Symbolic Meaning of Frogs

Symbolic meaning of the frog deals with:

  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Luck
  • Cleansing
  • Intuition
  • Transformation

Due to the fascinating transitions the Frog goes through in its life, it is a symbol of metamorphosis. Furthermore, the Frog’s dual time spent on land and water represents duality of the soul. The Frog also symbolizes creativity and forward thinking.

Frog Animal Totems Facilitate:

  • Patience in undergoing life transitions, clarity of thought during transition
  • Embracing of personal transformation, welcoming internal morphing
  • Jump into creative thought, and leap out of habitual thinking patterns
  • Acceptance of our diversity and celebration of our opposite poles found in personality and lifestyle

More information on the symbolic meaning of frogs along with its Celtic, Asian and European meanings in cultural history can be found here. 

33 Comments on “Symbolic Meaning of Frogs”

  1. We first moved to our peaceful new home fall of 2007-a frog always appeared in our driveway, consistently for months completely unaffected by our family comings and goings. For the last week, a frog has been in the same exact spot of the driveway. This symbolic interpretation is dead on-we have recently accomplished huge spiritual growth, received promotions, and increased our financial stability while being surrounded by overwhelming happiness and love. THANK YOU for confirming the beautiful meaning of frogs-after 2 years, we understand its presence in our lives!

  2. i recently had frogs appearing in my home. i thought nothing of it at first but i had them show up by my bed this morning real live frogs and i realized this must mean som ething not just one but like 3 or 4 it was weird and amazing. if anyone has a comment i would love to now more on this meaning

  3. I got married on July 25th and while I was in the changing room putting on my dress I turned around to find a tree frog just sitting there. It somehow got about 4 feet in the air and was sitting on an electrcal outlet. I’m just wondering if there is anything symbolic about frogs and weddings.

  4. Wow! This is just so concidence about this one particular frog..I found outside my front door steps. It was a week before my court hearing date which was on July 20, 2009, for a change of custody of my son. I noticed that a frog just sat calmly & faced towards me. I kinda scooted the frog over to move out the way. I came inside my house and briefly talk about to my family if they notice it too. They all said yes, my son said there’s lots of them in the backyard, while i mowing the lawn he said. I was afraid to mow the lawn because i might kill it. He said he went around it. Well, that night, I had a weird dreams about the frog. In my dream, i was walking barefoot outside to the backyard. I was afraid to walk on the grass bc of the frogs jumping around me. Instaed, I quickly tip-toed to the back shed and came back inside. Then, again, we found the same frog sitting underneath our front door steps at night under the porch light, we just ignore it and let it sit or sleep there. One night, i came home with my children from visiting my cousin’s house. We saw the frog again, and i said OMG! the frog still here. We chuckled about it and my youngest son, made a comment like, maybe its Grandfather’s recarniation and he’s protecting our house. I grined back at him and said might be right, he’s probably protecting our house and what was used to be his house. His spirits still around us. Remember this the the same son, who I was going to court for custody on July 20, 2009. The day of our court, we walked out the front door and there was the frog again. Make long story short, the outcome of my case was a very happy ending of my 12 years of pain, heartache we suffered and went through with his father. I wond custody of my son. He’s now very happy and in good place. This frog still around us and comes to our front door at nite. Another thing, about this frog, my husband and I was walking our dogs everynight down the block. Thinking about my cousin, losing his house, job ..etc. There was one particular house right down the street from us, we kept, that would be so cool if they moved into this house and across from our other extended family who just moved in the house across from the house we were talking about. We must have said this every time we walked our dogs. One day, I said ..hmm, let me look it up to see who owns this house and find out if they’re renting it out or not. So, one Saturday morning, my cousin’s son, Daniel came over and I was like what are doing? where’s everyone at? He replied. oh! my dad is looking at the house down the street to see if we can move around here. Make it the story short, he got the house and will be moving in next weekend and on top of that, he got a job,he started on Monday, July 27th. OMG! I cried and cried was a tears of Joy and relieved for him and the family of four kids, one dog. Now, we close together as families. I told him about the frog, the dreams I had, he said he experienced the same thing, he said he saw two frogs outside his doorsteps for the past week before he got the job and the house. We exchanged our stories about the frog. It was so amazing and we thanked God everyday, it’s not about the money, we all have each other to lean on, it was very beautiful. The symbolic of the frog is so true about our transformation in our lives, love, peace, happiness at the end. Then, we have seen the frog for about 3 days after the court. I was very puzzled and aaid to my hubby. He said .well, i think our wishes came true and maybe it’s time for the frog to move on. But another catch, I am waiting for this monday to come around, the father of my son, who has 10 days to file a motion to appeal the case, if he wasn’t happy about the outcome. So far, he hasn’t file any paper yet. I am waiting for Monday, so I can file motion to stop the child support he received from me, now that my son’s living with me. This morning, I let my dogs outside so they can use the bathroom, I opened the front door, I saw the same frog sitting directly in front of my door steps, I was so happy to see that, I think luck was coming my way again. I told my husband, he said we have to play lottery. I went to work, and I just had this feeling of good sensation running through my body ..something good was coming my way..I will let you know. Wish we luch on my next court for the cild support case of my son. I truly believed about this meaning of the frog..I have a dream book, it tells you the meaning of your dream, my dream was ..if you dramt of a leaping means..Good Karma coming your way! Have a bless day..sorry for this long story. LInda Moore

  5. A particular frog is coming in to my house and sitting in the bathroom, on top of the shower..I am scared…I am not using that bathroom any more…..he looks @ me… one day my friend caught him and thrown away from house but..just after some 24hr..he was back to my house sitting in the same place..looking @ me….

    Somebody, Pls..tell me something about it..m really really scared.

  6. I had a strange but interesting thing happen today. While waiting to be seen at an appointment, I went outside the building to get air. While standing near the door I noticed a small frog jump by a nearby tree. I didn’t think much about it at first, until I noticed it jumping closer to me. I truly thought I was imagining it. Various people walked by, yet it didn’t jump near them. Literally every direction I moved too, it followed. It was literally perched up looking me in the eye. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have to admit I became a little sqeemish the closer it jumped to me. I quickly went back into the building. The experience was so unique to me, I found myself wondering if there was a meaning behind the encounter. Maybe that’s just silly, but that’s how I located this sight. I’ve had a lot of things happen to me in the past year that are creating life altering transitions. @Linda I really hope Good Karma is coming my way. I could use it right about now. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’m experienced emotional difficult time and in 12/03/2010 while being in a department store, a lady give to me a ticket for a rafle (“not purchase necesary” she say) so I stay and listen to the promotion of a group of jewelry, finaly she asked for a half of our tickets and she calls my number 11 an then she told me, you cant pick whatever is not in the promotion and a frog pendant and chain call my attencion so she give it to me and since yesterday i was wondering the meanig of it, Thank you!!!! for share this information with everybody. “God bless you”.

  8. Every night I have at least 2 or more frogs come hopping through my home from the kitchen. I catch them & let them out unharmed. They come in from the scullery. What does this mean?

  9. I have experienced in frog two mornings. yesterday may 3, 2011 and today i just woke up in the middle of the night that there is a frog in our bed. I woke up this consecutive days there is frog in my bed beside my head. It really scares me a lot. What it implies? It happened twice. Does anyone can tell me whats the meaning of this? Why this is happening? We were two in our bed with my sister also sleeping beside me but it happened that it only stays in my side twice hopping while im sleeping.Why just me and not in my sister who is sleeping also beside me? Is there a meaning for this?Just thinking whats the meaning of this? Thank you. God Bless you All.

  10. My son passed away in July 2011. He was only 23. I am so heart broken, but the day after his funeral I didn’t know what to do, I thought getting in the pool would feel healing. I saw a frog, he got on my hand and looked right at me. I knew it was a sign from my son.
    I have not seen a frog all winter, but now today it is warm enough to get in the pool, I think today I just might get another sign since it has been months now. And there it is! A frog, climbs on my hand and looks at me. Another sign from my dearest son! Frogs are believed to connect the living and the passed on. I believe it!

  11. Wow. I’m amazed at the comments of others with regard to frogs and housing/home matters. I am 28 and live with my father due to economic woes – a matter that has caused a lot of consternation between my fiance and I who live in separate towns 20 miles apart. One morning I was eating breakfast before setting out on a day of apartment hunting with my fiance. Lo and behold, right outside the patio door, sitting right in the grass in front of me, in the hot sun during drought conditions, sat the biggest frog I have ever seen in my entire life. I swear the thing was 8″ long from nose to back haunch and 5″ tall at the shoulder blade. I called my fiance and father and they both saw it even though it began moving away after I witnessed it. I even stuck my head under the bush and grabbed a quick phone pic before it disappeared because I simply could not believe how big it was. We went about our day figuring it would be another frustrating experience of futility and being priced out of anything acceptable. Later that day, we found an enormous apartment priced about $2-300 below value with exactly everything we wanted. I knew the frog meant something, and there it is! We move in next month!

  12. I am currently going through a rough patch in my life…not being able to land a job and etc. Tonight, after coming home from a store meeting, I go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet only to find a baby frog in the corner.
    what does this mean? Doesn’t mean I’ll land a stable job that’ll get the financial stability im looking for? Will my problems disappear? Help.

  13. I went into my room tonight and there was a toad on my wall, just hanging out.
    I’ve had such terrible luck the past few months, but especially the last couple of weeks, but am delighted to see what they represent! Thank heavens.

  14. I just had a dream the night before I’m commenting on this. Mydream was about frogs. In this dream, some kids was sleeping on the floor, I don’t know if they were my grandchildren or not because I never see their faces. But I noticed a frog leaping from around the children. I went to tell ssomeone, but as I got to the door to go out of the room, I turned to look back at the kids and there were about 4 or 5 more frogs. The kids started to move, I guess they felt the frogs moving around them. I looked up the meaning on the internet, and it said that it could mean transformation, ressurection, or something spiritual, or renewal. I would really like to know what all of this means.

  15. I have had a few occurances with frogs. One time I had a frog come up to me and I was able to place on my hand and take pictures with it! ( butterflies too!) I also had an occurance with another frog that was quite large and yellow scary looking! This time has been the strangest ever! There has been a cute little froglett in my bathroom for 5 days! I have pet it a few times and talk with it. The other night I was terribly sick and it came right near me..watching me get sick! IRS still here for another night!

  16. I was going to do the dishes and there it was a tree frog in my faucet. I was scared, because I get scared easily. I put the little guy in a container and opened outside. I didn’t wanted to hurt him. But I hurt one little toe of his. I see it good luck coming. Thanks I need it.

  17. I recently moved in a Apt and a frog has appeared everyday sitting in front of my front door at night. When I go out side to smoke I shoo it away with the broom and when I go back into my apartment it comes back and just sits there everyday.

  18. Guys and Ladies, i saw a dream about:green frog and black stripe middle of his back.I dont know what it means, but i patted the frog and he drawed some symbols on my hand at dream, it sounds crazy but it was in my dream.These symbols were like older and frog painted my hand little blue and then there were many bugs on my body like poisonus, but they ain’t touched me if frog drawed then my hand like started to light some drawings up what the frog has done. 😀 i feel excellent after that dream, but it’s only dream, isn’t it?

  19. I am having this strange encounter with frogs these days…First I went to picnic to some beach, during my stay at resort before sleeping at night I was checking if all doors r properly locked ..while closing bathroom door One frog leaped on my right forearms..By thrust I guess it was big frog of around 10cm in length.. It was dark when all this happened, so immediately I put lights ON but codnt found it anywhere in the room or any bag or so..I was searching it for 10-15 mins…whole room was shut but still codnt find it..But the kind of moist feel and water impression i had on my forearms am sure it was frog…
    Second time it happened at my home…Before retiring at night I was mediating​ and immediately after it when I lied down frog leaped on my left hand palm..I felt it so ran to on lights..N found one medium size frog of around 7 cm long frog on my bed…So I took it broom and threw it out..
    Was just curious about its implications and found some good beliefs out of it..😀
    Even my mom said same thing that it is consider as good and lucky…And indication of money fortune..

  20. This morning, I opened the back door, and a frog nearly fell on me from above the door! She jumped into the house and began jumping around in the living room and kitchen, coming to rest next to the kitchen island. I gently shooed her out after she jumped on my round oak table like it was a tree trunk!
    We’ve recently had a lot of rain here in the panhandle of Florida, but I’ve never had a frog seem to “fall from the sky”. I’m moving to Iceland in a couple of weeks, so this was a needed positive sign that I will have a safe journey. I’m also in need of increased financial funds in order to live in more expensive Iceland. After reading about the frog symbolism, I’m reassured I’ve made the right decision and things will go well. I also have been receiving treatment for cancer, so I’m hoping that this visit from the frog heralds healing! I’ve been asking the gods for help in these areas, so the frog entering the house is like a blessing and reassurance that my prayers have been heard. I would have liked to keep her, but she will be happier outside in her own environment. I also received a call yesterday from my youngest son who has not been in contact with me for some years, except for meeting at my middle sons wedding in May. So all in all, I’d say that things are looking up!

  21. Today 21st Aug 2017, when I came from my office in the night, I saw there are two frogs on the door step. And Small frog sat on other frog who was fat. I stopped myself and i just looked at them,then I thought let them do whatever and once they will move I will go inside my home. Just to find the meaning of it, I started searching on web. I have read all above comments. Lets see, what will happen.. Hope for the best..

  22. see fb page Anna Ruth Galloway. she is a yorkie that has a pet frog, for almost 3 years. He come everyday from spring to first frost. The frog likes his belly licked. He will follow my dog around the patio. they lay beside each other. I have pics. posted on my Yorkie’s FB page. Has anyone ever heard of this before

  23. Please look Anna Ruth up on FB and look at pics. request to be her friend if you wish. I have has people over just to see this around dusk everyday.

  24. I am reading this to find explanation. Same frog,same spot..9 pm every me. No fear of me or my friendly dogs
    Never saw this. Whats the meaning?
    I am 60 and 3 months homeless..a Christian..moving to NC from MA..disabled
    Praying for answers..seeking…
    But this is odd,weird,awesome..scary?
    So i am looking..sure enough, at least I know I am not the only one ! Wow !

  25. I also have encounter frogs in my home not inside but in my front yard, by my front door and around my plants not just 1,2,or 3 more at points and they always scare me when I come in at night,one time one was under my rug in my front porch,I always have them and I was wondering what’s the meaning that my home is surrounded by frogs,there beautiful..

  26. I came into the lounge, the cat was waiting to be fed. On a mat there is a double circle blue plastic base designed to slot a metal bowl into each circle. However one circle is void of a bowl, the other circle contains a metal bowl filled with water. I lifted the metal bowl out and a frog was staring at me wrapped around the plastic base. It had obviously jumped through the empty circle to escape the cat and must have been brought in by her. I shrieked, the cat ran and my husband released the frog unharmed into the garden. Even if the cat brought her in I feel the frog was a totem as we are going through transitions in our life.

  27. I was out running my usual 5 miles when a toad, or frog, hit the top of my forefoot and just laid there on it’s back without moving. I don’t know if just jumped out, fell out of a tree or was dropped by a hawk. Very strange.

  28. I was driving home one night and looked forward and saw a front it turned forward the way of coming to the window the leap going to the top of the car is there a meaning for this

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