Symbolic Meaning of the Raven in Native American Indian Lore

The symbolic meaning of the Raven  in Native American Indian lore describes the raven as a creature of metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation.

In some tribes, the Raven is considered a trickster because of its transforming/changing attributes.

Often honored among medicine & holy men of tribes for its shape-shifting qualities, the Raven was called upon in ritual so that visions could be clarified.  Native holy men understood that what the physical eye sees, is not necessarily the truth, and he would call upon the Raven for clarity in these matters.

Foremost, the Raven is the Native American bearer of magic, and a harbinger of messages from the cosmos.  Messages that are beyond space and time are nestled in the midnight wings of the Raven and come to only those within the tribe who are worthy of the knowledge.

The Raven is also called upon in Native ritual for healing purposes. Specifically, the Raven is thought to provide long-distance healing.

The Raven is also a keeper of secrets, and can assist us in determining answers to our own “hidden” thoughts.  Areas in our lives that we are unwilling to face, or secrets we keep that harm us – the Raven can help us expose the truth behind these (often distorted) secrets and wing us back to health and harmony.

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  1. Odd, we do not normally have ravens in this area of south central AZ desert. But I just had one circle my porch three times, land then after I acknowledged it, it flew off to the north. Always when I have had an animal messenger I needed to heed the message. Don’t know what this one is about yet, but am now on alert to watch for anything.

  2. I was “Googling” images of ravens for a raven mandala I want to paint. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your magical site! I have always been drawn to ravens and often use them in my art. I’ll have to do my totem as I feel raven is definately with me.

    Laurel Gaylord

  3. Hello. I found your site from a google search for Ravens and I would like to share with you a recent vision that I had during morning meditation.
    This wasn’t the first vision I have experienced but it was one of the most memorable. My problem here is that I don’t think I really understand it and/or, what I should be
    getting out of it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    About ten minutes or so into my morning meditation, somebody was suddenly right in front of my face. This person seemed to be shouting at me. Slowly, my vision expanded and I realized it was a native warrior, face painted, and a single feather rising from the back of his head. As the vision continued to expand, I could see we were in a forest clearing and it was a circle of warriors chanting and dancing around a fire. I watched them as they made one complete circle of the fire, and suddenly they were gone.

    Now I realized that straight ahead of me, through an opening in the trees, something was flying towards me. As it came closer I thought it was a bald eagle. It was quite large, and I could see some white. Now it began descending. Closer and closer, lower and lower, and as I strained my neck to watch it fly directly over me, so close I
    thought I could almost reach out and touch it, I realized it was a pure white Raven.

    At that point, I found myself sitting in meditation position, looking at the ceiling, saying “WoW!”

  4. hi im not part of this site but i just wanted to know what the raven ment because i have been having starnge and brazzare thing about like see into its eye or …well it was a long time ago um well i got hit by a car and i had dream when i was in a coma (not for long)and well i saw a man in a trech coat and the a raven flew by and he went away but the raven stayed there fying in the same place then i just black out so i have been trying to fuirgure it out for a while (please email me if u read this thanks) by the way this help me a little bit because i have alittle native amercia in me thank u

  5. At work, last week, I had this conversation with a person who is pure native. I had to help her in a very personal, delicate issue and we just had a chance to connect. Last night I had this strong dream and I found my totem ( i feel it in my guts).In my dream, I transformed into a crow.My hair suddenly grew very long and as black as coal. they were so long that they covered my body from head to toes.I started flying into this house.I felt a pure sense of freedom and power. I woke up suddenly and I had this deep feeling that this was who I am deep inside me….I am not a native, I do not knoe anyting about that culture…but I know for a fact that I feel great today and I have this feeling hapiness about this dream.

  6. I forgot something important….In my work, I helped this client to get back to her own name and make it official. I just felt how important this was. This person was so happy …I know she may have sent me this gift of knowing me a bit more.

  7. Hey Charity, you ARE part of this site. We’re all together in this. Venefica’s made a point of being very open, and I know she thinks every body here is part of the family and part of the whole “web.”

    If I may direct your attention to this post she wrote…

    Symbolic Meaning of Eyes (in dreams, visions, mythology, etc.)

    Also keep in mind raven’s come to people who have big magic in their soul, because it is only these poeple who are know how to listen to their language.

    Also, ’cause of their secretive nature, the core of their message is probably really personal.

  8. Hi Lorraine,

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing dream – what an incredible sensation – so deep and profound that it even lingers with you during your waking moments too. What a gift.

    You’re the third person to reference hair, so that means I’ll likely be writing a post on the symbolism of it pretty quick & I’ll link back to this when I’ve completed the article.

    Lorraine, I sense that you know the intricacies and deeper workings of energy. So when I tell you that certain Native energetic patterns have been impressed upon you deeply (and I daresay on many occassions) you will understand what I mean.

    When we have that kind of affirmation in our dreams or visions it is a big exclamation point on a statement that has been contained within the deepest energetic center of our being.

    I am so happy to read that you have reached this beautiful self-realization. I expect we will be seeing more of your light shining brightly in the world as you continue to step more fully into your own brilliance.

    Namaste & smiles,

  9. Hi,

    I am not a member of your site, but i did a google and this page turned up. I live in central london, on the ground floor in an apartment block. For about two (2) weeks now, i have noticed a black bird & im sure its a raven fly towards my window everytime im in the kitchen. It settles on the grass right outside my window or on the wall a few meters away but directly infront of me. I dont know what this signifies but for some reason, im convinced it means something, hence my search.
    I hope you can shed more light on this. I’d be very greatful.
    Thanks & hope to hear from you soon.

  10. I was searching on google for the meaning of the raven.I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer 3 days ago I have never seen a raven were I live before today one flew close by my window then sst on the tree in full view of my window I thanked the raven for coming to me he stayed a few minutes then left I am wondering if the raven had a message for me as usually when birds come to my windowsill a miracle happens I do not know about the raven as this bird has never visited me before
    Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated

  11. Hey heather, maybe it is a sign that not everything is as it seems. According to Venefica’s articles, ravens, crows and magiepies are shapeshifters, and they are about secrets or mysteries. Maybe those crows came to you to tell you not to take your diagnoses at face-value…things aren’t as they appear.

    Did you see that interpretation she did on the white raven? She posted it on May 4th of this year. It’s pretty cool – you should search for it.

  12. “Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion?”
    ~~Friedrich Nietzsche

  13. Hi Heather,

    I like what Analogous Anomaly said here and am impressed with the same inclination of thought.

    Ravens are anything but traditional, and beckon us to see beyond the conventional.

    I love that you’ve recognized the raven now in this pivotal time in your life – there is energy within you that calls to the raven.

    Take the time to investigate what that is within you that called to this magnificent creature. Likewise, take the time to enter into the energetic pattern that IS “raven.”

    Everything resonates to a pattern – once we tap into that vibration, our comprehension takes quantum leaps.

    Anybody else have thoughts on Heather’s experience?

    Namaste Heather,

  14. Hi there I was sitting out back when a huge raven flew onto my garage roof and was within touching distance of me. It stayed for a couple of minutes and I tried to ignore it by turning the other way, and then it flew off making a lot of noise; this was a couple of days ago; then last night a raven came into my dream; i was sitting watching a passing out ceremony for University in a stand next to my female frined when out of the blue the raven flies and sits on hand; then it craps on my hand and flies away leaving its beak behind in my other hand; all very bizarre; any thoughts? cheers Graham

  15. Hi Graham,

    Thanks for sharing your experience & contributing to this thread.

    Of course, you’ll need to mine your own philosophical gold out of this scene & dream.

    Symbolic moments, visions, dreams are unique to each of us and are therefore uniquely meaningful within the context of our lives.

    My thoughts on symbolism are based on energetic patterns and/or archetypal patterns found witin a sort of collective understanding humankind has shared over its history.

    That said:

    Ceremonies are symbolic of recognition, accomplishment, and the completion of a goal. This symbol asks what has been the goal in your life, and/or for what accomplishment do you seek recognition?

    University is symbolic of structure, stability, and orthodox methods of learning – an institutional process of enhancing our understanding. Here we would ask what in your life represents the most orthodox/conservative structure – and how does your dream convey a message about this?

    Hands are symbolic of generosity and charity, as well as receiving. Hands also speak of hard work and action. They may also be symbolic of supplication as the collective utilizes imagery of putting hands together in prayer or mudras. Here we would ask: What are you giving or receiving in your life that requires attention? Or, what part of your life plays center-stage that requires action – or prompts you to ask for assistance in finding resolution (supplication)?

    Defecation is symbolic of elimination, removal, or recycling….a process by which that which is unneeded has moved out of the current system to take its place in another form of energy (compost at its best, so to speak). Here the question surfaces: What is no longer serving you that needs to be passed out of your energy?

    Beaks may be interpreted as freedom of speech, or verbal expressions. The imagery of the bird flying away yet leaving its beak in your hand may ask the question: Is something left unspoken? Have you left the scene (or has another left your company) without having said all that was on your minds?

    I really like the use of hands here…

    On the one hand rests the defecation (release of that which does not serve)

    On the other hand rests the beak (holding a creative expression as of yet still unspoken).

    This imagery smacks of balance – makes me thinks of scales…to be quite honest, the archetypal Justice card in the Tarot flashes in my mind when stepping into this imagery (you can view a bit about the Justice card symbolism here on my other site).

    Graham, these are just a few impressions I got about your dream/experience.

    Ultimately you’ll use your own symbolic lexicon & intuitive language (hammered out between your daily mind and your deeper mind) to translate the meaning of this experience to your own personal satisfaction.


  16. thank you very much for taking time out to comment about my dream;very interesting; i recently had a book of poems published and in it and i wrote a few poems about “Crow” similar to the work of Ted Hughes and one called Sins of Man which i have enclosed below

    Sins of Man

    Raven set light to the moon
    And while she burnt, the world
    Was in darkness.

    Raven collected all the shells
    On the shore
    And scattered them across the sky.

    Raven sheltered in the sun
    In the scolding heat

    And raven fell to the earth
    By the sins of man.

    thanks again and will check out more of ur website; best wishes Graham

  17. Graham, wicked-keen poem, sweet rhythm – renders a crackly sensuality – me like it muchly.

  18. I would like to thank from my heart the interpretations given of the Raven to the ones who commented I do deeply appreciate your time and suggestions for responding.I have now had 2 Ravens come and sit on the tree outside of my window so definitly the universe is sending double the message. I love the Native American way of life and I know I have a indian guide he is a warrior his name is “Running Bird” I believe in their symbols and I am happy I found this site to learn more about the animal symbols and totem I will keep you informed on my progress with the diagnoses as I had surgery to remove the melanoma the results are soon to come in which will allow me to know if it has gone inward to other organs I will also take your advice, Once again thank you vey much.
    In God the creator’s love

  19. Maybe you all could help me.

    I was jogging this morning, when I passed a Raven. It didn’t fly away, so I passed within only a few feet from it. I thought this was odd.

    As I passed it and continued to run about 10-15 yards, it swooped down and buzzed the top of my head.

    I was startled and amused. It flew up to a tree branch and kept looking at me.

    I continued running, and it buzzed the top of my head again…lightly touching the top of my head with its wings as it flew past me.

    I thought perhaps it was tame, and held my arm out, but it kept staring at me. Then, another raven flew down and chased it away.

    Is this common behavior for a raven?


  20. I have had two white ravens in my back yard for the past 3 days with three black ones,wonder what that means,i e taking pictures of them ,they are stunning.

  21. Thankyou very much for this site, as others here, I also found it with google 🙂
    Also, I felt for Ravens since I can remember. Several anekdotes with them, sometimes they make me go somewhere and sometimes they scare me away.
    But now… a raven is knocking on our window very early in the morning. No mirror effect there, so it’s not “attacking a rival ” or so, and the sound of the knocking is so rythmical that, before I found out that it’s a Raven, I would swear there was a human knocking.
    I had a plastic container with some growing Lavatera there, and the Raven did destroy the biggest plant, that was about to make flowers. I was sad because I was really looking forward to see the nice purple-pink flowers there, but luckely not all plants were broken…
    Does anybody have an idea why Raven would knock the window (very early in the morning, when the light is just coming) and why he broke the Lavatera?
    Thankyou so much
    Lots of Love

  22. i have always been fascinated by Ravens…in part…because I believed they returned from death to impart a message. I have a Ravens’s bird nest…..right above my kitchen window..chirping with life…..I see the mother and father….constantly…. I sit outside and they both perch on a dead trees branches….right in front of me…. I am trying to understand….what message I am to learn, to understand… any help would be great. I really believe in the American Indian folklore….so any input…insights would be appreciated.

  23. I was wondering about the significance of crows. I live on the top floor of an apartment building at the top of a hill. For the past few days, when I am looking towards the window, I have been seeing a large crow fly towards the window, and the quickly fly up to the roof. I have only heard about the one crow brings sorrow or death symbolism, but I was hoping there was a more positive symbol out there.
    The crow never makes noise (that I hear), and I do not see it when I am outdoors – only when I am sitting on my couch, facing the window. Should I be worried?

  24. For years I have wondered what they say to me At first I thought it was just “noise” but as it kept happening I began to wonder and now I can tell when they are warning others of danger,where food is, etc BUT I still don NOT know what they are saying to me In due time Until then I feel very fortunate to have them always near and talking THANKS

  25. I was given the name Crowfriend abot 30 yrs ago by an Piute man. Why? Because i raised 2 baby crows who had lost thier mother.I named them Jake and Jane . Jane died but Jake stayed with me a little over a year. When his time came to go with the other crows he came and landed on my shoulder,bit my ear,squaked as lound as he could and then flew off leaving me with 1 wing feather. He hung around a few more days and i watched him flying around with his neww firends. Then they were gone.
    I said all that to get to this. I told my wife a couple years ago that if i should pass before her to watch for 3 crows,and that would be me returning to give her comfort. 4 days ago as i parked my truck at my place of work,3 crows came and landed on a fence only about 5-6 feet from the front of my truck. The crow closest to the me began to make his talk for about 10 mins as loud as i’ve heard since Jake left me. This continued for almost 10 mins. They then flew up to sit on a light pole and watched me till i went into the building. I have not seen a crow around there since then. Today when i returned to my truck going to lunch, there was one wing feather from a crow laying in the drivers seat. My window was open about 5-6 inches.
    Anyone have any spiritual insight fo me? ” I said spritual not religous ”
    Iam a mixed blood Cherokee?Irish,so am looking at both cultures here. Although I have been involved with Native American culture most of the time.

    Thanks All >>>> Ron<<<<

  26. years ago ravens appeared at my door and followed from then on to make a long story short i died not to long after their appearance somehow i knew that they were trying to tell me something they sat in front of my home and would not leave not even if you walked through they would not fly away i was revived in the ambulance by then i knew what was going on i wonder what is your interpretation of this also the redtail hawk will appear on the ground to me before i will have a fight that can kill

  27. Hey all
    I remember this one event as clear as yesterday when i was very young, we moved into a new state and there was this island in the middle of the river of the bridge we were crossing. I sem to remember it with little yellow lights that could have very well been regular old light bulb strings. There were many black birds on the island, flying about and roosting, and somehow i felt that they had come out to see me. Even now i notice flocks of Crows flying near my street and in the woods near my house. I am a Crow sign, but it was strange that even before i knew what i was, i thought the birds were there for me. And i tld my mother this and she flashed a knowing smile and said, “Oh yeah, they just might be”

  28. Traveling home, I noticed two black crows setting within a couple feet of one another on a fence both facing the highway I was traveling on. A couple feet down the fence line was a hawk with his back to the highway. I was wondering what the message and/or meaning was…………..

  29. My father recently passed away and I am looking for a Native American symbol for death that could be a tattoo. We are Odawa (Ottawa) Indians from Michigan. Any help would be great.

  30. Response to David, April 19.2008

    I too experienced a vision but mine was of considerably different character. I was seated in a crowded lunch room at a River Casino where I was working at the time, no thought passing before my consciousness and all background noise blurring into a white noise – wholly unintelligible and as this very un-trance like state reached fullness the vision began.

    I was without form but aware of myself as a spirit as distinct from the form I currently inhabit and was aware as well of another unidentified presence, friendly and a friend, of this last there was not a single doubt. And to my consciousness, above the level of mind, a diverse and extensive reality impinged itself. Included within this concept was the knowledge that I was, or was acting as, the Raven Spirit, that there were negative consequences to being that spirit doing the activities that were requested of me and those done by self determined choice as that spirit. More, it came clear that the time to change what I was dong as a “Spirit Guide” had arrived. I was “White Raven” from this point forward and my purpose is to help others to clear away the hidden elements, including damaging secrets, memories and lasting traumas that adversely affect the living of others and those self hidden actions or inactions that all fear will be discovered.

    At the time, January of 1994, I was overwhelmed by the concept and its fullness. I did not know exactly what to do to fulfillment it or even how to begin to act in keeping with this purpose.

    Since then I have used many excuses not to work toward the purpose so clearly set forth in that vision, among them being – I am a white man – all previous action has been on a spiritual level alone – what would happen if others knew of the negative spiritual role I have played in the lives? – uncertainty of how to proceed. The fact of the matter is that within my ancestry there is American Indian heritage from either the Mohawk or Iroquois peoples. In truth, I do not believe I have made the personal decision to take this purpose on as my own, to this point. Yet the redress of my own grievances with self, others and others toward others which I have observed is a necessary part of my own spiritual growth and knowing that all who seek such growth themselves are in need of the clarification of those past and present elements that limit their potential growth, “I do so willingly now” whether it be particularly presumtuous of me or not!

    There are many things that are presently available to be done toward this purpose. One of those things is most “definately not” interpreting another vision for him. Realize, friend, that the answer concerning the meaning of any vision you will ever have are within you. The actual task necessary to understanding them lies in lifting the pall of past pain, shame and secrecy from ones ability to see these visions clearly.

    There was another leader in the realms of life, living, mind and spirit, one who while of European heritage was also a blood brother to the Blackfeet. This one leader studied life where it was lived and studied it as it was lived by those doing the living including even himself. And in the process of his efforts he discovered why man is the way he is and found ways to clear up the many blocks that prevent clear spiritual sight and insight. That leader was L. Ron Hubbard of Dianetics and Scientology fame. As one seeking to improve themselves spiritually and in life, you would do best to learn his teachings and follow your own judgment once the information he offers is understood. There are and have been in the past many Spirit Guides, some even take the forms of people among us, Ron Hubbard is one and his observations, philosophy and technologies of Spiritual improvement lead one to the destination so long sought by mankind as a spirit.

    Today is December 26, 2008

  31. January 14, 2009
    This is just a quicck note to A Venefica, I was pleased to discover your Blog as it directly answered a quextion I’ve had for some years. I do check back occasionally to examine additional content and comments.
    Yours sincerely
    Harvey H.

  32. January 14, 2009
    This is for Graham who Posted last on May 16, 08.
    It appears to me that your vision was a much more direct responce to your having shunned the Raven in life than was expressed by A Venefica. I do believe that had you acted in a communicative manner on that roof you may very well have had a true revelation of some kind. Instead you turned away and in the dream you had afterward you were told that Raven would not communicate to you and he gave you the crap in turn that you had give him. How would you feel if you offered the hand of friendship only to have that offered hand figuartively slapped away by the turning of a back on that offering?
    Blunt treatment begets blunt treatment, or more cliche, you reep what you sew.
    Yours Sincerely if bluntly
    Harvey H.

  33. I have had three experiences in the last 12 years related to seeing crows PRIOR to an accident or personal crisis. The number of crows at each experience has varied. The most recent one was last week which resulted in multiple deaths, just hours after seeing four crows near the accident site. They always appear when I’m at home, I have never noticed them otherwise. These experiences only began after my father passed away 12 years ago. We are part American Indian. I have researched this without any solid results. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  34. I went for a walk by myself on a trail in a small canyon in Flagstaff where I live. There was snow on the ground and I was alone going slow taking pictures, looking at plants, etc. A raven came into a pine tree and talked to me , he only let me see part of him at the top of the tree. He seemed fairly young, he started imitating other birds. I listened and congratulated him on his expertise. After 40 minutes or so, I walked up the trail to the top of the canyon. There was a huge pine tree there with a very large older raven in the tree who let me see her and take a picture. She greeted me and was quiet and stayed watching me while I looked at everything and took some pictures for about an hour. i felt honored by their prescence and I know it is significant. That was 3 weeks ago. Any comments? Thankyou, Linda In Flagstaff

  35. last week i was on holiday in Wales and one morning wlile still in bed, big crow sat on the windowsill and tapped window pane.Then it flew away and cameback on the same window and then on another tapping again. I got scared because one of the windows was sligtly opened and it looked like it was determined to come in
    i would really appreciate any comments

  36. I found your site by chance when putting my music site together. I work as a spiritual life coach and musician.

    I was going through a process of massive change and transformation and I was getting universal messages daily. My son and I had taken a walk through a woodland part of a local zoo and we had been spending the last week manifesting. Me Butterflies and him feathers. I had seen butterflies all week and so I said lets manifest a feather today. We heard a Raven calling in a cage at the end of the woods. We walked up to him. It got off its perch started talking and said hello. I am not joking then started picking at the bits of twigs and things on the floor then picked up a feather and gave it to us through the wires of the cage!

    As I looked in its eyes I know that there was a beautiful message to be had so I went back home and wrote another track for my album.

    If you want hear my music its and

  37. For the last eight years I have been guided by a crow. This story is very interesting as it started with a death of my brothers best friend while I was pregnant with my son. At his internment while my brother and I were walking back to the car two feathers caught my eye. I picked them up as a memento of our friend. When I told this to my brother he said that he and his friend had discussed death and his friend said if he could come back that he would like to be a bird. I kept the feather in the car for five years along with his eulogy. As I said ,this was back in 2000 and I was pregnant. About a month after our friend died I found out that my son was going to be born very ill with a birth defect and could possibly die. One morning a friend came to visit and said “Did you know there is a dead crow in your front yard?” I was shocked as it seemed to have landed in the large tree and then dropped dead. While I was waiting for my son to be born I seemed to see a crow frequently and felt very sure it was watching out for my son. My son was born on Oct 30, 2000. He was in intensive care after surgery for a week. I had to leave the hospital before he could come home with me and I was very distraught over leaving him there. As we were driving home there were two clouds in the sky. One in the shape of a large crow and the other a smaller one folowing behind.I began hysterically crying because I didn’t know if this meant our friend was taking my son to be with him or just watching over him. My son finally came home and we did not know how his future would turn out. I became very depressed. One day getting out of my car, as I was pondering the thought of whether I was crazy to believe in this whole crow issue, there on the ground was a tiny black feather. I took this to believe he was still watching over him.That same year we moved to Arizona so I could care for my son full time. There always seemed to be an appearance of the crow when I was thinking of my son or just worried. Not realizing at the time that a crow is really more a messenger, we started to say “oh, theres Jerry!” when we would see it.My son ended up diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 9 months old caused by a blood clot from his surgery at 4 days old. He struggled with therapy etc. but now at age 8 he runs, plays soccer, heelys and shows very mild signs of it. “Jerry” even showed me exactly where our new home was one day. My husband was attempting to buy a lot but was not able to get the one he picked. As I waited in the car for him a crow was circling an area nearby in the desert. When my husband came back to the car I told him “Don’t worry, Jerry says our house is supposed to be over there” as i pointed to the crow circling. It was the EXACT same spot where our house is built.Jerry comes to me in dreams in human form and has told me things I need to do. One of which was to find the other best friend in the three musketeers group of him and my brother. He told me that this person was losing his spirit and will to live and I needed to contact him. It turned out that this person had ended up in prison for a minimum 10 year sentence and HAD become just a number to all around him. I have continually written to him since and can see that this number is once again a person who knows there are people out here that still remember him as the good friend he is. Jerry also told me in a dream right before my brother got married (on June 24th, the day Jerry died) that I was to give my feather to my brother with the message that if Jerry could be there to be his best man he would, but to carry the feather in his pocket during the ceremony and know he was there with him. My brother had lost his feather long ago. My brother and I have been visited often by this crow, as a matter of fact he was circling out my window as I wrote this, and now I know that this is my totem, my messenger from my raven haired native american friend who passed away. When we see him the kids and myself all say “Hi Jerry”It was very interesting for me to read what the crow means to others. It’s also good to know I am not (entirely) crazy 🙂 Thanks for letting me share this very long story with you.

  38. Thank you Cheryl for sharing this story. Indeed, the crow is limitless in its manifestations, messages and gifts.
    Namaste & wellest wishes on your Path.

  39. My house is nestled in a green belt and under a bridge. Unfortunately, people throw trash off the bridge. Someone lives there too and often brings trash to the area. I decided to pick up the garbage while practicing Ho’oponopono. So many crows followed me around while I cleaned. The crows were so loud that my neighbor came outside to see what was going on. Is this a sign of some sort? If so, what’s the message? Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas.

  40. what we see externally is a mirror reflection of our internal landscape. Crows are infinitely curious – and, as you observed, – really talk about what they discover. If externals are reflections of internals, were the crows asking you to be more curious about your inner landscape? Pay attention to cleaning out the clutter within your miind? Body? Soul?

  41. I have for the longest time been surrounded by crows. It seems very odd and am looking for some insight to the meaning. The crows appear on my car constantly in groups of at least 2 sometimes more they sit upon the top of my car when I survey the parking lots there does not seem to be any other crows on other vehicles, this has even happened inside a covered parking lot. Everyone tells me that it is something bad however I have never experienced anything bad after a sighting. Any additional information would be helpful.

  42. Hey Liz.
    Don’t listen to anyone else’s perspective except your own.

    It’s high time I’ve devoted a real page to the crow.

    Keep checking this entry, and I’ll give you a link to some thoughts on the crow when I’m done writing it.

    Not that you should listen to me either….but, these pages are designed as backgrounders…you know, like accessories… or toppings on the pizza pie of your own understanding.


  43. I have always had Ravens around me. However, I have moved into the city of Salem, Oregon and last week I had 2 of them show up outside my apartment flying around in the trees. This morning one of them landed in the tree outside my window and seemed to stare in. Then this afternoon one of them landed on my balcony and definately stared in rustling his feathers. Anbody have any suggestions. I feel as though I’m not getting the hint here. Please help.

  44. @Trina,

    This is what I love about Ravens/Crows….they are INFINITELY curious. Perhaps these black beauties are reflecting your own feelings of curiosity and exploration regarding your new city of residence.

    Ravens/Crows are also incredibly bold. They don’t care who’s looking, or what anybody else thinks – they go where they want and do what they want, not giving a rip about convention

    You’ll find them out in the rain, snow, around would-be predators….other birds poke their feathers at them and say “you can’t do that” Crow says “BLEAH! I DO WHAT I WANT!” Perhaps your Ravens are encouraging you to have the same attitude. Maybe they’re asking you to pull out our adventuresome spirit and get to know your new city with bold abandon.


  45. Thank you. I have also read that they are believed to be long distance healers. I was wondering this since I have been sick for a long time now. The doctors say I could die anytime if they can’t get control of it. Is it possible there’s a connection?

  46. Trina, tis true Crow is powerful medicine. You’ve already made the healing connection. The information came to you, and the association of Raven with healing has already been formed in your thoughts. You don’t need me to confirm it. Take time to sit with the Raven, meditate, and allow it’s messages to flow to you in a natural, unforced way.

  47. a raven passed thru one open door of my office and out of the other….what odes it all mean…

  48. Thank you so much for developing such an inspirational and spiritual website. I have always loved Ravens. I was on my way to getting a tatt of something and my artist couldn’t do it because it as too small. My friend sowed my a piece in one of the books and I was drawn to it so strongly I knew I wanted it. It was of a Raven perched on a skull. I had always wanted a Raven tattoo someday, but at that moment I knew it had and would continue to have a very special meaning in my life. Soon after I began doing a psychological treatment called E.M.D.R. in therapy concerning past sexual abuse as a very young child. I have severe P.T.S.D. and anxiety as well as many health problems including Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis and I am only in my early twenties. I came home from one of my treatments and I began researching the meanings of Ravens more deeply. When I found your page and the way you put it into words I almost started to cry because it made such perfect sense as to why I had been seeing them and fascinated with them for so long. What was written about the Raven being a keeper of secrets and helping us in determining answers to our own hidden thoughts and areas in our lives that we are unwilling to face it all made sense. I have my medicine bag with my Raven fetish hanging from my bed and I believe the Raven is helping me face my past and heal my body and soul.

  49. Hi Emily,
    If more people could translate the presence and meaning of certain animal energies in their lives as eloquently as you have with the Raven in yours, – I suspect we would have a lot more healing in the world.

    Thank you for your kind words, your wisdom and courage.


  50. hello all

    i stumbled upon this site purely by accident as a friend did a tarot reading for me and he mentioned kachinas. i googled it and was lead here!(how appropriate).In the last 3 years ive been plagued by ravens. There are ravens in the trees outside my house, i feel like they follow me as i walk down the road, they fly overhead.. I see them in my dreams and they talk to me while im asleep and tell me things. Recently i met a raven in a dream and his name is “mr universe” (he laughed when he told me his name!)He wears glasses and speaks to me directly and is quite chatty and friendly! I even recently had to catch one that flew into my kitchen and send him on his way…he was quite stunned for a couple of hours so i put him somewhere warm and safe and he was ok. Recently on a trip home to scotland (i now live in australia) i went to the highlands with my sister in her car. At one point we stopped the car and got out as there was a circle of the birds in a field and they all seemed to be chattering in their funny little raven voices.My sister and myslef had never seen anything like it.
    i also saw 3 ravens stealing eggs from the egg delivery mans truck in colva in Goa a few years ago. they all took it in turns to keep watch for the egg seller wile one guarded the stolen eggs and the other pinched them from the back of the truck! id never seen anything like it but they did it at the same time every day…..truelly wiley creatures.

    can anybody shed any light on why the ravens have been hounding me in large numbers? i always say hello to them and give them bread if i have any. Its really bewildering me. i am of sound mind but i know theyre trying to tell me something

    keep smiling

  51. Hi, i’ve had two incidents where a raven or two differnt ravens flew about 5-6 ft above and past my head… I heard them flying before i actually saw them… they came pretty close and it kinda weirded me out. Later on i was outside with my boyfriend and told him about it, while we were talking about it i started getting defensive about the raven while he was raving about the bird. anyways, a few mins later two ravens fly over to the left side in the trees about 1 km away and start cawing as if they’re having a heated conversation… my boyfriend said the raven is intersted in me but im wondering what could the raven be interested in? or is it a bad omen? i don’t know. im confused.

  52. The day after my husband & I became 1st time grandparents, a raven pair started building a nest in a tall tree right next to our house. The baby, our daughter and our son-in-law live nearby and we see them often. What would you say this means?

  53. I’ve also had a couple of odd incidents with a raven recently, and it’s a bit disconcerting. Last week as I was walking a raven knocked against my backpack, then flew off. I screamed loudly when I looked up and saw it above me. A few days later it passed by my window when I was stretched out reading in the afternoon. A few days after that, it ‘danced’ on my skylight, then aggressively pecked at the plexiglass scaring the — out of my roommate and myself. Today, as I was walking, it flew close enough to me so I could hear the swish of it’s wings, then veered off.
    Can anyone explain this behaviour? It’s all very disconcerting..

  54. I’ve also been plagued by ravens/crows for the last 10 yrs. Sometimes I see them even in masses up to 50-60 birds. It was a little unnerving to me at first, but seeing them so often and in great numbers, now I feel a connection to them.
    When I pay attention closely to the timing of their appearance and places they show up, I am understanding that they seem to be harbingers of changes in my surroundings in the near future. They show up about a month or so before something happens, and their numbers seem to correspond to the size of change that’s about to take place. They sort of seem to warn me of any dangers ahead of time. I now try to keep a keen eye on them to see what they are trying to warn me of. Because in retrospective, I can put the pieces together and pretty much detect what changes may be coming and how. It helps me be prepared psychologically when the change comes, I am at least emotionally prepared thanks to them.

  55. Greetings, Avenefica. For the past week, American crows have been coming to my deck in the early morning, cawing and tapping at my kitchen sliding door. They don’t seem aggressive, and I don’t think it’s their reflection they’re ‘after’. They come in a group, always at least three, sometimes more. Their tapping has been waking me, and I’m always a bit amused. I have always liked crows, because they are my advisors, when I’m in the woods. When I hear the cawing of a murder of crows, I can usually expect to see either a hawk, or an owl – sometimes, a fox. They are not ‘brave’ birds, around humans, and will usually fly off the moment I enter the kitchen. I’ve not been in the habit of feeding the crows during this season of growth, but in the winter, I’ll put out whole corn for all the ‘black’ birds – the grackles, the red-wings, the crows. It keeps them from devouring all the black oil and grey strip sunflower seed. Friends have described their recent visits as ‘bad omens’ – but I’ve also read that the ‘death’ of which the crow (or raven) foretells might be the ‘death’ of a ‘bad’ habit, and the ‘birth’ of a brighter, clearer way. Yesterday and today, I did put out some stale cookies, and some dog food (kibbles) for them. I’ve rehabbed a crow that had been in an accident with a car, once – very shy at first, and defensively attacking, he soon realised that when I came, I brought some ground turkey for him. It took about two months for him to recover flight. He was a very smart bird, and I was pleased to see him finally take flight over my farm, and return to his own community. Smart, intuitive, crafty (tool users), good ‘watch dogs’, fiercely protective of their own, I think the crow’s only ‘connection’ to ‘death’ is due to their ‘black’ colour. I enjoyed reading your Native American research on the crow/raven.

  56. Hey Beverly,
    I enjoyed reading your observations about the crow/raven & your connection with this bird.
    Have you read my page on Raven Symbolism? Here’s the link:
    I start off that page with some ideas about why the raven/crow might be connected with death – but I refuse to go any further.
    A pat answer of “bad omen” is rubbish, and often comes from a place of thoughtlessness – or just an unknowing of how animal communication works.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts
    Be well,

  57. Yesterday I was standing in the garage of the new home I am moving into…an injured crow flew into the garage & hopped around for awhile, then flew across the street…any thoughts?

  58. I also seem to be followed by crows and ravens.not just physically. i mean, they appear in dreams, books, movies everywhere. i live in nyc, and there arent really many here, but i often look up everyday on my way to school (no matter what time it is, im late a lot so i get to school from 9-10:40 am everyday) and i always see one circling over the bus stop.
    i was also hospitalised a year ago for major depression and went to a residential facility upstate, where there is a dense population. when i would sit outside they would come and just sort of stand by me. shortly before leaving,during a rainstorm, one sat on my windowsill for a few hours, even after i rapped on the window! I came back from lunch and it was gone, but it left a long perfect feather. Ive kept the feather, bc roommate told me it was a “gift” from it.

  59. I have had many close encounters with my brother Ravens beginning with a trip to Painted Dessert and Petrified Forrest National Park many years ago. Typically when I am there a raven or two will pick me out and sit and chat with me for as long as I stay. My family is often freaked out, even panicked by it a bit. One flew parallel with our car looking at me through the window for over a mile. He was saying please don’t leave us. We want to be with you. I have had a pair of them who live in my neighborhood here in Colorado adopt me. They often roost close by and chat with me. They tease me about my chihuahuas saying they look like chipmunks or squirrels that might bite. They are very intelligent and strongly spiritual, so much so it electrifies the air and I feel a strong connection to them in my heart and soul. For all their faults and foibles they are a precious gift from God. Thank you God for the beauty you create of every moment in our deepest pain and sorrow and our greatest joys.

  60. i have been struggling with my feminine and masculine sides both physical and mentally since i was a young child. A few days ago i had this amazing, incredible dream about ravens for the first time i can remember.

    it was sundown as i stood on my 3rth floor apartment balcony. The sun is not visiable from my balcony in reality but in my dream is was there in and i could see it go slowely beneath the earth. looking down a group of 10-12 women dressed in black long dresses/cloaks some wearing hoods other not. they formed different dance routins but looked alittle not well put together. as i watched them the eldest(maybe leader) of the pack noticed they had an audience. within seconds this eldest (she sorta resembled Ursilla, from The Little Murmaid) formed into a half/women half/raven and flew up to my balcony and with smiles and sweat asked me to join there team as they could use another to complete their pack. before i could answer and younger girl, maybe in her early twenties shape shifted to half/w half/raven and was flapping her winds in exhaustion joined the invitation and told me “it would be fun, all you need to do i sign your name to him” i took a step back in confusion and looked at the eldest composite raveness and said to her “did she just say sign you name to…” before i could finish my sentence, the group of girls down below formed turned half and half and flew is a big circle maybe about three times and they flew away into the sun along with the eldest and youngster.

    This dream is wild and has i am during my research on what this dream/ravens means to me.

    id thought i share this with like minded as it has been enjoyable to read everyone else’s comments.

  61. My birthday is Sept 26th – Libra & Raven. Last night I had a dream where two ravens came to perch on my arms. They were very friendly and they were cautious not to hurt me as they landed. The dream then turned to revealing a ‘sacred geometry’ pattern that I just found out is called ‘the flower of life’ that lined up the planets in our solar system.

  62. Many of your readers have confused crows and ravens in their identifying of them. In Oregon ravens are extremely rare. Seeing two together probably did not happen. The northwestern US has both northwestern crows and standard american crows. The northwestern crows are smaller. this allows many to think that the standard crows are ravens. Ravens don’t “caw”, neither do Northwestern crows.

  63. I attended a two-day therapy\healing workshop to learning some healing techniques about two weeks ago.

    The instructor asked us to form 3-4 person groups. Each person was to select an animal or natural earth phenomenon to describe another person the workshop. Someone picked crow for me. Initially, I was startled, thinking the crow was a lowly creature, but the person who picked crow said the crow had high\positive significance in Native American lore.

    Also, a another member of my small group selected a “silent lion” for me.

    This afternoon, my wife heard some birds loudly fighting in the back of our home. She went to see what the commotion was all about and said she saw a very large crow.

    Tonight I sat down and was reading a book which suggested keeping a dream dictionary. I remembered my wife seeing the large crow today and then I remembered my workshop experience of being labeled a crow.

    This lead me to search for the symbolic meaning of the crow and I came across this site.

    Thanks, avenefica for providing information about this symbols.

    Silent Lion

  64. i wanted to know the difference between crow and raven symbolism. i live in the south, and there is an abundance of crows, but i’m under the impression that it would be rare to spot a raven anywhere in my state. is there anything in native american lore or other references that can distinguish between these two birds for their symbolisms?
    my grandmother used to use crow symbolism, and im not sure why. when she passed away, my father said he noticed crows following him to work. regardless of if this means something, i’d like to see why crows were an important aspect to her life.

  65. Hello,

    I am trying to find out what a murder of crows symbolize. I came into my driveway and in the revine it just caught my attention. There must have benn 15 to 20 crows, circling in a clockwise manner.

    Thank you for assisting

  66. @Silent Lion,

    I relish your processing here…and how you “walk” through the connections of meaning…coming full circle to fill out that meaning to its fullest potential.

    Thanks for investing the thought. So often, socialized/conditioned parts of ourselves just demand pat/simple answers without any kind of self-involvement or self-investment.

    It just doesn’t work that way. You know this.

    Crow confirms it too. Crow asks us to dive deep into darker mysteries with a high curiosity matching its own. I love it.

    Thanks for walking the walk Lion – it’s really encouraging for me to see that….so thanks for sharing this conveyance too.


  67. Hi, thanks for making this site. I’ve always loved ravens and have felt a connection to them. My native name actually means raven so I was planning to get my first tattoo of a raven. I wanted to find a bit more information on them, hence finding this website.

  68. REMEMBER who made the raven…He’s the biggest connection. The raven wouldn’t have it if HE didn’t give it…

  69. Liz, Simply, the ravens appearing near you could be saying that this is your animal totem. But only you might know that from deep meditation? There are lots of good things about raven as an animal totem. It’s powerful – usually the powerful get a “bad rap” and more negative energy thrown at them (hence the negative interpretations).

  70. In 04, I was in my house crying because my mother passed away. I kept hearing a knock but coulnt decipher where it was coming from. I had to get ready to go somewhere, so I uhrried to put my puppy at the time in. I noticed there was a black crow knocking on my roof. I go oh, it’s you and both my puppy and the next door neighbors dog looked at me while I was talking to the crow. I knew in my heart everything was going to be okay. She struggled here on earth and we didnt have a good relationship but I knew she was okay. Ever since then I continue to have warnings witth the crow. Even my oldest son acknowledges that the crow appears at strange times. It’s not the pesty crow that wants food, this crow will appear in front of our car as we drive, it will squawk at us and even my dogs will bark at us. I’m searching for information because the last two days it’s been crowding my space. I told the crow i’m okay just going through a difficult time with not having a job etc, close to homelessness etc. Do i think i’m crazy,no. i think there is something the crow is trying to tell me.

  71. Im undergoing treatmeant for breast cancer..i woke up and a few minutes later..a crow banged on my window. I got a lil startled. He looked inised for a bit and poked at the window then hoped down And then i soon realized my backyard was seemingly cover by crows. I imidiatly googled the meaning of crows and came across this website.
    For along time i had for some reason associated crows with death.Or witchcraft…today reading this website..
    I realized there could be more than death behind these a lil worried to know what they are here overwhelmed and can stay still to listen to anything coming from them right staying positive..i know they arent going anywhere..
    Thank you for making this website…i can only hope its something amazing that all this crows are trying to tell me!

  72. A crow walked into my office stood there and I threw it a cracker and it took it walked out ate it and flew off. Two days before the crow came a close friend like a brother was shot and died.

  73. Hi, I spent almost 18 years in a cult. The leader always said the crow was a bad omen or like a spy and always had everyone shooing them off in fear. The day I realized it was a cult and was running away I burned pictures and papers from all those years and the next morning while I was showering a crow flew by the open window and let out a huge “caw”. Given the circumstances I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad sign. Over time I have embrassed the crow whenever they come around. My 8 year old son and I always say “CAW it as you see it” Reminding us to speak our truth.
    A couple weeks ago I had a dream where I saw a huge flock of crows take flight right in front of me and fly off as a group. Two nights ago I had a dream where my son and I were driving through the grammar school parking lot and we couldn’t get through because over 50 crows were falling out of the tree in front of us and landing right in the road. They seemed to be dying, because they were still moving slightly, but there were so many they covered a huge area.
    Do you have any ideas what these messages might be saying to me? I have some thoughts, but I am only guessing. Thanks so much! Love and Light, Cathy

  74. I been struggling with chemo therapy. Im clamer now than the first time. I had asked the meaning of crows back in the beggining of Oct. One had knocked at my window one morning,then the backyard was almost covered ny them. Every since then..when i got out of chemo the second time,in the parking lot on top of my vehicle on my side was a crow. He stares. Then outside of my house on my fence almost every morning there one there it just stares at me. Now theres two…why or what is the meaning? Im not scared i dont think its a bad just wondering…

  75. Hi, everyday of every where i go there are crows following me and as a native american i should know my culture bout them bt i dnt and they always show up before something unexpecing happens, an could you tell me what they mean in the blackfoot indian tribe

  76. Hi, my name is Raven and I was simply curious about my name and the symbolic meaning of a Raven. Every morning walking to school I see them around me in a small number in different places and always see them flying above me but kinda like they’re following me.
    What could this mean?

  77. Good reading all these from your site. What about white-necked raven following you? other little bird as well do follow you and black pigeons and flies do follow. What is the meaning when all these seem to follow a person?

  78. I have seen Ravens and Crows for several years now. I know I have connection to them. I saw two today while I was at work taking a break. There are always a minimum of two sometimes 3 to 5. They have never frightened me and I have always seem them as messengers even though I didn’t know they were messengers. I expect them to be a part of my totam as are felines and wolfs. Thank you for the information on Ravens.

    Peace and Blessings

  79. Hello, I have been doing a little personal research on the symbolic meaning of crows and ravens. A while ago, I had a dream about an ex-lover of mine who gave me a caged crow as a gift. I was told to nurture and care for the bird, although I was fearful of it, and when let loose it would peck at me and hop around. When I put the crow back in the cage, the cage began to spark fire, but I do not think the bird was harmed.
    A short version of my dream but overall it was quite vivid and has stuck with me ever since.
    I was curious if you could provide insight. Thank you.

  80. I always have injured animals showing up at my house…I had an injured fawn with a broken hip, a sheepdog whos paws were almost frozen..a cat who was in a terrible fight and injured…and I heard a terrible cry one morning and thought someone was in my basement..almost called 911, turns out it was a hound dog in my back yard, it continued to show up for the next few days and still have no idea whos dog it was..but speaking of crows/or ravens not sure which one it is we always have them in our front yard..during the warmer months where I there any meaning to wahts going on here?

  81. Hello,i have a question can anyone give me an interpretation of a dream? I dreamt that a raven was on
    my shoulder and was kissing me and
    caressing me with its wings. Its wings would reach all the way down
    to my knees. If i tried to seperate
    myself from it – it would get angry
    then go back to loving me. Can
    anyone give me any insight?

  82. Thank you for this web site.
    I have always felt that birds were trying to tell us things, sometimes by talking, sometimes just by appearing. Ravens, owls, and all birds of prey in particular, often appear to be as interested in me as I am in them. Springtime a couple of years ago I was at my home in the Cascade foothills lying on my back, just watching clouds, when I saw a Bald Eagle glide high overhead. It slowed, and flew in many big circles until another joined it, then they glided off side by side toward the high country. I knew with their keen eyes they could see me. I felt they gave me a rare gift to consider. My home is on a ridge between deep canyons, and there are usually a pair of Ravens checking me out as I work outside. They reassure me that I’m not alone. They are watching over everything from above, making their comments, usually joking, but sometimes serious. And when I answer the owls at night they will sometimes answer back and come nearer. These encounters seem to happen more often when I can relax and open up to the world around me. My advice is not to fear other creatures, even fierce ones. They all are our family. If they are following you they ARE trying to tell you something; to pay attention to the world that they see, to open yourself to the mystery that always surrounds us. Hope this helps. Namaste.

  83. Hi, Ravens started showing up in my life this past summer(2010) when six ravens were evenly spaced apart sitting on my fence with their backs toward me. At first I was scared. I see them all the time now. Sometimes they are very playful and seem to be acting out a skit. One time, one raven was on the ground belly-up and I thought it was dead or dying, and four or five others were on the rooftop watching. Can you give me any insight?

  84. there is a raven who watchs me while i work every day when i go back to my appartment its there, could it be a spirit or trying to tell somthing

  85. Yeah,ravens/crows always follow me, a certain crow aometimes is on a wire by my window, but nothing bad happens, ik for some it means ‘death’ friend bane says people who are open get strange encounters and the raven is my totem so it probably has to do something with that. I love birds and I think ravens are very beautiful. So this crow/raven can follow me around wen i go to school and look at me and watch me, it doesn’t creep me out, my friends think so but not for me. I’m also half native american, so idk but this was very helpful and i understand more now 🙂

  86. On Saturday I got the surprise of a lifetime. I was sitting in my car at the parking lot of a local grocery store, eating, and found myself surrounded by half a dozen Ravens. Two of them spent some time on the hood of my car. The first one was not interested in the food I tossed out for him. He was more interested in watching me and pecking the bottom of my windshield. The second one found the piece of soft pretzel I’d tossed out. He retrieved it, hopped on the hood of my car and ate. Then he eyeballed me from several positions, even hopping on my passenger sideview mirror to get a view from a different angle. I managed to get a rather awesome side profile shot of the second raven. The other thing was, neither of the Ravens that were on the hood of my car cawed or squawked. They made these soft little chirrup-y sounds. Since I’m going through a rough time right now, it felt very… affectionate, I guess, if I had to assign a word to it. What would this mean to anyone else?

  87. I recently witnissed my fiance, whom I feel I shared a soul with, shoot himself…he even stated that, our love was so strong, that it felt we shared one soul. I am at a lost without him and keep asking for a sign that he is in heaven. As I sit outside at work during my breaks, I have been seeing crows….sometimes a few and sometimes one. Today, there was one perched on a pole, hawking several times. My fiance was native american and his spirit guide was the wolf, so I am just curious of the meaning of the crow. I have also been seeing doves. I guess I’m just looking for anything to know he is at peace. Thank you.

  88. My father shot himself too and came back as a crow. He is now one of my spiritual guides I found out recently. He shot himself at midnight under the chin, 10 years ago. My thoughts are with you.

  89. A few ppl who passed have returned to me as a crow and they hang around for a while to chat then disappear until the next time. I believe the Indian meaning of the crow. PEACE

  90. Why is there a picture of a crow silhouetted against a sunset on a page devoted to the Raven in Native American Folklore?
    Tail feathers – Ravens have wedge-shaped tails and crows have fan-shaped tails!
    Wings-Raven wings are shaped differently than are crow wings, with longer primaries (“fingers”) with more slotting between them. Ravens have pointed wings, while crows have a more blunt and splayed wing tip.

  91. I went to have my cards read and was told that most people are represented by crows, but I am respresented by ravens,that they watch over me. what does that mean?

  92. Recently Me And My Friend Have Visited A Haunted House On Which We Be Very Very Often ! We Asked The Spirit To Show A Sign Of The Raven , And Suddenly The Raven Started To Croak And A Lot Of Them Started To Circle Us ! What Ever Could This Mean?

  93. I am in a new apt. in L.A.and have quite a number of crows flying and making lots of noise….I do carry a lot of light and am aware that birds in general love the Light! So is there any info out there for me…

  94. Years ago, when my life was ordinary, groups of ravens would greet me as soon as I stepped out of my door, and then follow me to the bus stop, I always wondered why. I knew it meant something, something was yet to happen, and I was right.

  95. Thanks for this and all the wonderful information that you’ve shared. It’s much appreciated!

  96. Is there a difference between the Crow and the Raven. There always seems to be crows hanging our my house lately…too many to count at times. Just wonder if there is a difference between them and ravens?

  97. I won’t be leaving this comment with any questions of what certain signs in my life might mean because after tonight I am most certainly convinced that signs are placed to create a sense of divinity in everyday seemingless-like happenings. I work at a thift store and about a week ago I purchased off the rack a necklace with a native american Raven pendant done by artist Joe Wilson from Canada. I found a sense of peace while wearing it accompanied by a small dream catcher with a feather charm hanging around a seperate chain. I would have never known the significance had I not been attempting to really meditate for the first time this evening. I at first googled “how to meditate correctly” and while finding no personal connection with traditional Buddhist techniques, due to my slight infatuation but limited knowledge of native american folklore, i looked up native american meditation techniques. This brought me to a page listing the native astrology cycle. My birthday being on October 13th made me a Raven. After reading the characteristics i instantly felt a sense of validity due to the fact that the description was not vague as is most other traditional astrology sign, and also listed negative characteristics which also i can relate to. Though i will say, i have quite a strong connection with my greek astrology sign Libra as well. While all of this may not have much of an impact on the reader, I am very pleased with the detail the publisher of all this information gave. So thank you Avia, for giving me more of a sense of value to life, and a stronger connection to the metaphysical world around me. This only motivates me to explore further in other cultures, to see how my personal symbolism plays a roll in myself and something bigger, as i personally believe, if we can be so open minded to combine certain attributes of all belief systems, this world would be much more accepting and available to coexist in a state of harmony.

  98. Thank you ruth13ss for the insight, i believe that the stereotype of ravens bringing death wasnt made in the correct mind sense, i find they bring peace to a troubled soul, and insight to another plain, world or dimesion…

  99. @lori. The wings look slotted to me with raven type “fingers” so I don’t get what you’re seeing.

  100. Yesterday I walked out on my back deck to find an enormous raven walking about, I approached it and it wasn’t startled by me so I bent down and picked it up thinking maybe it was hurt. it didn’t struggle and i wanted to help it but didn’t know what to do. I decided to take him across the street to a cemetary and just let him go. when I did he just flew away, I thought that was strange

  101. living where I do outside Austin, I have never seen a raven here before. Growing up in the northwest I saw them all the time,and it had been so long at first I thought it was a crow. after comparing their song on the internet, it was the raven. while having morning tea, tending to the deer and my garden I started to hear it’s song, stopped watched for him he flew right into one of the big oaks behind me and just sang, jumping from limb to limb. only lasted maybe 5 min. I am convinced he was bringing me good news, about the sick puppy I am nursing back to health. I feel he brought me song of healing and acknowledment.

  102. Bob, when I was living in my childhood home….. I went out side,looked at a norway pine that was in the backyard

    Looked up at one of the branches,and noticed that a pair of ravens were sittting on the branch& they were looking directly at me..
    I’ve always taken this as aa sign of protection…
    could this be true?

  103. I am Norse and Native Canadian/Inuit
    I love the Raven and is one of my sprite guides. I have beed granted four feathers over time. Each is during change in my life.
    The Raven offers us so much. But respect is also needed. thanks for your info too all.

  104. I was camping this weekend, & awoke on the last morning to find a single raven’s feather just outside of my tent. To me these are usually signs or messages, but there’s so much symbolism around the raven it’s hard to sift through to the core of the message. Anyway thanks for the website, it definitely is a great place to start!

  105. The term “crow” is both general and specific. Crow is a general term to refer to all birds of the genus “Corvus”. (Ravens, crows, magpies, etc). It is also a specific bird, Corvus brachyrhynchos. A raven is Corvus Corax. Native American folklore gives identical attributes to both raven and crow.
    You can call a raven a crow and be correct. But if you call a crow a reven, it is not correct.

  106. I found this site from searching the internet about the death of Ravens.

    I live in a community with strong native culture, South East Alaska, although I’m as white as a ghost I believe in their culture.

    I’ve been having a hard run of luck, physically and mentally. Tonight I made a trip to the grocery store and all the way there I was wondering what I did wrong with my karma.
    When I pulled out of the parking lot I noticed a dead raven at the edge of the parking lot. I kept driving until I reache the main road and something in me said ” go get that bird” so I put my truck in revers and backed right up to it. As I picked it up it was obvious that it died of unnatural means. My heart sobbed as I put it in my truck.
    My reason for the Internet search is to find the proper way of sending him off….even stranger is that I’ve had a raven living on my property for the last 4 years. He’s an amazing bird! This winter he brought home a mate. I watched them build a nest and waited for their young to come and visit. This spring we were blessed with 3 young Ravens and their parents, what an awesome site! Soon after the young ones learned to fly they left and haven’t been back.
    Maybe he’s the reason I picked up the dead raven or maybe it’s him. Either way I want to make sure I send him off with a traditional service…I just don’t know how! Please help me!

  107. Hi. I recently saved a juvenile Raven while the parents above were making a commotion like you wouldn’t believe. About a week later I wondered if the baby was even able to learn how to fly. It must have fell out of the nest too early. A couple of days later the baby is saved was in our backyard with its parents and had learned how to fly enough to get in the trees. Next thing I know they are coming by 3 times a day for food. How cool. They talk to me and I talk back. Then low and behold they brought their other 2 babies who apparently didn’t fall out of the nest and we’re able to fly. I had 5 Ravens, the whole family in my backyard eating every day and drinking. Just 2 days ago over 42 Ravens came and talked like crazy. They stayed for about 20 minutes. The next day only one Raven from the family showed up and now I haven’t seen any of them. It was a great 3 months of having them around if they don’t come back. One time when I was leaving the house the whole family of 5 flew over my vehicle until I got to the main street. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like they were escorting me and protection get m . I just love them.

  108. Hello,
    This morning I awoke feeling restless and troubled. I say on the porch to make a phone call and suddenly I saw a large black bird making noises. He soared like an eagle as large as a hawk and I had never seen a raven before however at this time I knew what it was and after a bit of research it was confirmed correct. Anyways, the raven landed on about 10yards away in a tree in front of me and as I watched him he faced me made a few noises and flew away. I found this very curious and strange and not sure what to make of it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  109. I am at the beach. I went for a morning walk with my daughter and grandson. There was a huge black/purple Raven talking very loudly. He/she (not sure how to tell Gener or if it even matters) anyway, it was so loud and looking right at me I let my daughter and grandson walk on. I walked right up to it, I mean I could have touched it. It allowed me to take pics. I talked to it. I told it that I am not sure what it was saying and to help me know. I swear it was a good 15 minutes. I finally said sorry I have to go with my babies. It kept squawking. A man walking up from the opposite end passed the bird and it flew away. We played for some time. When baby got sleepy we were leaving, a man in a jeep parked right next to me. Obviously a Baltimore Ravens fan as his Jeep was Ravens decorated and he had a mohawk dyed deep purple. So I see this Raven wanted to make sure I remembered his visit. What do I do now?? My mom passed last year. Birds are always near me since then especially hawks which I have never seen before. I never had a bird this loud and persistent.

  110. Hi….I was searching for raven symbolism and came across your blog.
    Here’s my raven story.
    One day when I was at home on a lunch break at work…..a raven suddenly limped up to my front porch. It had a badly broken wing.
    It was a very large adult raven for sure.
    (this was in Southern Calif.)
    The raven settled itself in a spot on my front porch and as I had limited time, I wanted to somehow help the raven, so I asked my wife to try and help it, with the hope that I could eventually rescue it in some way, although I knew it’s wing was in very bad shape. I had to go back to work and I left the care of the raven to my wife. After I returned back I heard the story of what happened to the raven.
    My wife had called County Animal Control and they came and looked at the raven and decided it needed it’s wing removed…..which they did on the spot with a pair of wire type cutters.
    Hearing this I was dismayed…..and frankly upset, because after the animal control officer did this the raven escaped….and I sadly never saw it again.
    I had really hoped that the raven could heal with my care but as you can see it just wasn’t meant to be. And I’ve always wondered why it chose my rural house to go to…and what the symbology of “a raven at my door with a broken wing” as Bob Dylan so eloquently put it, could actually mean.
    I have been fascinated with ravens ever since.

  111. Today a Reiki practioner performed Reiki on me. A native American spirit along with a Raven appeared during the session. I am honored that they both appeared. I believe they are both my spirit guides.

  112. Hi I had a dream I was driving a gold van and my granddaughter was in the back seat. As I was driving along there was a huge crow in the pathway that I was driving I tried to avoid it but it was too late to move over a lane, the crowd squared as I must have hit it, however it later went from being trapped underneath your van to somehow coming inside of the van my 2year old granddaughter begin to scream look look as I looked the crowd flew within the van as if to be just afraid as us, so I tried to slow own or pull over to free it from my window, but it was so anxious to get out it bit my thumb on the way out of the window, that’s when I woke up from the dream. My heart was racing of fear, excuse I wasn’t trying to hurt it, I believe it knew that but was afraid.

  113. Hello,
    I just read one of the first dreams posted on here. By a man named David. His dream was about a warrior and a white Raven. I know it was a long time ago, but I ave had the same dream but it is a horse in my dream a firey paint stallion.
    I don’t know if he will ever visit this sight again…..But I am Raven and I have blonde hair…
    I have the same dream my entire life except David did not know the worrior in his dream with a single feather and war paint…In my dream it is my grandfather and our kin around the fire.
    I am the one who is flying and hopefully I have found who the horse is now… Please help….
    [email protected]

  114. So for as long as I remember crows have been attracted to me I mean really comfortable around me ! One morning I go outside three were sitting in the hood of my car I tossed them some food as always and left for work ! I said to myself be on alert three on the hood that is not normal and boom major car wreck I mean major flipping cars carnage everywhere. I am in Cali 6 lanes across at 80+?mph not good I look up as things start to go in choppy slow mo and a path kinda lit up and after gas swerve brake more gas and evasive moves I get out of this without a ding now I ran over glass bumpers all sorts of stuff ! That is just one of many warnings I have with these amazing beautiful Birds ! Now I am a descendant of Rome I also have many many dreams that come to fruition like warnings ! Now I know this sounds whacked out but being I am a pisces Snd have had these premonitions for as long as I can Remember what is up ! One last thing there was a bird exhibit at the science museum hundred people walk in before me I walk by the Raven it says “hello trust”!my wife was amazed the guy who’s bird it was said he never did that only talks to him ! Any insight would be helpful I am a practicing Catholic but in no way does that mean I am closed minded!
    Thanks David

  115. I’m not sure if you’re still active on this thread but I wanted to share my experience with ravens in my waking life. First I guess I should start with saying that I’ve always been a very spiritual person and have always felt a deep connection to nature. I feel the flow of energy from the earth as well as people. I’m also an empath. That being said, I’ve experienced many visions over the years since I was a little girl that have often come true. Ravens always appear to me when something is about to happen. Not specifically good or bad, just an event that I should look out for. The amount of ravens I see seem to indicate how big of an event or impact it will leave. This time, however, I’m very wary because since December 20th I’ve seen ravens everyday always occurring in threes for each sighting. It is now January 3rd and I am still seeing them. The odd thing about it is that they never appear when my boyfriend is around. Any insight into what’s going on would be very much appreciated.

  116. I dream the same dream a shape shifting raven follows me and loves with me as if it was my father . It protects me and provides unexplainable advice as well as rymems of riddles I seem to already understand. I am curious as to what you think of this. The dreams happen 3 times a week at minimum.

  117. Every winter snow three ravens come to see me between 8 and 10! I cut some hot dogs n left over n say hello and Feed them! Yesterday I was watching one thru the window and I noticed him doing a weird caw, I couldn’t hear him in the house so I grabbed some food and walked outside in the snow to the front of the fence. As I got close he looked down I looked up and said Hello Odin as I do every morning since he literally crossed the road one day as I was driving and stopped in front my car! I got out he hopped over to a fence. I leaned down picked him up , took him home till he healed. He had been shot in the wing. That was 2012! Well anyway as he looked at me yesterday he clearly said HELLO!! I smiled n felt great all day yesterday n a wolf moon my other totem!! I assume the other two are with Odin but he is the only one that comes close to me! He is awesome!! Wish I could post a pic of him when I found him or should I day when he found me!!!

  118. In a recent dream, I was sitting on my front porch playing music singing to 6 or 7 ravens. Each of them had their own distinctive white or blood markings, a couple were just bloody. They just sat around me as I played music. I’ve had dreams of ravens and crows before, but non of them had white patterns on them. Is there any significant meaning to the markings or something?

  119. The raven is a sign of destiny and an intense friend. Animals, soul, totems visit us in our dreams. They communicate with our souls.
    Get aware which animal you are in your dream. You need to devellop this in an actual situation you are confronted with to “win” oder deal with it.
    A crow may show a blacked out thing. A fear. Something disintegrated.

  120. Amazing sight tonight. We saw 7 ravens circling over our yard. We’ve also been seeing a white owl every night, our friends saw him last Friday night. Not sure what it means but I could sure use some positive changes in my life.

  121. Since moving to a new home, I’ve had a raven visit the back yard as if approving or saying hi. I have always thought them to be good luck. A sense of calm come when it visits which is almost daily. My hubby is half Cherokee and I have some Cherokee though my great-grandfather. I figured it was some past relative or spirit guide. I hope we have continued luck from each visit.😊


  123. Hi there, My birth name is Raven.
    I guess I’m reaching out because I’m secretly hoping that maybe someone will connect with my experience, or maybe I just need to cah caw about who I am to whoever will observe.
    I’ve been very clairvoyant since I was a small child. I would stay up at night and watch the beautiful color creatures dance in my room and I would hide under my covers when the shadow creatures came. Though the women in my family were very gifted in prophecy, they were strict in their religious beliefs and a lot of what I saw and experienced they did not know how to explain or guide me deeper into my gifts. Unfortunately I have spent my entire life stumbling to learn my own gifts, I’ve had mentors here and there along the road, but none with this totem that could truly help me understand what I am.
    I’m in constant communication with Angels and Demons, and many souls come to me to help them cross over. Innocents and murderers alike, ask for my help. I even crossed over a victim in a car accident on the summer solitice of last year, in person, I was touching her when she passed. No matter where I go, the place I am at becomes haunted, which I don’t mind very much, I’m used to it.
    When it comes to being a messenger for others, I thrive when I can connect and help them. I can go up to someone and say exactly what they need to hear even though I have no idea where it comes from. Randomly, I get blocks and I’m unable to give messages. I usually get depressed when that happens.
    My favorite part about being alive, is finding the omens, synchronicities, and messages from God in every moment of every day. The hardest part is learning to interpret them on my own all the time. I just feel like the messages are getting more complex but I feel a dire need to understand what I see.
    I also gate keep in the dream world. Sometimes I help move souls out of hell that need to go back to the light. Sometimes I guard over sacred ceremonies that are threatened by lower entities. These dreams are rare but they stick with me for a long time.
    I began to look up the spiritual meaning of Raven because I just had a dream where God told me that I am taking on the embodiment of the Raven and showed me myself, as a baby, perched on a power line with other ravens near by. She/He said I must understand (which of course I don’t yet). I guess I’m just praying for guidence along the flight. I have all these gifts that I don’t know what to do with, I don’t know how to develop them further, and I feel completely lost on the road. The signs keep saying “you must understand” and I know that it has to do with who I am but I’m just not there yet.
    Who knows maybe some of you are also Ravens and needed to see this post to know that you aren’t alone. Safe flights.

  124. When you see a raven, ask it to bring you something or to get information for you! Works every time!

  125. I was seeking a path thru the fog of the past, regarding one of my ancestor’s that had passed on to the other side several generations ago. I prayed that grandmother would show me the path to follow. I had a vision that night that involved Seven Ravens. In that vision I lay face down in the grass next to a dirt road that had a split rail fence that was a border between between the road and a house beyond. I remember that I was dressed in buckskins, my arms were spread, I had a head wound from battle and could feel the stickiness of the blood in my scalp sticking to the grass. I could not move my body but I could turn my head from side to side. (I felt my spirit rise up, and look down at my lifeless body below me). I looked and saw Seven Ravens sitting on the split fence rail staring back at me. The fence was in front of an old house with a rope swing tied to a tree branch in the yard. I felt my spirit re enter my body and I turned my head and looked to the left and the ravens looked the same direction that I did, I sensed that I was looking east, then I looked back at the ravens and and the ravens did the same. I then turned my head to the right and looked west down the road and then looked back at the ravens, they did the same. They were communicating with me and I knew that it had something to do with the road and house, and the Seven Ravens but what did it mean? I had the opportunity a few days later to relate my vision to a well known Cherokee Grandmother, and Tribal Elder, She revealed to me that I was one of several others who have reported having the same vision. She told me of the Sacred Number Seven and that the house and fence with the swing tied in the tree that I had just described was believed to be the old homestead from where the Trail of Tears had begun. She told me that I am a Raven and that my vision is of completion and restoration of the Cherokee. Since that day I have found myself more heavily in tune with my self. I am Honored to be known as a Raven among the Cherokee.

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  127. I remember as a child growing up my mother would say death always comes in 3s and ravens would gather and wait to help a sole transition or move to where they are going. As I’ve grown I’ve always deeply believed this and it seams to always hold true. (This is not where I’m going with this story …but when I was in third grade a there was a talking raven I felt I had a close connection with. .it would torment all the adults in the trailer park we lived in (I was the only child in the park) the raven would steel items from people and hide them if know one made a big deal about the missing item the bird would return it. It would also follow the older people and bite at there heels as they would walk to the mail boxes. I would ask it what it’s name was and the bird would tell me Rosco ..then I would ask it what my name was and it would say RosCo be Cole train. It would sit above my window in the morning and say get up rosco to wake me up for school. It would fly along with me on my walk to school and be waiting for me after school. I had a connection with the bird know one else did.) I resently helped a friend of mine with an elderly man on hospice. I moved her and him in so she could provide the care he needed. He had lived alone in a small trailer park, and she lived with her daughter and wasn’t able to move him in with her. Two days after he came to stay with us 2 ravens showed up in the tree outside of my house. I felt they where there for him. I stopped hanging the laundry and said to the birds no please just give us 2 more weeks with him . Let’s us try to make him feel loved before he goes. The ravens cawed twice and then flew away. On the 15th day they showed back up. He passed at 10:30 the next morning. I went out and looked for the birds around noon and they where gone. I really feel like the birds granted my request. It may sound silly but has anyone experienced anything like this.

  128. I posted on here Aug 25, 2016 about a Raven encounter I had. So now fast forward almost exactly 2 years later and I am with my grandson again. This time walking through the woods. he stopped to play in the dirt. Was just watching him and playing with the puppy. A Raven landed just feet from us and cawed for what seemed like forever. I told the Raven all my desires, the desires for my grandson and after a few more squawks finally flew away. I am wondering now if this bird was for me or him? Or both?

  129. I recently went on trip to New Mexico and Arizona. While out there I keep seeing Ravens. When I would see one it would have it’s mouth opened. At first thought nothing about it but then keep seeing one every where. I was kinda of freaked out by it. The more I thought about it the more I became aware of it. I know it has meaning behind it but not sure what that is. Then by the end of my trip I did not see any more ravens. Plus since I have been home I have not seen any.

  130. I wanted to ask you for permission to use this –
    Native American folklore describes the raven as a creature of metamorphosis and symbolizes Change/transformation in some tribes, the Raven is considered a trickster because of its transforming/changing attributes. Often honored among medicine & holy men of tribes for its shape-shifting qualities, the Raven was called upon in ritual so that visions could be clarified. A Native holy man understood that what the physical eye sees, is not necessarily the truth, and he would call upon the Raven for clarity in these matters. –
    on a book, I’m working on.

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