Interpreting a Symbolic Fox Sighting

I received an email from a gentleman who asked for assistance in interpreting a symbolic fox sighting. 

He encountered the fox at noon while he was contemplating his future plans.  I respond with some ideas about his symbolic fox and direct him to more thoughts on my fox animal symbolism page.  Here is my response:

Dear ShadowFinder:

Indeed, fox are small, but they can project a very large presence.

They are the natural shape shifters of the animal kingdom, and their shifting powers are at their peak on prime clock-time points of noon and midnight…inherent times of transformation.

Fox have very clarified and pointed energy – they serve as index fingers pointing in specific directions….they are focused and driven.

They are also quite clever and can reveal resources or advantages to your soul that your mind might never conceive.

What does your experience mean?  Only you can determine that.  Sorry, no free rides in the realm of oracle interpretations. Personal soul-searching is a requirement if you need to know the keys that unlock your doors of mystery.

One thing is certain.  The fox does not idly choose who she reveals herself to.  This encounter is unique to you, it’s your responsibility to follow the energetic trail of the fox for clarification.

Read over what I’ve written here, as well as this page I’ve written about the animal symbolism of the fox:

Fox Symbolism (full article)

or Fox Tattoo Symbolism (if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

Ditch the stuff that does not jive with your soul.  Grab onto the threads that resonate truth. Keep pulling at these threads (researching, contemplating, meditating) until you reach a satisfactory end (a fitting answer to this phenomenon).

Further, call upon the energy of the fox.  Be honorable, and be like still water as you invoke.  The fox will come and will give you answers, just as long as you approach her as the noble she is.

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  1. Ah, this is one of my totems, I invariably see it as the Magician in the Tarot (this card is the fox in the Animal-Wise Tarot). For me, seeing the fox would be similar to drawing the Magician card. And in asking about something I wanted to accomplish, I’d take that to be saying that I needed to take action and/or it would simply be telling me that I am the Magician, be like the Magician — a big thumb’s up that I have mucho power to make it happen 🙂


  2. That “Double” thing intrigues me… The other day I did a post called “Magic Monday,” speaking of my adventures during my last errand day 🙂 I kept seeing the number 11 (initially with the 4, which seemed to be referencing an upcoming date), and at one point I heard, “double magic” while thinking about the 11 (two Magicians). Many messages of magic that day.

    I don’t have that deck, but I do like that image. Not sure I understand this “double” reference though. It seems that’s not a traditional major arcana, but with the fox it would have something to do with magic per my take on it.


  3. Hi Dove,

    Right you are…the “Double” card of the Shapeshifter Tarot does not corresond with a traditional Maj. Arcana.

    Conway & Knight added it as an extra facet to illustrate the nature of the Shapeshifter (as an archetype as well as to enhance the theme of the deck).

    Perhaps their intent was to also emphasize humankind’s dualistic nature?

    Thanks again for your insight.

  4. I’m curious about the fox as well… I don’t know for certain whether or not the fox is actually my totem, but I do know that for years I have had a fox show up in dreams. Usually I will be in the middle of a dream and suddenly a fox will simply walk into the room, look at me, and then leave. It’s a bizarre experience, because in the dream I usually am the only person who notices the fox – the rest of the dream just keeps going, but I am noticing this fantasic beautiful creature right there in the middle of everything. Although occasionally when the fox has appeared, everyone in the dream stops and notices, and then once the fox leaves the dream continues on its previous path.

    I had a more powerful dream a few nights ago, so I find it interesting synchronicity to stumble across this page today. In my more recent dream, I was in a field of crops – sometimes corn, sometimes grapes, row upon row of them. I was being chased by someone or something – I don’t know what. I cut over to another crop row, and suddenly there was a large fox standing there looking at me. But this time, instead of walking away, the fox began to approach me.

    At that point a dog jumped out from the crops and began to bark and attempt to distract me. I knelt down and the fox and the dog both came right up to me. The fox put her front paws up on my right shoulder. Then she nuzzled her face against mine and licked my ear. I could feel her warm breath and beautiful soft fur against my face. All this time the dog was pawing at my leg, butting me and trying to get my attention.

    The fox said quietly in my mind, “don’t worry, I will always be with you,” and then calmly turned and walked away, followed by the dog, who nipped at the fox’s heels and tried to get her to play. Then I woke up.

    Any idea what to make of that?

  5. Hi G-man,

    As synchronicity would have it, this morning I was directed to Donna L. Faber’s blog: When Isis Rises in which she makes very profound associations between our animal encounters and their meanings.

    Here is a most poignant excerpt from her post that I feel is relevant to your experience:

    Much as Mother reaches out to us using symbolism and our physical world as natural extensions of her thousand arms and hands, She also uses animals in her Grand Illusion. For some of us, animals are familiars, also called “pets”, and they are cognizant and communicative companions who help us in our spiritual journey. Our special animals may also be spirit or astral guides, non-physical, shining gossamer companions that mark us on our journey, as well.

    Wild and domestic animals are signposts in my personal journey, or an organic representation of whatever life lessons I am to learn at a specific time.

    Her entire post can be read here.

    Namaste & light,

  6. i was sitting in the woods today very quietly daydreaming and a red fox walked up to me so closely that i started talking to it so that it wouldn’t get too close before it noticed me. it stopped and looked at me for a couple minutes before it ran off. i am surprised that fox did not notice me.

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