Loving Symbolic Hate Mail

Loving Hate Mail
Loving Hate Mail

Yesterday, I got my very first “hate” mail (a real zinger too), and I am loving it.

Having an online presence for six years (double that counting offline sharing of symbolic thoughts) – it’s a milestone whose time has come, I suppose.

Ironically, just yesterday I caught an observation on Deepak Chopra’s Twitterstream.  He said: “The others in your life reflect who you are, including your critics.” Coincidence? Unlikely. We know better, eh?

After reading the mail (and recovering from a fit of giggles), I did what I always do….I pondered the symbolism of the event.

As Dr. Chopra succinctly Twittered, our external events are a reflection of our internal workings.

Interestingly, the mail did not attack my platform…no acid drips directed at my views on symbolism. Rather, the (exquisitely descriptive) comments were pointed to my appearance.

I’ll buy the symbolism in that because I’ll admit to certain concerns about my physical appearance (I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being human).

However, my convictions about symbolism are resolute. Why?  Because the fuel driving my voice is eclectic electric, and core views are drawn from other-realm Voltages.  I add some flavor, sure, but the real spice is added by a multitudinous Creatrix.  

Navigating through various etheric realms while walking in the physical can be a real challenge. 

Straddling energetic parallels ain’t always easy, so I’m grateful to the sender of this mail.  It directed my attention to this delicate balance inherent in the process of living life.  I pause to even call it “hate” mail because it’s a gift of awareness – another layer of understanding life and all its crazy symbolic nuance.

So, I invite you to reinvent how you look at criticism

Is your external environment sending you anything less than love letters?  If so, what’s that symbolic of?

These moments are gifts. They allow us to adjust our perspective and realign ourselves in unique ways.

There’s a caveat! Exploring criticism for deeper symbolic messages must be done with humor. Honestly, this life is precious elixir; one moment spilled on issues like this is ludicrous.

So laugh at the critics (both internal and external) as you investigate the meanings behind the barbs.

Oh, and one more thing:  There is no marring your True Shine, and laughter is the brightest way to keep you rightly lit. 😉

7 Comments on “Loving Symbolic Hate Mail”

  1. “this life is precious elixer; one moment spilled….” “There is no marring your True Shine….”

    For THAT wondering imagery…I too appreciate the “critique”…

    Shine On…

  2. Avia… again… your ‘twist’ on this is amazing. … and that is exactly what we need to do with every negative aspect of our lives; put a positive, humorous, ‘ lets learn something from this’ twist!!!! you always do it brilliantly.
    Much love… prayers always… Your beautiful LIGHT shines bright … and impacts sooo many lives… especially mine.! many thanks dear heart!

  3. I LOVE your physical appearance! Your bright eyes radiant intelligence, love of life and energy! You are a sprite! Just discovered you from a link I received and cannot wait to read and learn more from my enlightened sister! Love and hugs!

  4. There are times, when I wish I knew a million different languages so I could express an infinite number of ways to say: “Thank You.”

    Until I that happens, “Thanks” will just have to do…so, my deepest gratitude to you, Kim, Mary, Lisa, Robin and Karen! xo

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