Symbolic Meaning of Gold

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Symbolism of Gold
Symbolism of Gold

Technically (and alchemically) speaking, gold is a soft, shiny, yellow, heavy, malleable, ductile metal.  It is also a trivalent and a univalent which means it’s a transitional metal.

As a transitional metal, gold is symbolic of flexibility on our spiritual path while life experience galvanizes our faith.

One of the more valued elements, gold represents perfection in all matter, on any level. It also symbolizes humankind’s quest to perfect, illuminate and refine his/herself.

Because of its resistance to heat and acid, gold is a symbol of immutability, eternity and perfection.

Because of its golden color, it is almost universally associated with solar symbolism.  This gives gold such attributes as:

  • Vitality
  • Life
  • Health
  • Radiance
  • Wisdom
  • Clarity
  • Unification
  • Virtue
  • Light

In Christian symbolism, gold is considered an attribute of virtue and golden hues are used quite often in Christian art to convey divine love.

The infamous legend of alchemists turning common metals into gold is actually a parable for the human quest to change base vulgarities like greed, hate and selfishness into qualities like love, virtue and compassion through the process of self-purification.  Ergo, gold is symbolic of this transition of the soul.

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  1. Hi … I really like this post, and immediately went to the symbolic meanings of silver, as well. Although my rings are gold, I only wear silver around my neck, which is spiritually significant to me because of it’s affiliation with the moon and the Divine Mother/Goddess. I’ve always felt somehow protected when I have my goodies around my neck.


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  3. Hello, I am wondering if you would be able to help me with advising what the following could symbolise, I dreamt about a golden vault its still closed/ locked but its on the top of the one building where of I am standing on top of another building looking straight at it across the road. Kindly any suggestions to what this could mean? Bee

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