Symbolic Meaning of the Blue Moon

Symbolism of the Blue Moon
Symbolism of the Blue Moon

I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss the symbolic meaning of the Blue Moon….after all, it only happens once in a blue moon (I know, trite. But I couldn’t resist).

You can go to Wiki for blue moon facts, but stay here if you want a proper philosophical wax about the rare (and symbolic) lunar gifts proffered tonight.

So what’s this Blue Moon fever all about Alphie?

Here are some symbolic points for your consideration:

Color Me Cobalt
Although it’s dubbed the “Blue Moon” it isn’t necessarily blue, but that doesn’t dampen the symbolic implications of this colorful label.  Blue hues are all about communication and clarity of expression. 

Consider the Vishuda chakra.  It’s that shiny azure pinwheel that spins in the throat of our energetic matrix.  Right at the center of our verbal communication H.Q. – the voice box.  When the color blue shoots a bullseye in my symbolic awareness, I’m always compelled to pay close attention to my modus communicandi.  This full Blue Moon, I invite you to do the same:

What are you expressing? 
What kind of signals are you sending? 
What’s the motivation behind your communication?

Utilize this blue-moon-moment in time to contemplate your spoken and unspoken articulations. 

Lassoing the Symbolic Moon
To truly appreciate this rare Blue Moon event, we would do well to move our minds over the symbolic meanings tied to the moon.  Admittedly, this feat can be exhaustive, because pulling on one strand of shimmery lunar symbolism – causes the whole of moon symbolism to unravel like a ball of spun silver yarn.  Cutting overwhelment off at the pass, here are a few basic symbolic features we can drink from the lunar chalice:

  • Feminity – The Moon is the Yin, sweetly partnered with the Solar Yang. For women, this means a time of reaffirming the glory that makes us female.  For men, this is a time to polish your starbright armor  (be reflective & tap into the sensitive side of chivalry).
  • Shadowy – Making no light of her own, our Luna Domina is a cloaked mistress. Her knowledge (and our own awakening) is best tapped with physical eyes shut.  This means reliance upon intuitive methods for gaining insight.
  • Silvery Alchemists have long associated the attributes of Silver to the moon.  This symbolic hand plays prime aces like: Clarity, Purification, Subtlety, Transition and a whole slew of appropriate adjectives.

Timing is Everything
This Blue Moon is rediculously symbolic because it lands on the last day of the traditional calendar year.  Lady Luna is gravid with her shadowy potential – she has been building up to this moment…now what are we going to do about it? 

This is a brilliant time to recount the phases of our lives that have lead us to this very moment in time.  Milestones in memories ought to be revisited on this auspicious Blue Moon night.  Epiphanies of the past should be taken out of our velvety Soul pouches and turned over in our minds. 

This is a kind of night to hold our spiritual glimmeries up to the lunar light and watch them sparkle with delight.  Recount those *bling bling* moments in your life on this night.  Doing this is like forming a powerful union with this unique full moon.  As our Lunar Queen is full of promise, so too shall YOU be full.  You are a vessel filled to the brim with potential

Reinforce your inner radiance by taking stock of all the brilliance you have achieved, encountered and facilitated up to this point.  Become pregnant with your remarkability, and allow the lunar light to amplify the pageantry of who you are.

All that said, my deepest trust is that each of you shall step into this bright sapphire night with renewed lunar insight. 

This is an insanely pivotal moment in time.  Seize it.  Squeeze the ever-loving stuffin’ out of it!  Reap the lunar tides my hearties (and come back here to tell me about your revalatory reveries!).

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13 Comments on “Symbolic Meaning of the Blue Moon”

  1. Cancer, Blue and Full

    I feel like I should run through the streets today like a madman lunatic telling people who I am.

    This is me, I love you lets unite!

  2. My ritual tonight…stand in the light of the full moon…look into a mirror…and say to myself, “I See You.” 🙂

  3. Avia… as always.. .what a joy to read your blogs… I woke up this morning thinking , I have to be to the point with my intentions or lack of in certain situations… I have to make myself clear … I had a powerful dream last nite that made me realize this.. it was crystal clear… must be the blue moon.. but when I read your blog.. it all made perfect sense… thank you for the continued guidance you give millions..what a GIFT your life is to OURS.. to MINE.! have a Blessed New Year .

  4. Avia, always appreciate your insights. Its curious how popular culture references to ‘blue moon’ tend to echo impossibility. The universe is sending us a clear message that nothing is impossible and human beings have reason to review and discard many beliefs they outgrow. Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you for your wonderful and insightful knowledge that you share with us all. May you enjoy your blessed 2010.

  6. Avia, Your post is a Blue Light Special! I love the idea of “cloaked mistress” The feminine and silver creative energy is mutable and shape shifting as is the moon. This is how she is woven into all of our outward expressions or Sunshine. I also read somewhere that the moon is like the Earth’s computer, I like that idea. A blue light moon understanding and friendship with this shadowy, reflective and intuitive side of ourselves during a Mercury Retrograde is also very appropriate. This is a time go slowly through our phases and to polish our communication especially in the realms inside, what we converse with our Souls.
    Thank you for this reminder and Moonlit Wisdom. xo Jade

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