Symbolism of Choices

SymbolicChoicesNormally, I talk about symbolism in Nature and how we can weave those impulses into our own experience to gain profound and personal meanings in our lives.

But our choices are symbolic too.

Our choices represent our level of consciousness in any given moment. This makes choices symbolic of our vision and the extent to which we can see beyond the events at hand.

What do your choices say about you?

How are your choices symbolic of something larger lurking like a treasure-laden leprechaun in your psyche?

What if your choices were not just about executing a decision – but an actual reflection of the authentic you?

How would that make you feel about choices that are contrary to your own fine-design and well-being?

If you could give a personality trait to the choices you are making – what would they look like? Does that persona honor who you are?

Just thoughts.

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