Ladybug Messages of Wisdom

Ladybug Messages of Wisdom
Ladybug Messages of Wisdom

In this first blog post of 2010, I wanted to express amazing things to inspire you.

The kind of inspiration that makes the tight netting around your mind loosen so you no longer feel the squeeze of control.

In the midst of my spiritual stewing, I looked up and saw this Ladybug in my kitchen window.

She transmitted fabulous Wisdom as I captured her on digital.

Jump-jiving with joy, these Ladybug messages came in earnest rapid-fire.

Here is what this Ladybug said:

  • Each of my steps offers a different flavor, and promises new depth in perception.
    Are you awake in your ambulations? 
  • My balance comes from engaging and communicating with my environment.
    From where does your balance come?
  • My dark marks are my advantage. Make note of yours, flip them over in your view.
    What benefits do your spots offer?
  • My time circuitry is wired in a ‘foverver-loop.’
    How are your timelines established?
  • My crimson carapace is a fire, feeding your Roots.
    Will you accept my warmth?

I am trusting these Ladybug messages radiate within your worlds – in this moment and each moment still to unfold.

Need more to fuel your moments?  Here are some ideas…

When I look out with symbolic eyes, I relate the colors I see to the symbolic colors of the chakra system.   Look at my photo above.  What do the chakra colors of red, green and blue say to you?  Here is a chakra color chart that may help.

When insects surface in my awareness, I am reminded of the art of simplicity.  Ladybug Wisdom is elegance because it is based in simple movement. Small steps accumulate into enormous progress.  Here’s more on insect symbolism.

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7 Comments on “Ladybug Messages of Wisdom”

  1. Oh, this was wonderful … and did you *really* capture that stunning photo? The ladybug is cool alone, but with the moisture in the background, it goes deeper for me. I love the messages she gave you because each is pertinent to me as I process my self-commitments this year. But mostly I hear the message of simplicity. Don’t over-complicate things, don’t over-react, simplicity to me = temperance. Keeping the Leonine fire stoked to a warm buzz without creating an unnecessary inferno. I am invigorated by the potential of this coming year, and feel the winds of change blowing again (not as to residence, however, thank the goddess for that). Heeding the message of simplicity is an ideal way to navigate change in whatever form it comes to us.

    Awesome, Avia … just love it.


  2. I was recently staying in a hotel on the tenth floor. I was tired and discouraged. I was journeying home after visiting my home town. I saw a ladybug walking along the window sill.I then noticed there were more, I counted about a dozen of them just inside the window, thank you for helping me understand this amazing sign.

  3. I was recently catching a plane after I was told my sister had died suddenly, as the plane started I started to cry and at the same time I had a lady bug land on me, I felt such confort.

  4. Ladybugs: ubiquitous, inconspicuous and benign… (much like love) in my life have always symbolized god’s presence. They have always had a knack for showing up when I feel deeply connected to divinity.

    @Jenny: I can really resinate with your experience.

  5. This is so interesting. Recently I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with health issues & big decision making. Feeling anxious as I moved to a new city knowing no one. 2 days ago walking home a lady bug landed on my left shoulder & sat for a few minutes. Yesterday I noticed a lady bug on my bedroom window & again today another in my bedroom.
    Lady bug lady bug please bring me luck 🐞

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