Fan Mail from The Devil

I got an email from The Devil a few weeks ago.

The email said this:

I know what you are doing.
Your anxiety will never be cured. It is a punishment.
You are going to hell soon by the way.
Enjoy your day.

~The Devil

(I kid you not, I can’t make this stuff up on my best day).

Blissfully, thankfully and blessedly the overwhelming majority of correspondence I get is of a positive nature.  That estimate might have something to do with my outlook.  For example, I rather think this is a highly positive email.  I mean, to be on The Devil’s radar must mean I’m shaking some trees in the Other-Realms.  Cool.

Also, somehow I take comfort that The Devil knows what I’m doing.  I certainly don’t know half the time.

As for anxiety, I don’t want a cure.  To explain, 90% of my anxiety comes from self-pressure devoted to doing the “right thing,” like behaving and acting in ways that honor my parents, my partner, my community, the collective consciousness, and of course, the Mother (Earth).   It’s not always easy to take the high road, and sometimes the moral path feels like punishment, but I’ll take it for a clear conscience.

And in my travels through life, I’m quite sure I’ve already got “Hell” stamped in my passport.   Been there, done that, didn’t bother with the t-shirt.

The point to all this cheekiness is the importance of perception and levity.

Perception is always a biggie.  I’d like this post to stand as a reminder of how important it is to shift around to alternative points of view.  It’s important to look at scenarios from different angles; it’s healthy too.  This is a huge factor as to why I dig symbolism so much – there are so many perspectives, sources and implications to consider.  Delightfully shifty.

As far as levity goes…I’ve been learning valuable lessons about humor lately, and this email is a welcome contribution to the curriculum.  To quote a friend of mine: “If you’ve lost your sense of humor, you’ve lost everything.”  Too right.

Post script:  I did not respond to the email.  I mean…what does one say to the Devil?  Well…I thought of a few choice words, but why waste the energy?  Ultimately, time is better spent doing good stuff.  I don’t think there’s a better way to get retribution on the big bad meanies out there.  🙂

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10 Comments on “Fan Mail from The Devil”

  1. Wow, that was indeed a very intelligent message. Thank you for sharing! This is what I understood: It asks you when it says: “I know what you are doing.”What makes you feel guilty? What makes you feel guilty when observed by one member of the society? –Only you know. Next line: “Your anxiety will never be cured. It is a punishment.” . . . and in case you feel guilty that is what your anxiety is all about. Either way, remember to “Enjoy your day”

  2. fabulous post! ive been reminded much recently to keep up my sense of humor, and, i can relate to the devils check in completely. 🙂

  3. Well I’ll be…

    If ever there where a more clear example of “projection, projecting”
    I’d be interested in seeing it.

    Dear deviler;
    Please seek help.

    that is all,
    transmission out.

  4. I’ve never received an email from the Devil yet but I am holding tight to my “Get out of hell free” pass just in case.

  5. Haha… Oh by the way, since I want you to take me seriously, I’m THE devil. What a riot!

    Anxiety is not a disease, it’s part of our natural functioning of our lives. Without it, we’d never get anything started.

    The sender is probably bitter at all the joy in the world and can’t stand happy productive people.

  6. I love your site(s) and your insights! You know you must be doing something right if the devil is sending you spam. Keep up the good work & the healthy attitude.

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