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  1. Iam of Cherokee-Chickasaw decent. I have a friend who is full-blod Crow. He told me of a deram he had about a bluejay flying in his kitchen window and landing on his head. The bird calmly allowed him to carry it in his hands to be released out the door. Upon re-entering the kitchen, a cardinal flew in the window and landed on his shoulder. I seemed to want to stay there and resisted somewhat to being released outside. At that point, he woke up. Can you help interpret this dream?

    Thank you;


  2. in 1977 i was on a trip in hagerman ,new mexico
    I was on the seventh day of a fast when lots of little birds landed on my body as i lay on the ground resting. i had a dream after that and i could see old model cars and rooftops only.the little birds left feathers all around me.

  3. Hello,
    Over the past two evenings I have had two dreams about finding feathers.
    Night one.
    I was walking in a forrest location when I became aware in my dream of my location. At the same point I looked down and noticed a very intricate and detailed feather of a bird I have never known. I quickly deducted that if I had not gained awareness I would have not seen the feather and then kept alert for the possibility of more.The dream is now very vivid because I am conscious. I find two more, both with colours and designs that could only belong to birds of tropical nature if of earth at all. They were unusual. Now I am at a clearing. I am observing a beautiful oversized butterfly with vibrant blue under the wings and the top side are again detailed…the body is particularly long. As it takes flight I point to it to show my friend sitting close by, I ask her to look yup to see it. At that point the butterfly folds its wings back forming an arrow like shape to its body and dives down pinning her in the top of her scull. She falls back to the grass, not unconscious but shocked…I gently try to remove the butterfly, but then tell her she must just relax and let the butterfly do its work, it will release her soon. Then I woke up.
    Second night.
    I am again walking in a park when I see a beautiful red bird sitting through the trees. I am admiring the beatiful feathers when I noticed the bird has left me one under where she is sitting. I am grateful and gently move to take it. Then I see a few more that look similar and walk over to the area to pick them up, amazed that there are so many. When I get close I see that they are red leaves but in amongst the leaves are other feathers, so I begin collecting them, some a bunched together like a section of a bird has been left, under feather, top feather and wing feather… At the end of collecting I sit down to look at them all. Only then do I see that the feathers that all match have beading on them and are tied. I believe that they are like a feather bouquet from a wedding and am surprised I did not see them before.
    I then woke up.

  4. Hi Katrinal,

    Thank you for sharing such incredible dream visions with us/me.

    These dreams are amazing in depth, texture, and insight.

    Dreaming of feathers is an invitation to join ourselves with the highest mind – the highest purest thoughts available to us throught clarity and inspiration.

    I love the last part where you received a “feather bouquet” from a wedding – perhaps this is symbolic of marrying spiritual mindedness with every day life…..a joining of all realities.

    So often I hear of the conflict of separateness. You know, the illusion that human is separate from nature, or one reality is separate from another. Your dreams speak to me of the real truth in that we are all meshed in One.

    This is why I thank you for sharing your dream, as it is an oracle – a reminder that our daily lives are embued with the wonder of life – we are not separate from the wonder – indeed, we encompass it.

    Your dream butterflies are wonderful too – indicating a transition or evolution that synchronizes with our human abilities to be so much more than the banal basics we sometimes present.

    I’ve a post on the symbolic meaning of dreaming of butterflies here.

    Forests, walking on paths, and all your crystalized descriptions of nature are symbolic of a spiritual walk – a graceful evolution to higher presence – a path of exquisite growth.

    Katrina, my deepest gratitude to you for expressing these beatitudes. Your dreams are profound for they remind us of our infinite potential – as well as our potential destiny as a race. Yes, profound indeed.

    Peace & love on the path,

  5. I have been looking all morning for some insight into a pretty amazing dream i had last night. I was in a house and i looked out the window to see many many colorful birds all over my yard. i could see them upclose even though they were in the yard outside my window. i remember looking at one directly in the eye. its eye was very large and black surrounded my green feathers. I wanted to show my boyfriend and when he came to look the birs flew on top of the house but left hundreds of bright goldish yellow feathers all over the trees. We went outside to get a better look at the birds. i was then looking towards the house and it was covered in large multi colored beautiful birds. we were looking at them together and then i wanted to get closer. i kept looking back towards the house, but it would get farther away like i was zooming out on a camera lens. we walked together along a path and someone passed and made a comment about the cross i wear on my neck, something about needing a new one or mine being old. then a smaller bird with a red top body and pure white lower body attracted my attention. there was another small bird exactly like the red one only blue beside it. I followed the red bird back around the house. i was alone at this point and had to crawl over all these dirty obsticles and there was a really bad amonia stench. i followed the bird back towards the back of the house where the dream origionally stared and when i looked closer at it it was very dirty covered in mud.
    the dream was so vivid i can still see almost every detail and even remember the smell.

    the morning prior to this dream my mother had a vision on me while praying that i was in southern france in a field of yellow flowers yearing a yhite dress, surrounded by a half moon of girls and young women with my hannds stretched towards heaven. i was ministering to them.

    yellow keeps apearing to me

    i believe that god is tyring to tell me something. i live my life faithfully believing that god has a plan for my life. and right now i have been faced with some troubles that make me question my direction. i know this means something i am just looking for a little insight.

    with prayers

  6. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing this remarkable dream with us/me.

    Check your email – I’ve responded to you directly with some interpretive thoughts.

    Brightest blessings,

  7. My father died quite unexpectedly Nov. 29, 2007. He had had successful surgery and the day he was supposed to come home something went horribly wrong and he, in essence, died then but was kept on machines for 3 days. Needless to say although I am a grown 51 year old woman, as an only child and a confessed daddy’s girl I was totally devastated.

    I have tried to keep my mother and my son together as now it falls to me to try to honor my dad while holding together what is left of our tiny family that once was 4 but is now 3. I have tried to tell everyone that some day we will have joy again. That we have to be strong.

    One thing I have clearly noticed since shortly after my dad died and even now – I kept finding feathers everywhere. Not just once or twice…but numerous times and very obvious. I have seen them on my floor, on the steet, in the mall, floating through the air. I kept telling myself I needed to see what this meant because it is quite obviously some kind of sign I need to pay attention too since it happens so much.

    Today I finally remembered to look it up and I found YOU! Thank you for showing me that my dad is telling me to lighten up and find the joy!! I must be doing something right and need to follow this path.

    Blessings to you and thank you!

  8. Hi Cindy,
    My heart is with yours as you make your way through this transition…..and it is very much a transition.

    Those whom we love leave beautiful patterns upon us – we are all like patchworks and your father is an intricate embroidery that serves as a foundation of your wholeness.

    When we share so much connection and history with those we love – only to have their physical presence removed from us (in your case, quite suddenly & unexpectedly) – it takes our energy time to adjust and transition.

    I look to nature for advice – and upon consulting, we can see that nature behaves as if NOTHING has passed.

    Indeed, when an animal or plant has moved from (what we identify as) physical life to death, its surrounding energy patterns swallow its essence and behaves as if the original life is still present. And yet, the lifeform’s energy pattern is embraced and transformed.

    You know that your father is with you – I can feel that you know this, just as certainly as you know the sun will rise in the morning.

    Now may I also ecourage you to know that he is in EVERYTHING. That his energy infuses all things. Knowing this gives you an opportunity for joy in every moment of your life.

    My light is with you,

  9. This page is a fascinating find for me. I’m designing a poster for an art therapy conference, and have an idea of using feather as a metaphor for healing and stuff… So this morning I started goggleing on the internet; eventually I got to your site. Very inspiring! Thank you!

  10. Hi Namaste,
    I’m just think u may be interested in the end result of the poster. It’s the 5th image from the left on my website. Thank you again!


  12. Hi Casey,

    Feathers given in such a way are gifts from your own soul, gifts of nature bounty, signs of wonder and indications lofty dreams settling to earth.

    You are the gift, and your perception is immense.

    Namaste & blessings to you,

  13. Feathers spark curiosity about their origins. Do they come from an angel? an earthly species? synthetic material? or, do we imagine them and simply have them appear exactly where we need them? If an invisible feather tickles your nose, you may not yet have laughed enough today.

  14. I have been ‘following’ feathers for several years. Whenever I come across one on my path, I feel blessed — I guess that’s the best way to describe it. I am an artist who paints the landscape around me. Feathers often appear near spots I feel a connection to — and are reminders of those places for me when I attempt to put those memories and feelings on canvas.
    Whenever I find one I feel a sense of validation for what I’m doing — a secret pat on the back.

  15. Hi Kin-Lam,

    The middle of last year I was sitting in a park with my friend and i noticed a crow. Usually they don’t get as close as this one was – and getting closer still. So i turned and faced him, and waited. I made eye contact and kept on waiting. After a minute, he walked closer until he was about a metre away from me and turned his beak into his tail. He pulled out one of his long tail feathers and placed it on the ground then walked backwards and waited. I stood and picked up the feather knowing he had just given it to me. Once I picked up the feather he flew away. What do I need to know – what was Crow trying to tell me?



  16. Loved the Info I found here. I find feathers on my walks almost daily. Recently I found a large crow feather, dove and robin feather. The meaning and significance is profound, allowing me personally to realize my greater connection to the whole and perhaps more importantly the support that is available through the many wonderful realms that are always there to guide, inspire and teach us.
    I am a teacher of energy medicine, as well as a spiritual counselor…with the guidance and support of Great Spirit, the angelic realm, the goddess realm, the animal kingdom and more…what could be better
    love and light

  17. Yesterday while walking I saw a white feather with a gray tip stuck straight up and down in the ground. It was so unusual that I walked by that spot again about 15 minutes later and it was still there. Today I found several small white feathers in front of my front door when I came home. I tried to sweep them up, but they kept sticking the broom. I had a very hard time moving them. Some are still left. Any ideas of meaning?

  18. my name is jim im 48 years old my mother was killed by her uncle 5 years ago feb 11 which is my birthday after mom was killed i started finding feathers in the stranges places iwill find them just about every time when im sad or thinking about mom i know this is my mom sending them to me leting me know that every thing is ok and that iwill see her again someday so when i find a feather i say thanks mom

  19. Hi, my name is Ginger & i am a Spiritualist. I woke up this morning with a specific question in my mind & got online to see if i could find answers, & it led me here by no coincidence, clearly.
    I am learning to fine tune several gifts i have had since as far back as i can remember, and am having the most incredible time of my life…Unfolding & evolving….learning the meanings behind things i have long wondered about & having them validated. It is the best feeling. Now to my question..:
    I spoke with two psychic/ mediums who both saw a Native American male spirit with me. One said that when my face lights up he beams proudly. Another said she sees him wearing 3 feathers; 2 up & 1 down. i was wondering what that means? I wonder if he is my spirit guide?.. I also was curious about the link to owls. I saw one last month around 10pm outside my grocery store. I went up to the light post to get a better look since i’ve never seen 1 before, and we locked eyes for what seemed like an unreal amount of time. I always felt there was a reason for it. I read what you had written about owls & i was hooked on this site from then on. I do have a varying degree of psychic/ medium/intuitive abilities & i have a feeling that it ties in there somewhere. I’ve been a Spiritualist for almost a year, because i found an incredible place that validated everything i felt i always known, so i am still new to this all.
    I feel like i have so much to piece together! Maybe you can help?

  20. mine is more of a question, native american woman wearing a feather upside down on the left or right side of head means what, compare to up-straight on same side of head.

  21. Hi Pete, I invite you to consider this perspective:

    As an upright feather would symbolize:

    ~Raising vibrations
    ~Reaching for higher energetic destinations
    ~Pointing our focus to dreams, aspiration and inspirational matters

    A down-pointing feather has more of an anchoring symbolism such as:

    ~Stabilizing vibration
    ~Pulling our energy back within our bodies for a time of regulation, stabilization and re-ordering
    ~Pointing our focus on being grounded
    ~Getting back to the basics.
    ~Rooting the self in foundational concepts that are healing and beneficial to the Whole

    I’m pleased you asked this very valid question about left-side, right-side symbolic significance.

    Traditional esotericism indicates the left side deals with the unconscious, and the right side deals with the conscious. To put this in black & white terms, we can look to the concept of Yin and Yang.

    Our right side is a Yang principle, and the left corresponds with Yin. I’ve got a little chart on this page that cites a few associations with each aspect of Yin/Yang.

    These are just some thoughts. I would encourage you to explore these and other impulses you have about your experience with a goal to obtain your own personal interpretation.

  22. Hello
    Thank you for your website. I have been receiving feathers for about ten years now – even though I naturally suspected their meaning, I never thought there was a whole website dedicated to this subject and much to my delight other people who often experience the same experiences. I have had a dream of white feather floating up from the ground into my hand accompanied by a voice telling me that God would give a child and it would be his will. This dream is yet to manifest itself in my life but I have always felt extremely blessed to have these signs of encouragement in my life. Ten years ago when they first began I got a tattoo of a feather amongst wind in the middle of the back on my spine, I was amazed to find on your site that feathers are related to the God of Thunder – and the power of wind.
    Thank you again for your beautiful site,

  23. Hi Tasha,
    Thanks for your kind words about my website. It takes a special person who can allow such wonderful interpretations and divine visions/dreams to flow. Thanks for sharing your unique perspective here, and for being you.

  24. If i may ask again, i was wondering about the meaning behind the native american man the mediums saw with me, wearing two feathers up & one down? I am reading what you wrote to Pete & thinking maybe that applies?
    Also the owl incident..i can’t shake the memory or the feeling that it meant something.
    I love learning more & taking in anything you may have to offer.
    I’m new here, so if i am overlooking some sort of protocol, i apologize.

  25. Hi Ginger,

    No protocol to overlook. I tend to comments as time and inspiration allow.

    Yes, I believe some elements in my repsonse to Peter is also speaking to your experience. This site is very communal. Therefore, much of the same intent and energy is shared here.

    I’m glad you’ve discovered a foundational home in Spiritualism. This is a fabulous structure to frame-work a lot of your spritual growth and understanding.

    Spiritualist have paved a long path to modern-day acknowledgment of unseen phenomenon. Indeed, the Fox sisters have come a long way.

    Rest assured, by your own placement and by simply being who you are – You are in good hands.

    I suppose I was hesitant in responding to your blog comment because I don’t feel I’m the one to validate your question.

    Have you thought about returning to your medium/psychic and asking him/her whether or not the Native American figure is your spirit guide?

    Do you meditate? Or at least spend a purposeful span of time getting in touch with the energetic side of yourself?

    When I feel I have so much to piece together it’s because I have not caught up on my expansive understanding. It means I need to catch up on my own evolution rather than getting caught up in it. Perhaps it is the same with you?

    Energetically, the Owl confirms this. Owls are serious present-tense, no-frills, intense, self-awareness-advocators.

    When the Owl comes into our awareness in conjunction with other signs or phenomenon, it is a symbolic partnership and the Owl’s symbolic weight should be counted heavily in our interpretations of surrounding symbols/signs.

    How do we do this? How do we effectively interpret?

    We all do it differently. Here are a few thoughts:

    ~Temet nosce. Know Thyself.

    ~Formulate a personal codex or inner communication allowing you to easily identify phenomenon you’re tapping into. I’ve mentioned this here.

    ~Spend time in meditation, contemplation, rumination, alert dreaming…whatever label it falls under, time spent in suspended clarity rings brilliance into our experience.

    It’s good that you “can’t shake the memory or feeling that it meant something.” It does mean something.

    Be easy with yourself. Know that the answers will roll to you like waves of calm assurance.

    You would not have the sensation of perplexity if you did not also possess the solution.


  26. hi, it is not about feathers exactly, yet when my sister died two years ago a red robin tryed violantly to enter the house. can anyone explain this to me?

  27. I thank you so much for your response!

    Everything you mentioned in regards to me feels spot on.
    I am currently unraveling so much about myself… My teachers are some of the greatest certified psychic mediums in California, and for them to tell me that i have so many types of abilities, i feel somewhat overwhelmed. But exited! I have always known I had psychic & mediumistic abilities, have seen & felt spirits, experienced clairaudience..all to a small degree. I want to develop these gifts as a way to help other people who have struggled with them since childhood, like i did. I don’t like to see anyone feel like an outcast, and i remember how people treated me when i told them what was happening with me. My own mother, -who has experienced plenty of of phenomena herself- made me feel as if i was making it all up. I surpressed it for years and when odd things began happening in my home last year, i went looking for outside help. I found a spiritualist church, and thats where it all began for me. This has been an incredible journey. My teacher gave me her watch at lunch 2 days ago & asked me what i recieved, and i was able to specifically nail several key things about her life! I’ve never felt more confident or invigorated, being around so many others like myself. They inspire me. When i saw that owl, i knew it had a meaning, a message for me. You’re right, it (and the Indian) were for me to decipher. I believe the indian is a spirit guide of mine. When i try to meditate ( i have three boys ages 6, 3, and 2, so meditation is difficult at home) it feels natural for me to picture him as i ask for help with guidance through the day.
    I am learning everyday to quiet my mind & tune into my own energy. I have learned how to heal as well!
    It has been difficult to stay at that level, i fluctuate so much. I am patient though.
    I realize that I can tune into other’s energy around me, and even my pets. With the owl, it felt as if we felt eachother’s. I’ve never felt that a creature was reading ME before.

    I begin my first class tonight in regards to honing in on my abilities & strengthening them. When i step foot into the church & we get into discussion, i start feeling electric…literally like a thousand bees are inside my body buzzing away. I have only felt that 1 other time, as i was visiting the Alamo in San Antonio Texas, & walking down the sidewalk, touching the walls there.. In fact, all of San Antonio felt electric to me. I am trying to find out what that feeling is, just to have a name for it. Maybe i’ll address that tonight.
    My goodness, i have rambled on too long. I’m just so exited…:)
    Again, thank you so much for your response.
    I have it bookmarked ..i have a feeling i will need to re-read it now and again.
    Have a beautiful day.

  28. Hi Ginger,
    Sounds like you’re going through an amazing time. Breakthroughs & epiphanies abound. That’s fantastic. I’m glad this site can serve as a resource as you make your way on the Path.
    Brightest tidings to you!

  29. I had a dream about getting one feather (crow’s feather I think) tattoed on me by a woman (my ex girlfriend). I can’t figure out the meaning. Any guesses?

  30. This is true ,last night i could,nt sleep.so about 4 am i was looking out of my open window and listening to the dawn chorus,(bliss).anyway i heard the birds singing,twittering and i heard one saying what sounded like dirty birdie,,means nothing to you right but this is what i used to say to my bird.not long after i fell asleep when i woke up in the morning there was a yellow feather off my bird on the floor near the window,.nothing strange about that right?but,my bird as been dead now for 4 years.wooow can,t get over it .just thought i would share this with you

  31. My niece died several years ago in a car accident. She was 25. After the services, the family was sitting in the back yard reminising. We were talking about her & her brothers favorite movie…. Forrest Gump. As we talked…. a white feather slowly drifted down & landed on his left shoulder. It was one of the most incredible feelings. The was 6-8 witnesses He has made a shadow box of memories surrounding that feather. To this day, I will find feathers throughout my house, usually when I’m down or missing her. Some of them seem to be hanging in mid air. I save all of them.

  32. I had a dream which was pretty short and simple. It was of a small red bird that landed on my shoulder and just sat there like he wanted to be my friend. The bird was small and exotic looking, about the size of a sparrow but more refined and streamlined, with a long fine tail. Was not a vibrant red in color, sort of muted red… but still beautiful nonetheless. I had a feeling of calmless and friendship/love as it looked at me. I don’t remember anything else about this dream before I woke up. What does this dream signify?

  33. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I’ve read through the comments and noticed there are quite a few regarding feathers. My 29year old daughter was killed instantly in a car accident in March. I too have been finding feathers in strange places I take comfort in the thought that she is
    wanting us to carry on with our lives. It usually happens just when i’ve been thinking of her. Her 4 year old daughter also finds them in odd places and asks me to keep them safe for her. I pray that i keep on finding them!

  34. HI there

    I wondered if you could help, I had a terrible dream last night, one that i’m still thinking about as its shaken me so much.
    In my dream I woke up in my flat to see that everything had changed, there were different people living in my flat and when I opened the door to my spare room I found it was occupied by three children,there were elders who told me that this is now my new flat and that I must accept it. The dream was so real that I couldn’t work out whether I was dreaming of whether this was actually happening. When I finally woke up I was so shaken and didn’t want to go back to sleep in case I didn’t wake up and the dream ended up being my reality. Really scary, any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks A

  35. Hi this is true i vaccumed my flat right the way through yesterday evening, i had all patio doors locked and the curtains closed and all the doors shut in my flat after i finished. I have nothin that contains feathers in the house it was around 1am that i decided to go to bed when i opened my bedroom door and turned the light on there was a white fether about 3inches long and about 1 1/2 inhes wide in the middle of my bedroom floor there is no explanation on how it could of got there as i was the only person in the flat and all the doors and windows was locked can u try to help me get my head around this.

  36. my husband and I were looking to get some tatoos of feathers. Many years ago i heard that the notches made in the feathers (by natives) represented something; i.e. one notch ment warrior. However, that is the only one i remember. I have no idea where i seen it, and it would be very helpful to us if you had an idea where to find it. I’ve searched the web and came across you. Please help.

  37. Hi,
    Yesterday while mowing my yard, in my path I came across what appears to be an eagle feather. I’m unsure of the meaning of this, but I know is does hold a powerful meaning. My fiance is part Indian, we both agree we met with the help of God and feel we are soulmates. Both of us are intune with the spiritual world and very “spiritually” connected with one another. He is currently deployed, we talk everyday. On Saturday I had to fly my youngest son home to spend the summer with his father and so yesterday was feeling very alone, which is when I found the feather. What is it’s possible meaning?

    Thank you,


  38. I keep finding feathers in my yard, but also other places that I go. My cousin recently lost her battle with a brain tumor and I started finding the feathers after she died. Do you have any thoughts on what this could mean?
    Thank you,

  39. Hello–I can’t really tell if many of these comments/questions get responses, but I am just going to put this out there and see what comes back….i have a few bird/feather experiences, and am not sure what to think about them.

    1) My brother passed away suddenly a few years back, and some time after that I happened to look out the window to see a beautiful bluebird sitting on post that holds my feeders. I do not live in an area that would normally be visited by bluebirds, and I am pretty sure that bluebirds do not eat seed. This bird stayed for quite a while, and I just had a sense that it was some sort of a message from my brother…..thoughts? I had also had a dream at about this same time that my brother came to me to tell me that I should “have a great time” (It was a VERY happy, reassuring type of dream, and I was left feeling like he was o.k., and had been ready to move on) 2)I found a red-tailed hawk feather when I was with a person that I have always felt a very strong connection to, yet somehow haven’t managed to connect with….if that makes any sense. 3)recently, walking in a cemetery with my husband, I found a crow feather with the tip pointing north. (for some reason I noticed that) The feather, location, and direction all felt significant, but i don’t know why.

    Any ideas, anyone? Thanks very much for any thoughts on any of the above scenarios!

  40. I just found this blog searching for information on the meaning of crow feathers, a few weeks ago my husband and I, early in the morning heard a tremendious racket outside and a huge “murder” of crows congregated in our back yard. There must have been over 200 birds flying from tree to tree and making the most incredible noise, it was just awesome! As my husband and I watched out the window from way up high in a tree a small blackish feather came floatng down, I have some mobility issues due to arthritis but I :knew: that this feather was a gift to me and I had my husband help me out to the backyard where I collected the one and only feather that was given. It had landed on a large broccoli plant leaf and was easy for me to find. For some reason I knew that I was only to gather it and I warned my husband not to touch it. I now am going to either include it in a collage painting or a amulet bag. The crows they stayed for about fifteen minutes and then en masse took off. I live in Portland OR and we do have lots of crows, but to see so many at once was unusual. 3 days later I look out the back window and there is another crow feather, this one a wing or tail feather It was sticking straight up off the ground vertical with the quill part down stuck in the blades of grass. I went out and gathered that one also. Now I am just trying to figure out what this means. I don’t feel any negative connitation with these feather gifts. I think that this may mean growth of some kind for me..
    Anyway I like your blog and will book mark it.
    I am a solitary pagan.
    and Peace

  41. Wow. What a beautiful web-site. I found a crow feather today (in my laundry) and stumbled upon your web-site while seeking the symbolism of a crow feather. I thoroughly enjoyed reading other’s posts. I had a dream near to 6 months ago. It was so vivid, beautiful, and puzzling. I had a fiery red quetzal in the pupil of my eye. (I have never seen a living quetzal in my waking life-only illustrations) It was not in distress, but it’s beak had gotten caught in one of it’s long tail feathers while preening. I was watching the quetzal in my pupil(in a mirror) and guiding it with my thoughts while it untangled its beak. It was a beautiful dream and still resonates strongly with me. Any ideas?

  42. Leaving work during lunch time, I took about 10 steps and look down and saw a black & white feather laying underside up. One foot stepped over it…but something made me step back and pick it up. I felt foolish as the guard to the building were probably laughing at me…but inside I was happy . That morning I asked my guides for a sign and I felt the feather was it. It is about 3 ” long. black until the tip, then white and when I turned it over one side of the black feather was indigo bluw…very pretty. I don’t know what kind of feather this would be and why outside a corporate building? Can you tell me what kind of feather this would be and possibly what this would mean? I truly enjoyed your site and reading comments. I am glad I looked up finding feathers. Thank you for your time, Deborah

  43. I have just moved into a new unit that I purchased and right at the front door was a black and white feather. I immediately realised that it was not there by chance and that it means a lot of the Native Indians of America. I got onto this site and enjoyed reading all the information. I would love to know what you think. It was laying tip on left with spike on the right across the entrance.
    I was mesmerised by it when I saw it. Would love to hear from you. I live in Albury New South Wales in Australia.

  44. The strangest thing happened to me today. I walked into my bedroom, and started to fix the carpet on the floor, which was slightly rolled up. I then noticed a strange looking golden/ silver leaf on the floor. At first, I thought it was just a leaf, but as I examined it closer, I saw that it wasn’t just a leaf, but a feather. I’m still not entirely sure what is is, nor where it came from. It has such a strange color and texture to it, that it couldn’t possibly be a leaf. I also don’t know the reason why, but once I picked up the feather, I got very emotional, out of nowhere. Could this feather I found possibly mean something? I am not at all spiritual, but the strange feather got me thinking that perhaps its some kind of a sign? I would love to know if you had a possible explanation for what the golden/silver feather means? Thank you. 🙂

  45. yesterdays as i was walking i came a cross three regular bird feathers on three different ocassions i was wondering what did it meant but i came across this wonderfull website:)

  46. I’ve found a dove feather each morning next to my car for three days straight. My mother is in the hospital dying of cancer, could these feathers mean something or are they just a coincidence?

  47. 2 feathers have crossed my path in the last 48 hours. Funny thing, I meant to look up the meaning when I saw the first, then forgot. Two days later, the second found its way in front of me in a parking garage… along my path to my home.Thank you for the explanation, it certainly sheds light on what it means for me.

    That might help, but does it make sence to you as far as my grammas vission? what’s it got to do with me. I dont understand Symbolism, of the ancient cultures, thats where my problem is. I really need an old indian who knows these things . Know what i mean? Someone is suposed to eventually come along, as far as My Grandmother had said, I guess. I guess I have to be patient.

  49. Hi all. I have a question. My friend and I were talking about supernatural experiences we’ve had, and she mentioned that when she was younger, she had seen crows feathers sticking straight up out of the ground at a house they used to live in, everyday for the entire time they lived there. She said that this house was also a house where she’d encountered spirits. Could you please tell us the meaning of the feathers?

    Thank You

  50. today i walked out my door and on the ground were three feathers .all three were about 6-7 inches long,black in the middle and white all the way around the edges.if anyone has any ideas what it could mean i would love to know

  51. I found a feather in my jewelry box, I kept it because I found it strange. A week pass by and I found another feather while i was showering. I feel enlighten and relieved.
    Great website!

  52. دائماً ارى ريش الحمام في طريقي واحب ان احتفظ فيه ولدي ريش منذ سنين وانا محتفظه فيه احب اعرف تفسير هذا الشي وانا من عشاق ريش الحمام

  53. My girlfriend’s mom passed away peacfully three weeks ago in their home. She has been grieving this huge loss as they were very close. This week she discovered many white feathers near her door. Thank you for this website.

  54. i was in the back of my house by myself playing my keyboard to some amazing melodies coming out of the deepest consent of my heart dedicating every note to my eternal father creator when i finally decided to call it a night ,i step out the door whent to the main door of the house when something grabed my attention ? it was a feather and a little puddle of water beside it i was shocked beacause this is not the first time along time ago i was a bad person lost in this world so it hapen that on that other day long ago i found a black feather under my bed i was shocked took it out and burned it i ask everyone who it was they all turnd away and said nobody here son not your father not me i burned it and right away as black fogy the smoke when up i saw a black bee Quick scared it away then went to my house. and so it happens that now my life as time passeed it changed and i find a grey feather …

    sorry long story with such writting and spelling of mine, english is my second language :] ~ivan~

  55. Just a few moments ago I was outside my significant others house (which used to be mine as well)… anyways- i was picking up cigarrette butts in the rocks just out front and I found snakeskin and a red feather. I found these just before i was about to go inside. Last night I read peices of THE ART OF PEACE and i felt really good.

  56. this is awesome! imma singer and i wear a peacock feather on 1 ear everytime i perform… and now that i know the meaning of why i do what i do…! makes it even the more special!thank u sooo much!

  57. I found a black small feather in my plate while eating birthday cake. No one knew where this feather came from, but everyone was shocked and took it as a bad omen…I felt pretty bad.

  58. I came across a totem pole today. Underneath it on the ground were 2 of the feathers that were broken of it. Just before I reached the totem pole there had been a flock of crows cawing like crazy, after i reached the totem pole, found the two feathers, and read the inscription on the totem pole, the crows stopped. Also after leaving this area and driving by my childhood home I seen a bunny rabbit sitting in the front yard. Me and my brother have seen a bunny almost every day for the past couple weeks. Oh and when I started writing this it was 12:12.

  59. I was with my best friend on Thursday. She asked me what I thought it meant if she found a 10 inch creme to gray feather inside the driveway gate to her house. I told her I thought “good luck”, but, my first thought was “death”. She passed 3 days later. Only53

  60. I found an owl feather today on my hike around the local lake. It was so beautiful so I put it in my pocket and zipped it up to bring home. Then a few steps further I thought I saw an owl in the trees out of the corner of my eye but when I looked there was nothing there. I finished my walk and never once opened my pocket until I was back at my house. I unzipped the pocket to find nothing in it. The feather was gone. What do you think this meaning could be?

  61. two feathers/ healing protection / protection healing / mother creation and father creator
    10 feathers/ 10 meaning many
    feathers meaning family/warriors/angels/aspects&intentions

  62. I was sitting at my bus stop when a raven landed on a sign almost directly above me. It knew I was there and wasnt disturbed. As I watched, it groomed itself and a black feather fell to the ground. I picked it up and took it home to the medicine bag my mum brought me home from Canada

  63. So i found whatlooks like a brown owl feather on my couch. No explanation how it got there. All doors were loked and dead bolted. And the feather was about 8 to 12 inches long.

  64. Good day since my dad passed away , i have been more in touch with the angels ,i see angels in the clouds , im more aware of angels being around me , What does a grey feather symbolise , \i went into the kitchen at work and there was a small baby feather and a long bigger one .

  65. Came across your website in a search and was curious if you had a comment on this. We had a Canadian Indian lad as a tenant this past year while he attended UBC. He left early this morning and left a long white feather and long black feather together in a small flower bed right next to the gate. I wondered if this was symbolic of something he wished to say to us, and what it may be??
    Thanks….enjoyed the site very much.

  66. i work and own a market stall and i was busy working yesterday and as i turned round behold me right in front of me was a 3in white feather it looked so pround sat up on my cash till can any 1 give me any clues to this siteing thank u x

  67. Great site. 2 weeks ago, I found a beautiful redtail hawk feather. A large one with stripes. Last week I found another red tail feather. And this morning I found yet another! It’s obvious all 3 are from different parts of the body. It certainly has put me in a mood of introspection.

  68. Hi,
    This is a great website. I found our after a visit to tug optometrist that I had a feather shaped scar on my eye, with no recollection of ever getting it. I’m pretty sure it’s recent too as no other optometrist ever pointed it out to me

  69. i caught a snowy white owl feather that was droped as he flew over me last month .it was a very strange this owl is not normaly in the barn .yet i went back today and there is a baby owl …seems my life has changed to the better since this has happend …anyway thought it was cool.

  70. I’ve been finding feathers for years now, and in the strangest places. Often right outside my car door, or on the ground as I walk into work. I’ve even found them on the floor at work. I find it comforting, and take it as a sign that I am where I am supposed to be.

  71. I looked out the window and there was this large seagull’s feather …just reminding me to lighten up . take it is easy and go with the flow.Since I have found out the significance of feathers I see them more.I do live in an area where there are birds.Thank you

  72. I woke up this morning after saying my prayers, I went downstairs to fetch some water and I discover a black and white feather placed on top my car, can someone tell me what it signifies

  73. A family friend took his own life on Monday of this week. It has been abosolutely devastating for everyone who knew him. I was deeply disturbed and felt like the burden of the whole situation was weighing heavily on my chest. On Thursday a friend was talking about Jesus and how we find healing when we look to the cross so instead of looking constantly at the horribleness of this friend’s death, I decided to look at the cross of Christ instead. I saw that Jesus absorbed all of that darkness into Himself and I woke up yesterday morning free of the weight. Later on yesterday, a little white fluffy feather dropped out of the sky beside me I felt like a sign but I didn’t ubderstand it(hence my being on this website). So the lighter outlook on a particular situation comment resonated with me : )I wonder if there is any significance in the color of the feather or the type of bird it has come from?

  74. I keep finding feathers all over the place, especially black crow feathers which are very beautiful. Last week I was almost mobbed by a lot of crows which were circling and playing right above me. Yesterday I found a huge gull feather and on my way to work a crow glided alongside with my car, directly above my drivers side windscreen, so close I was afraid of hitting it. I feel like these are signs which I’m not equipped to interpret. What do they mean?

  75. Having gone through a bad time recently and separating from a19 year relationship. I have found the last 9 months to be a struggle and I would say hitting its peak at the moment. Over the last two weeks I think it’s been my daughter who has kept me going. I woke up this morning and decided to let go of the hate I feel within and am trying to take each day as it comes and see the positives. I came home today from work and on my bathroom window ledge was a grey feather I felt very emotional when I seen it and also couldn’t believe how it got in through such a small space as the window was on the latch but I have taken comfort fe this and kept it. I believe in sign and was happy to accept this as I feel I made a right decision last night and this morning and this is a symbol in my eyes of peace! Peace within.

  76. I found a large red feather almost identical to the picture on your site…should I keep it? Let it go?

  77. Take a good look at a feather. There is a strong spine in the middle. You are stronger than you think you are. The smaller fluffier bits come from the strong center. They give you the ability to soar. They are your soft, secure places and people. The feather will protect from the rain and allow care to flow from you like “water off a duck’s back”.

  78. My little grandson collects feathers and puts them in his cap, when my parrot moults he has those too.
    I was widowed three years ago, and although I have both seen and heard my late husband, when I am stressed I lose touch with him. Recently I have been worrying, because my parrot needs a new cage, and I am a pensioner, so I’ve been asking my late husband for help in saving for a new cage. This morning I stepped outside, and right in front of me was a beautiful black glossy feather. I thought it was a blackbird feather at first, but on closer inspection it shone emerald green, it’s a magpie feather. As magpies are members of the Corven (crow) family, I just Know this is my late husband letting me know he has heard, and will help.

  79. I found a feather the other day inside my work. It was sticking out of a crack in the wall, way back in the kitchen, almost completely hidden away from sight. It’s dark and light grey, small, with a split near the tip in the barbs. I was confused when I found it because I work in a kitchen and have never seen a bird there before. I plucked it from the crack like I was picking a flower. I thought it was so beautiful because I was having an awful, awful day, but for a moment I forgot all about it. I do wonder what that means…

  80. Hello i was out for a walk today when i came across a magpie feather but it was the coloured one and its rare to find one of these i picked it up and kept it as i believe its a sign of a sprit what do you think .x

  81. Hi 🙂 I was wondering of you could answer a question of mine. For a couple years now, I’ve been finding falcon feathers everywhere I go, nature walks, school, around town, even on vacation. Does this symbolize or mean anything?

  82. Sitting by a river during lunch and an eagle flew 10 feet over my head and lost a feather, I kept it. Is there a meaning behind it?

  83. No matter what it was a small feather while lying on my bed i saw a feather like a combination of colored black and orange in my left hand. My first thought, i was lucky to have it holding for several minutes until i have decided to put the small feather in my colored orange wallet. When i tried putting a tape on it the feather was gone. Looking it again and can’t find it anymore. So strange for me because it was my first time until i researched what does it means for me? Thanks for that beautiful moment i had at least my thought would looking forward to be more positive outcome in life. We have different story to tell it has a perfect timing when it can be told.
    Orange feathers will bring you attraction and success! This is a sign that any new ideas or opportunities are approved by your Angels.

  84. I donated certain amount for the construction of temple. The temple deities were big sculptures found floating in a river. After 2 days I found peacock feather in my work area which is a construction site near to the sea shore. No peacock is seen in this country even not found in the zoo. I collected and still wonder the source and spiritual connection.

  85. Hi, I had a dream about the owl bird. Dreamt that I was lying on the bed ,there were two Windows in the room and from the window to my left I saw over ten owls on the roof stirring at me, then one right there was one big owl, I tried to scare him away but he didn’t leave, he plucked a feather threw it at me, I moved my legs and let it pass, he plucked another feather and threw it at me again, this time it slightly touched my left leg,the he plucked a feather for the third time and threw it at me, but this time I caught it don’t know how but was still trying to chase him away but he flew away in his own will. Please what could this mean?

  86. I was walking around the hospital campus on my lunch break. After finishing a prayer, a feather blow under my foot. I believe it was a turkey feather. Now that is service!

  87. my friend has a thing for feathers and her favorite were her feather earrings. to her they symbolized something. she is very into feathers on earrings necklaces picking them up collecting them. but for some time she has been missing one of her feather earrings. today, when i was cleaning the bathroom i noticed one of the favorite feather earrings that was missing on top of the medicine cabinet. she has said in the past that she is cursed bad relationships and abusive. violent behavior, addict, sexaholic, bottom line she can’t find love. we did get to know eachother on another personal level while she was in a relationship with her bf of 9 years. she got phyiscal with me and back into drugs and to be honest don’t even talk. does any of this make or relate to this feather earring? is it bad luck? protection? should i get rid of it? return it? a little help here please.

  88. Hi, I just started finding feathers. Tonight on my walk a wee feather floated down right in front of me. Nothing but the feather and blue sky. Such a joy.

  89. Today I started my walk in the beautiful cemetery across the street. The moment I stepped onto the grass as I was looking down, I found a red tailed hawk feather split in two. My heart sunk because hawk has always been my bird totem. I need to know the meaning of finding this split feather.

  90. I have been finding feathers in my path for the last 2 years. All different colors and sizes. I started to save them just to see how many I have found. It’s a lot!My mom past away recently and I lost my job 2 months ago. I’m happy to hear someone is taking me under their wing! I need all the help I can get.

  91. Hello! I’m of Cherokee decent. For the past six months when the trials I’ve been going through that are almost over. I have found two beautiful feathers (on two diffrent occasions), lying randomly on the ground in odd places. As soon as I find them the trials are over and have ended on very good terms. What does that mean?

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