Symbolic Meaning of Puma

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The symbolic meaning of puma, as one would expect, is about pouncing into action into our lives.

This is a intensely powerful animal.  The puma cuts right to the point – there is no fluff, no waste and no fooling around.

If the puma is coming into your awareness, it means there is a dawning of new understanding.

What do I mean by that “dawning” of awareness?

To countless cultures, the puma is associated with solar powers.  The puma IS a solar animal.  It’s golden body sizzles in a coppery shine when viewed in the light of the sun (particularly against the backdrop of stoney mountains where it is want to be seen).  Can you fathom that sight?

Our ancestors could, and thought the puma was made of gold itself (more solar symbolism).

As such, the puma is also an animal with strong spiritual associations.  If the puma has become your counterpart, spiritual awakening, growth and re-discovery is pawing its way into your life right along with the presence of the puma.

These developments will likely come about in obscure ways.  The puma is about elusiveness.  It stalks its way – undetected, and tackles the objects of its desire without ever being known. 

This can be translated into your own experience.  What happens when the puma comes to us is this: 

Personal power and inner growth begins to take place within us in surreptitious, mystical ways.  These changes are not immediately obvious (that’s not the way of the puma). But puma augers profound inner changes, nonetheless. 

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