Keeping a Symbolic Soul Clue Journal

Awareness of Symbolic Soul Clues
Awareness of Symbolic Soul Clues

What draws your attention?  What tugs at the shirt tales of your awareness?  What sparkles within your cosmic eyes that utterly consumes your sight?

I ask because, tracking down that which pulls at the yarn-balls of awareness creates  fascinating tapestries of inner-knowing.

Taking note of what grabs our attention is a compelling way to unearth specialized self-awareness.  Why?  Because we are, first and foremost, perceptive beings.  Second, our levels of perception are multi-dimensional. 

What do I mean by that? I am saying our perceptions are forever plugged into the cosmic networks of endless supply – endless energy – endless wonder.

When I was a kid, I fancied that I was made of millions of eyes and as I looked out into the world – each eye saw something different – each eye recorded the data in unique ways too.

As I got older, I took that concept to new levels.  I started a little notebook and recorded everything that really zapped my awareness in inspiring ways.  Each time something caught my attention, I recorded it in my notebook – a “Soul Clue Journal” of sorts.  I reasoned these things are clues on the trail to tracking down the authentic creatrix within.

Revolutionary results were born, just by taking notes of the oddly energizing baubles that caught my attention.

Keeping a “Symbolic Soul Clue” journal can be pivotal in the process of personal discovery and unveiling phenomenal intricacies of the soul.  

Here are a some insights I had while following where my attention was drawn through daily life:

  • Gaining uncommon ways of learning more about the inner-workings of the variable selves.
  • Learning that some perceptions are non-local, non-linear, wholly unconventional – these perceptions are of cosmic origin.
  • Discovering more about personal advantages, creative impulses, assets.
  • Tapping into an endless data-bank of finely tailored inspiration.

Within us there are multitudes of untapped geodes just aching to be cracked open wide and spill out glittery wisdom to our waiting awareness.

Keeping a Symbolic Soul Clue journal is one way to crack those crystalline views.

Start a notebook of your own today.  Then come back here and tell me what your perceptions are speaking about your soul, your spirit, your energy.  Tell me how broader intelligence prompts you in innovative ways.  Tell me how your soul clues are leading you to demystify the nagging peculiarities in your life experience.

Have fun :)

8 thoughts on “Keeping a Symbolic Soul Clue Journal”

  1. I had such a journal when I was in my teens… discovered a lot about myself… I think , after raising my children, facing my past and starting on discovering the old me that has been lost along the way…it is time to start my journal again.! I have been thinking of starting one for my grandaughter… all the little things that make her special.. the twinkle in her eyes… the things she says.. how she impacts people even at2 years old with her smile and laughter… I thought I would keep journals like this for her and then give them to her someday when she is older.. to remind her how unique and divine she is!

  2. Hi … I’ve had a journal for as long as I can remember. Looking back on what I’ve written in the past is both enlightening and kind of funny. When I got into blogposting, I thought it would do away with the journaling, but I find there is an entire category of musings that are private (how could I think otherwise?), and so still find their niche in my special notebooks. Plus, I must confess, I harbor a notebook and pen fetish. I think I owned a stationery store in a former life.


  3. As someone who can find the symbolism in just about anything (which is why I was *thrilled* when I stumbled upon your blog! You speak my language, woman!), I’m not sure where to start…

    I have a pagan/shamanic background so I find that often it is clues from nature and animals, the elements that often seek me out to awaken insight in my world.

    A very potent personal symbol for me is the fly – when I see it, I know there is something rather huge I need to pay attention to that I may be overlooking. In their buzz I hear “Pay attention! Pay attention!”

    I actually wrote a little mythic tale about why this came to be, based on real events in my life:

    Kim @redhandferi

  4. I have used journaling for many purposes throughout my life, and believe that it truly opens your eyes and heart to what really touches you it is a great idea!

  5. Great post Avia. I enjoyed reading about your process of perception and distilling meaning in your life. I have many sketchbooks, and I’m always writing and drawing in them, but I think I would like to do it in a targeted way like you’ve done. Cheers.

  6. I’ve started a sort of “Soul Clue Journal” few months ago, to track down how my sense of self unfolds and where it remains ‘knotted’. Now when I’m reading it, I find so many interesting details, impressions, insightful dreams, so many ‘little loves and likes’, overshadowed by some unfulfilled expectations that I set for myself as a worth criterion. What my perceptions confirm, is that change form spheric fortresslike ego-structure, to neutrality of openness grounded and focused by interactive ‘charge’ between my current emotional, rational and spiritual resonances. If accepting is existential expression of cognition, than, to forgive, to let go without giving up, is my ‘creatrix’:)



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