Reborn Through Art and Ink (a personal essay)

The Journey of a Tattoo

The tattoo gun murmurs its Morse code on my Manubrium, the hard bones perched just above soft curves of cleavage.  From the first tip of costal cartilage, down to the fourth Line of Union on my sternum, I feel the tattoo engraved upon my chest and the fusion is finally complete.

Get the full story of the Yamaha logo tattoo here.

7 Comments on “Reborn Through Art and Ink (a personal essay)”

  1. This is what ink should be. A telling of a personal story or milestone. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tale.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful. I’m not a music person but I could feel your heart. Like the heart of a phoenix. Thank you.

  3. This article spoke to me…Beautiful words, and story. The Phoenix plans it’s death, so it can rise from the ashes. Darkness to Light…Thank you for sharing your truth and journey. Music is the universal language…”a confirmation how the drive for creative expression can give way to ascension, leading a willing heart out of the dark.”

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