Symbolic Meaning of Number 30 – A Quick Summary

The symbolic meaning of number 30 deals with explosive creativity and discovery.   We derive deeper meaning from thirty when we break down the whole number into separate parts.

Starting with the symbolic meaning of threes which deal with:

  • new ideas
  • advancement
  • expansive development

Also, threes deal with partnerships that lead to new births (of ideas, directions, motives, etc.).

This comes from the concept of 1 + 1 = a third (3) party; reflecting past – present – future as well as mother – father – child (see more about the triad concept on my Triskelion Celtic Symbol Meanings page).

When we combine the three with the power of ten – all these attributes are amplified into the whole number. 

By itself, the symbolic meaning of number 10 holds a ideas of:

  • completion
  • unification
  • settling into a place of royal comfort.

The consistent & repetitive presence of the number thirty in your life is a message that new, brilliant and creative directions are coming into your life.  Always good luck sign – the 30 is telling you that great things are coming your way.

3 thoughts on “Symbolic Meaning of Number 30 – A Quick Summary”

  1. Dear Avia,
    Truly enlightening. I never really thought of thirty as an amplified 3. The symbolism you discuss is so appropriate. Ursuline College is celebrating a 30 year anniversary of Art Therapy this year (2016) so the explosive creativity aspect of 30 is extremely significant. Thank you for the insight into the symbolism of 3 and 10 and their combined power. It is all highly interesting!

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