Symbols for Infinity

Infinity is defined as a quantity that is larger than any quantity that can be assigned to it, and is the result of dividing any number by zero.

To the left here, is an image of the common mathematical symbol for infinity known as the lemniscate.

Other symbols that represent infinity can be found here:


Celtic cross (last symbol on page)

Native American Labyrinth (last symbol on page)

Alchemical Uroboros (last one on page) and

more information on the uroboros can be found here too.

2 thoughts on “Symbols for Infinity”

  1. The very idea that to stand alone to find true unity is as old as time itself. By placing the sign of infinite on top of the quadrant expression of the positive position of zero I discovered the placement of self. The idea that to have a true origin of an idea or journey begins with the how well you can perceive self and the relationship self has in regard to the collective set of individuals, all categorically desiring the same positive ideal self state. The point of origin or unit value of zero is conceptually a non-state until perceivable. Standing alone the infinite & the plus signs are impressive mathematical concepts and notions. As a composite piece I suggest it offers the basics of the finite and opens into the graphical interpretations of infinite dimensional construction culminating into the rebirth of light or star formation.
    Starting with the development of the plus symbol into its quadrant and subsequent quantifies result of joining with the infinite is of a single given value. No hole can be with out the sum of its parts. Otherwise it is missing something even an idea which could theoretically cause it to be of a less developed form hence its functional value is a non-state or lacking of value. The conceptual introduction of formulating and implementation of a plan of action is inevitable. Here with the infinite self we see the notion of assembling and measuring all given data, while open to even greater input, for the sole purpose of the development and implementation of a correction which seeks a reward not punishment of a mutually beneficial win-win scenario. For America as an example it would be the equivalent of America suddenly becoming aware of it and self mature out of this bondage of ignorance of bigotry and inequalities. Freeing ourselves is the cumulative value of America and to realize the non-state we have maintained, i.e. this is just the way it is and it is weak for men to cry, and encourage the unification of our common mutual interests. To promote individual governed and mutual liberty and freedoms I introduce the infinite self. The dot at the center of the plus is the point of origin and it is where the vertical and the horizontal have their main intersection. Opening up the field for a two dimensional quadrant to be revealed. Showing us positive and negative consequences in a graphical way. The arrival of the infinite reveals the journey of self being measured and some very simple concepts that go along with them. Like looking into the infinite past is generally negative and likewise with the totally positive future neither views is applicable until returned to self. From this consolidated purpose the viewer can chart and map consequences and development pathways. So zero only lives long enough to be refilled by the dot which is the point of origin clearly revealing the consequence of measuring an idea or mapping a and plotting is in contrast and comparison to converting a non-state or concept into reality which is the literal application or general development of the concept. There is the invisible dimension this infinite self reveals also. Like I said it appears two dimensional when the infinite over the positive allows us to advance to the missing parts. What I mean is you see the lines but can you perceive the line pointing away from the plus up and down with respect to the flat. Like there is the flat piece of paper and the only thing on the table is this piece of paper with our two symbols perfectly together on top of. And perceive that aiming toward the floor is a real down also in special relationship with the up being toward the ceiling. Now a person that surrenders their will and life to greater good are the invisible up and the down are the devoted evil ones. Based solely on actual conduct and attributes of collective positive and the identification and correcting of negative choices and thought processes. By using the functional values and notions supported by the coming together of these two simple and known identities I show a mustard seed of a path toward social unification based on very real and tangible notions. Encouraging the best form is from pagan to Jew to Christian or Muslim alike can discover their universal truth. Only if we want to and have any resolve. My offering is but one of an infinite number of scenarios. I argue also that mine is the starting point for getting our win-win scenario and aiming at social equality. I put this infinite self as a conclusion to the American Republican Argument with the J.A.M.E.S. acronym as the base. The two work hand in hand to describe this American truth in its nuts and bolts form. All win for semantics to mature from an ideal form. Hence the function of this infinite self has huge mathematical, social, and individual components that will allow for unity to develop with out any discrimination to universal safety and defense. I hold these truths also to be self evident. I appreciate the opportunity to effect the development of the human way in a lasting and significant way.
    Jimmy Reese

    ∞ & +
    please put it together

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