Meaning of Hexagon

Meaning of HexagonA reader of mine kept having dreams and visions of a hexagon, and asked me the meaning of such visions – to which I responded:

Dear Geometrically Jammed:

In most of my writing and instruction I am constantly driving one point home….that symbols, although potentially focal points for entire cultures, are still intensely personal according to the observer.

In other words, symbols are personal and unique to each individual.

In your case, the hexagon is going to have an entirely different meaning to you than it would to someone else.

If you have a tendancy towards prophetic dreams, this symbol may indicate a spiritual or metaphysical trigger for you.

In further determining the meaning of your symbol, I would encourage you to begin breaking down the elments of the image.

Take for example the number of sides…as the hexagon has six sides, you could investigate the implications of the number six meanings here.

I have a brief summary of the symbolic meanings of the number six on my website, here is the link: Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Numbers.  While there, I would encourage you to take a look at the symbol within the image to the left of the “meaning of number six” entry….the six pointed star…in which the center-most formation is a hexagon. 

Other meanings of six (as a numerological aspect of the hexagon) include:

  • Communication
  • Interfacing
  • Balance
  • Union

It may also be noteworthy that the shape of the hexagon is used in beehives…what does this mean to you?  Efficiency?  Community?

I would encourage meditation upon this symbol – note that every side of the symbol is equadistant with another ( its opposite) side.  Same too with each angle.  What does this mean to you?  Facing reality?  Facing up to others?  Holding up a mirror?

The more you meditate upon your special symbol, the more meanings will be revealed to you.  I promise, it is worth the investment you make.

I trust this information helps you on your path.

Regards & blessings to you,
A. Venefica

2 thoughts on “Meaning of Hexagon”

  1. If you are a Trekkie, it signifies Vulcans.

    If you are a Jew, the Mogen David.

    ( Six-of-one, half-dozen of another ;-) .)

  2. I am convinced that there is something much greater than us in control of the hexagon. I believe the force of the hexagon is related to Our Almighty source of Power and Just Perfection. What really convinced me is the giant hexagons on the north poles of Saturn and Jupiter as well the great gas giants. Saturn especially emits twice the force of the sun, how interesting. My email is . If you want more dialogue.

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