Overuse of the Word Love?


Overuse of the Word Love?

Preposterous, I say!

However, years ago I remember a public speaker (whose real name shall remain anonymous…mostly because I can’t remember it. We’ll call him Al.) made an observation about the casual use of the world love.

He remarked on how the word love is used at the drop of a hat….

‘Oh, I love that color on you!’ or ‘I love noodle soup at Joe’s Diner.’

You get the idea.

I see Al’s point, which was: Overuse of the world ‘love’ might diminish its importance. Or, using it too often in casual context may tarnish the value of the sacred concept of love.

I’m not inclined to take this viewpoint, and feel the term ‘love’ should be stuffed in every inch, crevice, nook and cranny of our life experience.

The more use of the word love the better!

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love!

Oh, and one last thing,


PS: Spread the word (LOVE).