Symbol for Visualization

A reader asked me to provide her with a symbol that represented “visualization” to which I respond …

 Dear Vigorous Visionary:

Thank you for visiting my website.

The beauty of symbols is that their meanings are all subjected to the interpretation of the beholder.

You are wanting to know “the” symbol for visualization.  However, this is such a broad concept that no one symbol could possibly capture its entire meaning to all people.

If you are wanting a symbol for visualization in order to assist in keeping your mental focus, or spiritual sight intact, might I suggest researching mandalas?  Here is a good intro to mandalas which facilitate visualization on my website: Mandala Symbol Meanings

Other people resonate with the eyes of Buddha as a symbol of visualization. I have attached an picture of this symbol in this email (image seen left).

Yantras are another tool of visualization – here is a link to yantra information: Yantra Mandala Meanings.

Bullseye’s are also good symbols for visualization.  I’ve written a bit on the bulls eye symbol here: Hit your bullseye by using mandalas

I would recommend getting in touch with your own thoughts and feelings about what you want to accomplish here.  Ultimately the best symbol for you is what YOU determine.

For example…my idea of visualization deals with creative determination and focus….when I think of these things, I think of water…specifically, a river.  So…to me, a symbol of visualization would be a river.

You will certainly have other ideas. Ask yourself:

  • What does visualization mean to you?
  • What are you trying to accomplish by visualizing?
  • When you think of “visualization” what images come to your mind?

If this is very important to you, I know you will invest the time and effort in searching your own heart to obtain a meaningful symbol that is perfect for your purpose.