Book Review: Family Sun Signs by Adam Fronteras

Family Sun Signs by Adam Fronteras
Family Sun Signs by Adam Fronteras

I’m still marveling over how Adam Fronteras was able to cram such a treasure trove of vital information in under 200 pages.

His book, Family Sun Signs is remarkable in that it is a concise guide on the interplay of sun sign personality types within the family dynamic.

This is a mammoth subject of discussion that could potentially fill libraries.  But Adam has successfully whittled down the information to a vital core.  He cuts away superfluous trivialities and really gets to the heart of these astrological personalities.

Family Sun Signs is a masterful guide in showing us how various signs interact to each other in relationships.  Adam doesn’t stop at love relationships either.  He dives into sun sign dynamics between children, parents, siblings and grandparents too. 

Adam thoughtfully investigates the propensities of each sun sign and observes potential pitfalls and promises for each sign’s relationship.  Moreover, Mr. Fronteras offers these suggestions from an open-minded view. 

He makes us aware of the tendencies for each sign as a tool to enhance our relationships, not judge them.

Family Sun Signs also stands-alone as a great primer for astrology.  The book starts off with a great “in-a–nutshell” history of astrology and also takes a look at how astrology works in our relationships.

Adam goes over the top in his book by offer uber-cool bonuses for the reader.  Like what kind of car you are most likely to have, or the one best suited to your sun sign (he called mine! Off-roading, all terrain vehicle!).

Adam also adds advice on the best pets according to your sun sign!

It should be clear Family Sun Signs is an incredible value to anyone wanting insight into relationships from an astrological point of view.  Adam’s thoughtful stance on the subject will bring new clarity to all your relationships!

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