Finding Focus in the Dance of Life

Whether you’re a whirling Dervish or popping turtle moves on the breakdance floor, the pros will tell you to keep your eye on a fixed object when you’re spinning in motion.  It’s the same in life as on the dance floor.

Life is a dance replete with dips, jumps and guaranteed spins.  If you think on it, our whole galaxy is spinning in motion…it’s only logical that we too should be doing the Chubby Checker Twist right along with it.

Some of us confess our lives are spinning out of control.  Others report slow spirals in-and-out of the light and dark spaces of our lives. No matter what kind of dance moves our lives are employing, on one level or another, we’re all in motion.  Motion is a natural law. We can’t beat it, so we might as well move with it.

What if we can’t seem to find our groove when our lives boogie to a tune we may deem unsavory?  We find a fixed object and focus on that until the spinning subsides, or the music of our destiny changes its beat.

In order to keep their equilibrium intact, dancers return their vision to a constant focal point upon each revolution of a spin.  When it feels as though we are careening through life, we can employ the same tactic.

What kind of focal point shall we use as an anchor while pirouetting and cartwheeling through life?

Personal preference, really.  Pick something that grounds you, a stabilizing energy, something that represents constancy in your life.  It doesn’t have to be something grandiose.  Most times, simple is better when it comes to stability.

Nature is a good place to look for constancy.  Trees, rocks, soil, roots, mountains…these are all points of focus that emit tremendous energy of long-suffering equilibrium and dependability.  Granted, all things of the Mother (Earth) will change in time, but there are focal points nestled within Her divine design that lend rock-solid support when we need it.

For every turn and twist our lives take, there is a supportive partnership in Nature that counterbalances us.

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4 Comments on “Finding Focus in the Dance of Life”

  1. How wonderful to fins a new entry on this site. Your friends and fans are grateful.
    Cope we must with the ever increasing speed of time passing in a blur that allows little chance to focus. In choosing touch-stones to anchor or buoy, my advise is to begin with the basics/ elementals,and build on their foundation. Nourish spirit with them. It’s as immediate as Air~Breath etc.
    The web of connection encompasses all.

  2. whirl (hwûrl, wûrl) verb whirled, whirling, whirls verb, intransitive 1. To revolve rapidly about a center or an axis. 2. To rotate or spin rapidly: The dancer whirled across the stage. 3. To turn rapidly, changing direction; wheel: She whirled around to face him. 4. To have the sensation of spinning; reel: My head is whirling with data. 5. To move circularly and rapidly in varied, random directions: The wind whirled across the steppes.

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