Giving Food Meaning and Cooperative Consumption

What on Earth is ‘Cooperative Consumption?’ My idea of ‘cooperative consumption’ deals with ingesting foods in a natural, cooperative way.

I’ve been as guilty as the next for mindlessly gobbling down food. But these days, I am more thoughtful about consuming food, and I look at it as a co-creative experience between my energies, and the energies of the substances feeding my body.

This mindfulness is not exclusive to considering the energy expended on account of my nourishment. Nor is it exclusively about taking time to appreciate the texture and flavour of the food. Although – these focal points are vital to the cooperative consumption experience. I’m mostly talking about the core energies inherent in that which we digest.

What if everything we ate was sentient? That’s what I’m inferring. If everything we consumed had intelligence, it would give us pause before eating. It certainly gives me pause. Here’s where the cooperation comes in. I’ve discovered that, if I speak and listen to the core personality of the food before I eat it, my consumption experience is tremendously enhanced.

What? I talk to my food? Yes indeedy, I do.

Our ancestors did too. It’s not necessarily the words, but the intent. I ask permission to consume, I express gratitude, I acknowledge the symbolic qualities of the food, I observe lightly in an energetic, free-associative way. It’s a special kind of dialogue. Devotional.

Furthermore I’ve found the practice of communicating with my food has: /p

  • Increased perception
  • Assisted weight loss
  • Heightened intuition
  • Enhanced eating experience

If you don’t already, give it a try for yourself. Observe differences in your dining experience and your life experience as you incorporate the practice of Cooperative Consumption.

I elaborate on this concept of giving food meaning and consuming food consciously on . That article offers practical tips we can employ to eat with more awareness, and also learn more about what our food is communicating to us (and how we can benefit from listening to our food while we eat!). Check out my article on Food Meaning and Mindful Consumption here. Thanks for reading, and happy eating!

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