BloodRayne Symbol Meaning

A gentleman asked me if I knew anything about the BloodRayne symbol meaning, to which I respond:

Dear Thirsty: 

Thank you for visiting my website.

Although I am not familiar with BloodRayne, the symbol you described in your email to me does sound familiar.

I have attached an image (seen in upper left) of the symbol to which I believe you are referring.

This is the alchemical symbol for Brimstone.

Due to its horrific smell and virulent bright (yellow) color, brimstone was believed to be the fuel on which the fires of hell burned.

This belief was made stronger by the fact that Brimstone was found around hot springs and in areas of volcanoes and high volcanic activity. 

The more modern title for Brimstone is Sulphur.

I trust this information is helpful to you on  your path.

Regards & blessings,
A. Venefica