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  1. My two year old (almost three) daughter see’s spirits and is often afraid of them. I have told her to tell them to “go away” unless they are of light and love. If they are lost or scared she say’s “go yite” aka “go to the light.” She doesn’t talk very well yet, so it’s hard to know what or who she see’s that frighten her. She keeps talking about the owl who is sleeping. She also covers her ears a lot and says “too loud.” If you can help me understand any of this, particularly the owl who is sleeping. I would be forever grateful.

    -Worried Mommie

  2. I remember having similar occurances as a child Tiffany. When your daughter says ‘too loud’ children often relate sense to feelings, they can’t say in words what they feel but they know what to relate it TO. Too much going on in her third eye, sensing too much at once is too loud for her. Spirits have many ways to talk to you that involve NO words as how can one have words when one does not have a physical form. So they are communing with her in a sense on I’d say more a vibrational level then anything, this in turn provokes an emotional response in her as she doesnt understand what they are trying to ‘say’ to her so she wishes to retreat and get away from the noise. The owl is interesting, i dont know if this will help but my mate, goddess and god bless this man, for he’s everything to me, he once mentioned that in Mayan civilization there were original reports of people claiming they saw owls with their eyes closed and once they opened them they saw only light and were spirited away by “aliens” then brought back home (however much time has pasted) later. They claim to remember nothing except the owl, and an ET like shape, which is also cataloged on stone walls in most middle eastern locations near pyramids and tombs and such. Its the only thing that freaks him otu and he’s a military man, so that’s saying something, NOTHING scares him…but he believes in the ancient Mayans and what they’ve pasted down to earlier civilizations. So grats your daughter has amazing esp. I’d work on having her construct an energetic shield if any harm comes to her, its very hard to get out of though sometimes, if you don’t remember the intent at the time and what you did per say…opening all your senses completely then can become hard. But…she’s so young and her imagination is strong yet kids adapt much easier, she should be fine. An energy specialist friend of mine taught me a basic trick years ago that went somethign like this: visualize yourself in a cage/bubble/room/transparent or not, and ask that only positive, friendly energy be aloud in, only light, air be all that enters. You can limit things obviously..when my mind won’t stop chattering I ask that NO sound be let in, only light, and air and of course my mate. Never fails, no matter the outside noise, I find quiet and then I typically have awesome dreams ^.~ The time it requires depends on the focus, you must really feel the intent, the imagery and call it to you. Say it out loud even, I dunno if she’s too young to do this but it would be fun for her anyway I’m sure. Good luck. May the Universe and God/dess light your path.

  3. Ava,

    Girl you rock! Creator is blessing you and in return all of us get to learn from the soul bearing creatures around us. A totem reading was done for me and blue jay was one of them. I personally have to say that I know Creator puts the right animals at the right time in our lives. Whatever they may be.
    I appreciate all of your hard work and I do want to donate to your sight and I will when I am able.

  4. I’ve just discovered that my animal totem IS the blue jay. I’ve always been fascinated with these birds, especially the day I saw a huge flock of them. I never knew they flew in flocks until that day. The cool thing is that my favorite color is blue and the bird has part of my name. Jay. Your site has helped me in so many ways just so you know. When I have the money I will try and donate to it. Thank you so much.

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