6 Comments on “Symbols for Survivor”

  1. Thank you…I am going through a tough time, and want a new tattoo to kind of symbolize that I have survived and will continue to survive, Your information is great

  2. Hey, Im a ice hockey goalie and a literary finatic, my dad and mom have been diagnosed with heart problems, me and my sis are gonna get a tat…any ideas?

  3. to JAke,
    how about something that represents a passionate love of life?
    or maybe unbreakable bonds

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I was in a head on collision with a drunk driver a year ago. Long story short, I survived the worst and very lucky to be alive. To this day I continue to fight to get better. I have searched for a symbol to represent that I am a survivor and not a victim of a horrible crime. This symbol will remind me that every day. Thank you again.

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