What Dreaming of Money Means

I’ve been asked on several occasions what dreaming of money means, to which I respond:

Before delving into what dreaming of money means, it should be clear that we all have different perspectives and interpretations of symbols in our lives and dreams.  This means that the standard/common dream interpretations about money may differ from your own viewpoint. 

As always, I believe this is a good thing.  This allows each of us to take a personal, participatory stance on what our dream symbols mean to us in relation to our lives and reality.

Below I provide you with some common dream symbol interpretations.  Ultimately you will have to decide for yourself what your money dream means to you and your life situations.

The most obvious interpretations of dreaming of money deals with:

  • wealth
  • finances
  • provision
  • security
  • comfort
  • freedom

However it is little known that dreaming of money also relates to:

  • sexuality
  • dominance
  • control
  • libido
  • passion

Often, dreaming of money indicates our minds are preoccupied with the need for comfort.  This is largely because the human race has long associated currency with safety (homes to live in) and provision (all needs met) these feelings translate to our level of comfort.

Dreaming of money may also indicate your level of energy.  Just as we store money in banks, we can also associate this storage/spending/receiving analogy with our energy.  In this instance, when we dream of money we might ask ourselves the following questions for more clarity from our subconscious:

  • Is my emotional energy drained?
  • At what levels can I mark my mental and physical energy?  High? Low?
  • What can I do to increase my energy levels?
  • What can I do to conserve energy in my life?

Dreaming of winning money can be commonly attributed to feeling as though you are coming into a point of power, strength and virility in your life.  It is the feeling of being “on top of the world” that the subconscious is associating to your life experience. 

Losing money in a dream can mean the opposite.  It may indicate that you are in a situation where you feel a little clammy about things, a little unsure and lacking confidence.

Again, these are merely common interpretations.  Ultimately dream symbols are quite personal and vary depending upon the dreamer and his/her life situations.

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