“Why Do I Keep Seeing Three’s?” Answers on the Symbolic Meaning of Number Three

The following two questions were put to me about the  symbolic meaning of number three.  My responses follow.

Question #1) “Why would the number three be popping up in a persons’ life?”

In order to answer this question fully, you must closely consider what is going on right now in your life and apply it to the message of the Threes.
For example, if you are dealing with financial issues, Three’s are sending you a message to make a foundation for yourself financially.  Cushion yourself – consider a savings plan so that you can pool your finances in order to direct yourself to a financial goal.  Think triangle – with a sound financial base – you can aspire upward to the financial peak you wish to have.

If you are dealing with emotional issues, Threes could be sending you a message to deal with these issues in a creative manner.  Invoke play methods such as journalling, drawing, dancing, singing – any creative outlet in order for you to get some emotional clarity.

If you are dealing with relationship issues – most often there is a love triangle involved.  This does not necessarily mean an issue of infidelity – it could simply mean you (or a loved ones) attention is being drawn away from the object your affection.  We all have more than one lover – not all of them human.  For example, a love triangle can be caused by a spouse spending too much time at work – attentions are withdrawn and a rift is caused.

If you are dealing with making a difficult or heavy decision – Threes are beckoning you to consider the timeline in respect to your decision. Consider the past and present events that lead you to the point of this decision.  Then carefully consider the future and all its potentialities in relation to this decision.

Lastly, if you are having spiritual issues – Threes are a clear message to learn more of our spiritual guides.  We all have them, and (ironically) most of us usually have three of them.  Spirit guides are always with you – they are an aspect of you – your soul – an aspect of God – an aspect of All that Is.

Question #2) “Why would I be noticing 3s at all?”

This depends on your belief system.  Here are a two main points of view:

  •  Your unconscious is trying to send you a message – and your subconscious is reading it in the form of Three’s popping up – thus causing your conscious mind to question the prevalance of Three’s – which lead you to research the meaning of Three’s – which brings you back to the beginning.
  •  The God of your understanding (God, Buddha, Allah, or even Science depending on your belief system) is trying to send you a message.  Which also brings you back to the beginning (finding out the meaning of the message).

The bottom line to every message is this:  “Know Thyself”  I can tell you what years of study have brought to my understanding – but it’s just an opinion.  In then end – YOU are the expert.  YOU determine the meaning of events in your life.  I simply provide a backdrop on the many potential meanings a symbol or energy represents.

More on the meaning of three here.

6 thoughts on ““Why Do I Keep Seeing Three’s?” Answers on the Symbolic Meaning of Number Three”

  1. when i was young real young i did not know much i was slow when it came to things but for some reason i always talked about the number 3 for no reason could there be a reason for that

  2. You are a special person try not live in you’re mind so much live in you’re heart n be guided by the spirit be slow to anger and find out every Inch of you’re soul and nature

  3. For maybe the past (3) years, I’ve always encountered the number 3. My number where I stand is 3, a few days ago, out of all the chairs, (there is like 50), I got the one with the number 3, and they’re all mixed up. The number 3 is a daily part of my life, I see the number every day.

    Here’s a bit about myself:
    I don’t prey or ask for God’s help, because I don’t want his help to do things.
    I’ve lately been thinking about God, and in my imagination thinking about talking to him and him talking back, like normal conversations.
    My name means Defender, I have long curly hair and hazel eyes, and I don’t like to smile.
    I don’t feel comfortable around people, but I just can’t help but protect others like kids getting bullied.

  4. Same issues……I don’t know what to do…..and by reading about yourself…..I think we are similar….. aloot similar…

  5. I… let me say this, really quick. I have nightmares/dreams almost every night. My life is almost governed by fear of my monsters in my dreams and nightmares. One thing that is continual in every single dream and nightmare I have is the number three. Not the symbol, triangle or anything, but, say, three characters. Three good, three bad. Or there would be three scenes in the dream, ect.
    I have been trying to find out what this could mean. If anyone has answers please share!

  6. To my exspirence this is a precognition like a dream about the future but somthing special about these is they either mean somthing to you or it will happen later in the future these precognition isnt always for you tho

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