Fox Symbolism: A Symbolic Interpretation

A Symbolic Interpretation
Red Fox Sighting: A Symbolic Interpretation

I was asked a question about fox symbolism.   Specifically, she saw a dead fox by the back gate in her back yard, and wanted to know what the deeper meaning of this sighting was.  I offer my interpretational response below in sections for ease of reading.

Introduction to Interpretation:
You are your own best interpreter. In time, you will mine the most meaningful answers from your own personal perspective.

That said, I can give you a few observations that come to me.

Firstly, I come from a mind-set of an inclusive Universe. To my way of thinking, an observerable physical death translates to nothing more than a transition – an inclusion into a different energetic language to be express differently than how it was expressed before.

Fox Messages of Transition:
From this standpoint, we can consider the condition of the fox when you found it to be a message of transition. What kind of transition?

For this, we consider some of the archetypal (symbolic) attributes of the fox:

  • Cleverness
  • Adaptability
  • Radiance

Can you see yourself making a transition in any of these areas? For example, a dear friend of mine had an intense need to calculate, control or manipulate people and situations. She too came upon a physically retired fox, and we pondered the ramifications. We concluded that fox was a message to transition out of her need to be overly-clever (manipulating others) to get what she wanted.

Fox Messages of Renewal:
When I speak of “radiance” I’m referring to the fox’s archetypal associations with the sun. And so, in a transitional state the fox conjures imagery of a setting sun.  A daily opportunity to settle into our deepest selves for inner knowing – with the promise of daily rejuvination (rising sun) each morning. In this light, the fox reminds us to withdraw our awareness from the external hussle-bussle, and set into the sanctuary of our inner design. We can do this by relaxing, taking time to self-nuture, meditate, whatever provides an inner calm.

Messages Relating to the Back Yard & Back Gate:
I love that you pointed out the fox was found by the back gate in the back yard. This location suggests a symbolic approach to the elements in your life that you’ve put on the back burner. Areas requiring your skill and attention that have been set aside should be re-considered. Conflict you’ve placed aside for (seemingly) lack of solutions might need to be brought back into focus – new solutions are rising with each new day. The deepest parts of your inner ocean might require another dive in for further clarity and resources.

Fox Messages of Shapeshifting:
The fox is also an archetypal shapeshifter. Our Native American forebears knew the fox could change form and move from one dimension to the next as it so required. I love this concept in conjuction with the solar aspects (rising and setting of the sun which can translate to the rising and setting of our awareness) of the fox, as well as its “death” which amplifies the message of transition. Shapeshifting is a concept that you may want to research – you may find it to be a profound concept for you at this time.

Summary of Interpretation:
Do you see the symbolic connections here? Each stage of this encounter holds a wealth of symbolism. From the “death” (transition) of the fox, to the location (back of the mind), right down to the symbolic attributes of the fox – each play their part in a magnificent dance of meaning.

I’ve written a few pages on the symbolism of the fox that may (if you have not read them already) interest you:

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I’d also like to mention our energetic interaction with animals is a two-way street. The fox is a powerful energy, and would not allow itself to be made known unless it felt you were a worthy counterpart. It takes an equally powerful soul to connect with the fox. What an honor. You can always tap into that power – and, the messages the fox has for you are always available to you. Ask, and they are given.

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8 Comments on “Fox Symbolism: A Symbolic Interpretation”

  1. It can be very educational to explore your own reasons for associations. If you instinctively say things like, “sly as a fox,” in all likelihood, you have some kind of experience that taught you to think that way. Working backwards can help you realize how labels are wonderful teachers about ourselves, our feelings and unresolved queries.

  2. I am reading a magnificent book about signs and symbols on butterflies and came to a truly remarkable image of a fox on a butterfly’s body. I mentioned this in a class I am taking on ecology but people seemed uncomfortable with my awe. After class I was driving on a main street in a crowded area of Boston when seemingly out of the blue a red fox appeared and crossed the busy street in front of my car! I had to notice so found your informative Web pages in researching meaning.

    I am experiencing Massive visible astonishment every day these “daze”. With thanks for your sensitive and perceptive wisdom.

  3. hello. i need help or an answer. i found a dead fox outside my apt today. it was hit by a car i checked him out. i was the only 1 to see him what dose it mean? and plus its a super moon tonite. what are the chances?? but it was not on the road. someone or maybe he found its way before he passed. i found it laying on a boulder in the parking lot. i just found it very strange…i will love any ideas or answers…[email protected]. thank you !!!

  4. I live ina very rural location in the Sierra’s, today I found a fox near the gate at the end of my long driveway.
    His head was stuck in a culvert grate, he had been covered in the mud and water from the runoff of heavy rains. It appears to have drown.
    There are so many things going on in my life right now, it’s hard to grasp what this could be telling me.

  5. I recently had an experience in which I saw a fox eating a white rabbit. The fox initially seemed not to notice me and approached me (holding the rabbit) in a deserted, dark alley not far from a bus stop — a semi-public area, making the sighting more abnormal. He stopped in front of me and dropped the rabbit and started eating it. He eventually noticed me, dropped the rabbit, and looking into my eyes for an uninterrupted 5-7 seconds. He then ran off to hide and I turned back after I had walked away and he had taken the rabbit off somewhere else. I saw a fox again sometime later and had a strange overwhelming feeling it was the same one. I’ve had a few similar instances where I have heard a fox calling in the woods near the alley accompanied by the same feeling that it was the same one I had seen before. I am not well-versed in the meanings of signs and omens and was wondering if anyone had any explanations or where I could go to further explore the meaning of this encounter. This occurred months ago but I can’t help dwelling on it often — the experience felt very significant in a way I have never felt. I thank anyone for any help you could provide!

  6. I’ve had an interesting relationship with the fox over the past year and a half. I’ve been trying to understand its meaning. The fox came into my life when a man did, we used fox emojis a lot and I became very attracted to foxes. 3 or 4 months into our relationship we had what I call our first incident. I was at his place, his 2 year old was asleep, and in our conversation he said something that upset me. I didn’t know how to respond, and I didn’t want to become angry so I left. He proceeded to follow me 4 blocks away from his home. I passed a dead fox half a block before he tried to physically restrain me. When I pushed him off of me and yelled “leave me alone” he then yelled “help help” I then ran in front of vehicles and thankfully someone stopped and drove me home away from him. Unfortunately I stupidly stayed with him after this horrifying experience. The fox continued to be a symbol of our relationship. I am just now connecting the dots and am desperately trying to understand what the fox means. This article was great to bring me closer to that understanding

  7. Both me and my brother found a dying or dead fox on our driveway within two weeks of each other. We live some 30 miles apart. 3 months later our dad died. Now my dad once told me he found a raven or crow dying on the front garden and had a terrible feeling. Within 6 months his mother died and brother. And hia niece who was hit by a drunk driver. Just to confirm me and my brother never have seen a dead or dieing fox before.

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