and
  • even deception.

As I mentioned in an earlier email to you, Ravens do not give up their secrets easily.  They love to watch us marvel over their messages.  Ravens demand our commitment to learning their wisdom, and do not reveal their meanings unless they are convinced we’ve devoted ourselves completely to the path of understanding (both dark and light sides of) energy.

However, your vision demonstrates the most fundamental concept of alchemy which is: Transition and Transformation.

What is dark (traditional black Raven) becomes light as we see in your white Raven. We may interpret this into an alchemical formula: “With balanced mixing of appropriate energies, dark unknowns (black Raven) become known (white Raven).”

In other words, through the consistent unveiling of your inner depths, and the positive/active utilization of these inner impulses the esoteric secrets become exposed to the light of your own consciousness.

Are these interpretations deep? By gosh yes, they are deep. It’s a deep vision you’ve had.

It is no simple mind that summons the Raven. That is why I disagree with your earlier statement that you don’t think you understand the vision. This is poppycock (and I mean that lovingly).

The Raven will never come to a person who is not advanced enough to read the deeper meanings behind its presence. Ravens are cunning, selective creatures – if you did not already know the answers, you would have never had the vision.

David, I’ve laid a lot on your proverbial table here. It’s time for you to further prepare your table and feast on the wealth of knowledge that is before & within you. Seat yourself in the center of your own internal abundance. Know that your life experience is a grand banquet, and celebrate your own absolute knowing that is infused in every fiber of your being.

Symbolism of Ravens found here.


6 Comments on “Symbolism of Visions: Raven Warrior Reading”

  1. Jesus lady, you are SO OUT THERE!

    What planet are you from?

    Sometimes I can’t even follow you. And i’ve been eating this kind of stuff for breakfast for overr 20 years.

    Well, wherever you come from thanks for all this stuff you write about. I’m a fan!

    Fellow shifter,

  2. Another way to look at this is to remind yourself each human being has spirit guides. Visions of native indian guides are common. Their culture is known to be grounded to the Earth. They master moving between our world and others to help us. Spirits visit to help us attune with our emotions and feelings. They come to show us our talents and help us discern where we permit our emotions to hold us back. We are encouraged to explore the feelings evoked during native indian visions. As you awaken into your eternal nature, guides such as native spirits will work with you to gently awaken you to realize you’re abilities and potential are infinite if you look beyond what you think you know.

  3. However, your vision demonstrates the most fundamental concept of alchemy which is: Transition and Transformation.

    What is dark (traditional black Raven) becomes light as we see in your white Raven. We may interpret this into an alchemical formula: “With balanced mixing of appropriate energies, dark unknowns (black Raven) become known (white Raven).”

    This statement is fascinating. I work in the tradition of the ancient mysteries and have not worked with the lessons for awhile. At this time, I have been working with a great teacher, on the Inner Circle. Today, my teacher told me I was a white raven, and to look up what that means. I have no knowledge whatever of Native American symbology, but some comes through once in a while. I have been learning the “hidden mysteries” from this teacher, an alchemy is a part of my tradition which henceforth has been unexplored. All I can say is, Wow!!!

  4. hey, parts of this interpretation really helped me understand a few things i am working on too. the part about trees being sacred books of knowledge really moved me. thanks for your work.

  5. I like that part about meditating with the single feather in the crown chakra. I am going to try that visualization next time…I’ll let you know how it turns out. 🙂

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