6 Comments on “Dreaming of the Deceased: A Few Thoughts”

  1. Hi … boy, you’ve been busy! So glad I stopped by, tho. I’ve dreampt of my grandfather and my theater workshop teacher and mentor on many, many ocassions. Both are deceased. When I apply your thoughts to this and look for what I might need to release, it begins to make immense sense.

    Thank you so much for your insight.


  2. Hi Donna,

    Mmm hmm, I am a very busy bee – thanks for noticing, AND for your kind words. It’s such a gas to know this post clicked for you.

    Namaste & big smiles,

  3. I agree dreaming about the deceased can mean many different things. As a person learns to listen to instincts and intuition, it helps bring clarity.

    Some people with heightened sensitivites receive messages from spirit during dreams. As you become attuned to yourself, you sense what you need to do as the result of what you remember in dreams. Sometimes, taking action in the physical plane is warranted. Other times, self-reflection is enough.

  4. Thanks Liara – these observations are greatly appreciated and valuable coming from you, as I know you are an expert in this genre. Thanks again!

  5. Sylvia Browne says that heaven is only 3 feet above our earth – it’s just in another dimension and vibrates at a higher level so we can’t see it.

    Who’s to say dead folks are meeting us half way on the vibrational scale? When we sleep, our vibrations rise, making it easier for the dead to meet us in the middle.

  6. “The communication of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.”
    ~~ T.S. Eliot

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