Tips on Reading Numbers. Meaning of Number 22 as Sample Reading.

I was recently asked about the various ways I read numbers for my clients. 

Here I respond, using the meaning of number 22 as an example.

Dear Numerically Curious:

When I offer numerology consultations , I look at all universal clues from as many perspectives as I am able.

So – to answer your question in the case of 22 I would:

  • Look at the significance as 22 as a whole
  • Look at the significance of 22 reduced (4)
  • Then look at the significance that four split (yet another two)
  • Understand this is a “master” number in numerology because it is a repeating double digit.  In this instance, the vibrational frequency of the prime number doubles in power. 
  • View the number artistically, as a visual whole (two’s have a crooked feel with a straightening out that indicates initial rocky life paths with a likelihood of eventual evening or balancing out).
  • Call upon other symbol resources such as the Tarot for more intuitive insight.  In this case, you may consider the Priestess as she is the second archetype featured in the major arcana.
  • Draw the number. I’m often drawing the number repeatedly while consulting with my clients. I find this enhances my intuition more and allows for more creative interpretations. 

I would also take into account the ruling planet for two’s which is Saturn – this tells me there is a tendency for creativity, passionate behavior, and even though order is driving priority – there is much learning and expression to be gained while using the Right (creative) brain.

If there was more knowledge needed, I would take the entire my client’s birth-date and reduce it getting the resonating birth number. In your case this is 3.  This confirms the creativity drawn from Saturn, as you know, three’s deal with creativity.  Seems you have a knack for pulling things together out of thin air – making things happen – creating quite a bit from nothing, so to speak.

Numbers also correspond with sounds, even numbers represent major chords (open, harmonious) and odd numbers represent minor chords (clenched, seeking resolution). 

I’ve even been known to check out the elemental periodic table for guidance (no kidding).  In this case, 22 indicates the atomic number for Titanium.  Researching the properties of this metal further confirms attributes of durability, flexibility, and diversity found in the realm of two’s.

I think you get the idea – I use whatever tools I have available to me to help those who need a little additional insight about the spiritual meaning of their numbers.

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  1. the number 22 follows me everywhere! its usually a bad thing to. It brings me bad luck most of the time. For example yesterday was 2/22 and it had to be one of the worste days i have had in a long time. I didnt even relize what the date was intill the day was over. People i have loved and inspired me have died on the 22nd and it just has made things worse. Please if anyone has any ideas about why this is let me know.

  2. I am sorry to learn of your life challenges. However, good for you for being present enough in your moments of pain to observe the connection 22 has with you. Most would miss the connection.

    Simplified to its core, 22 may be evaluated in terms of duality, balance, division, separation. Perhaps, in your case, 22 is echoing the concept of separation.

    Often when we cannot cannot find the peace of unity (being one with ourselves, or our Source) we are divided. A heart divided may encounter the pains of which you experience in connection with 22. Its appearance in this case may indicate a need to embrace the situation (as painful as that may seem) and find the wholeness of it….perhaps not distancing yourself from the experience but rather incorporating it into your life as a complete lesson.

    I could never presume this to be the answer to your query, but I am thankful for your post and wish you every happiness on your path.

  3. The number 22 is everywhere. From my basketball number, to the last digits on my speedometer every time i look at it. Also, every 22 minute of every hour i so “happen” to catch it (not looking for it either). the 22nd day of february (2/22) was also one of the worst days i have had in a while. I happened to be on 22 mile the other day and we passed a salon called “salon 22”, however we just so happened to look at its address which was 3019… and if you add 19 and 3 you end up with 22. And other things that have been out of the ordinary has been happening to me as in being behind people with at least one brake light out at least 5 times a day and sometimes more. These cycles have been repeating themselves constantly. Any answers pleaseee?

  4. The number 22 followed me everywhere (also did 11). I had a feeling that 22 was warning me about something. And then one night I had a dream in which God told me to write him a song. I saw big wall in front of me and it had some words on it. When I looked in the sky (it was night) I saw a spaceship and number 22 written by stars. After that dream number 22 stopped following me. I wander why did I dream that number and what’s the meaning of that number..

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