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  1. The inquiry about “the evil eye” caused me to chuckle. My mind immeditately generated an image of Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody from Harry Potter and the animated eye he would remove and leave around to scare people. As I shifted focus, I thought of the glass eye of protection I received as a gift from friends in Istanbul, Turkey after a visit.
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    This tradition, gesture has cultural significance.

    One can effectively ask for protection without physical symbols. “Right” and “wrong” ways of doing things are only perceptions of ideas you create and choose to believe or not. It relates back to inner fears that prompt you to think you need protection in the first place. You can also choose to believe that you are safe, secure and have everything you need right now where you are.

    Native indians create amulets and shields using beads and other items that reinforce their requests to the spirit world.

    The Egyptian scarab with beady eyes is a symbol traditionally worn to ward off evil. It represents the rising sun, or Egyptian sun god Chepri (or Khepera). To ancient Egyptians, this dung beetle rolled its dung balls like Chepri rolled the sun across the sky. It became popular in Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece and the Mediterranean.

    The symbols people use to ward off imagined evil are said to emit energy forces or vibrations that are believed to re-establish inner balance.

  2. Hi Liara,

    As always, your observations cause a new ripple of clarity and color to the cosmic pool of expansion in which we all bathe.

    Surf’s up!

  3. I like Venefica’s challenge about who or what has control. I love certain symbols and their meanings but i would never let it control me or my direction. Like, will wearing a cross save me? Not bloodly likely.

  4. I have been in the business of selling evil eye jewelry for over 10 years during which I have learned a lot about the evil eye, mostly from customers.

    One thing I can definitely say is that there are two types or levels of this belief. Some use evil eye symbols and jewelry as a simple superstition such as walking around a ladder instead of underneath.

    There is however, a large group of people who have a very strong belief about the evil eye and are very offended by the first group. The latter group has more serious remedies and/or rituals to get rid of the evil eye and only see the symbol only as a protector/preventer

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