The Pinecone, The Pineal Gland and An Illuminating Meditation

The Pinecone: A Symbol Of Illumination

Since I first published this post about pinecones and the pineal gland, I’ve a had a lot more experience with it.  That’s why I revised this article and expanded upon it.  If you want to get the full, (free) information about pinecond symbolism and its connection to the mighty powerful pineal gland, click here.  It will take you to my main website ( and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new rendition of this piece on pinecones.  It’s an odd connection between the pineal gland and the pinecone, but its worthy of investigation.  Enjoy!  Pinecone Meaning and Pineal Gland Meditation

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  1. You nailed it, Avia…thank you for this confirmation. A year ago I sat down to make a “predicitive collage”, asking for a window into my 2009. Of the potent symbols that appeared, the one that suprised me was a pinecone. I didn’t know the information about it at the time, but now it makes perfect sense. I will be incorporating your meditation into my Solstice ritual this year. Thanks again for your wonderful offerings and your beautiful spirit!

  2. I love this! Pine cones remind me of a seed structure in the shape of the tree so they are like a blueprint for the whole organism instead of just one seed. Much that like when we are operating from the ajna chakra we access the blueprint of not just this life but multiple experiences at a core level. Thank you Avia!

  3. ive been doing a lot of research into the pineal gland, Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, and m-theory(other dimensions) as a result of experimentation with dmt, i will use this, thanks

  4. I was standing outside reflecting on the beeauty that I saw, the bright green grass, singing birds, light blue sky and distint but stunningly amazing moon in the morning sky. Things for me have been very difficult and I was reflecting on my lonliness and how to get back the feeling of wholeness and connect with my true inner self. Just then a large pinecone fell from the towering pine tree infront of me and it fell perfectly upright right besides me. Some reason when this happen , I felt an instant feeling of reasurance. Like it was a sign. So I looked up the meaning of a pine cone and found this. I am truly amazed!

    Thank you for the information :0)

  5. I am ever delighted with your insights. Since childhood, the pine cone has always been a symbol particularly precious to me ~ and conifers have always been my favorite trees. I just assumed it had something to do with them being a symbol of eternal life, etc. Your information regarding the pineal gland and the pine cone ~ which I had NEVER put together ~ gives me far more understanding of my tenderness towards these trees and their “seeds.” I have been psychic since birth and am a practicing medium!

  6. I’ve thinking of the relation of pineal grand and pinecone , after a month thinking of them, I was walking on the street, and found pinecones on the side of the street. I picked a few and took them home, and I did the meditation with it, and I saw my pineal grand shaped like pine cone, I was amazed with the experience

  7. This is gold, iv had the awakening with the light and went to a realm that had me in tears of utter bliess and happiness t be enlightened. This page is gold, thank you for sharing and proving I’m not crazy

  8. I was standing outside, when something attracted me to the tree, I decided to walk up to the tree and put both hands on the branches, dangling there, starif into space I was put in a meditative state, in another realm, that grounded me and opened all my chakras and thats when the light flickered, and I had a conversation with “the light ” . It validated all of my thoughts, this sacred and esoteric experience changed me forever and I understand the meaning of enlightenment now . I am obsssessed with reading about pinecones and pinecone meditations. Thank you thank you thank you for this article, I’m in tears

  9. Avia I am astounded by the brilliance of this Blog. I am now 54 years old. When I was in my 40s I was travelling in Italy. At night I walked alone getting back from my day’s travels. It was winter. Often I would see the nobbly cones fallen to the ground of the Roman pine trees. Rome is famous for it’s Pine Cone growth. My husband was also Roman, he had passed away suddenly the year before. One night I decided to gather some of the fallen pinecones and bring them to our home to create a Christmas time decoration. I took a bag with me in order to gather and carry them home. Oh my goodness they were so heavy. It felt like I was carrying a bag of rocks. each cone was closed tight, heavy like a rock and rather unnattractive. I left Italy but the pinecones remained behind in a basket in our residence there. When I returned a year later I was ASTOUNDED that they had all changed. Some had opened up totally. Others half way, Others hardly at all. Each pine cone was different. It was so amazing to me, there were also many small beetles and creatures now living in my home ! I did a big clean up. I had no idea that the cones would open up. I didn’t really have this awareness. Since then I have an affinity to pinecones. In my homeland I have started to collect them too. I wait now for their growth and metamorphosis. I gift them to others. They are a bond to my husband, our home, his heritage and culture, the karmic journey we travelled together and ultimately the total transformation of my cognition, spiritual growth and ascension. Thank you for this blog. I shall share it with like minded others. it is so precious to me.

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