Light Junkies

No squinting.
No pinching back the light.

Only compulsion and
slack-bodied surrender.

Flame-singed wingtips
Corpuscles popping at hints of heat.

I know why.

Gossamer gold glimmers in luminous Light
We grope for it too with dumb fingertips.

Light sought by Moth methods,
pitching forward into the bones of Bridgette’s flames.

Propelled, following the language of fire tongues
and swallowed whole by Beltane’s bright folly.

Symbolic Meaning of Moths

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  1. This is awesome! I think I know why too…..that irrisistable light! We try to know it, but only as the Moth can we truly be compelled. Love the reference to Old Ways (Bridgette’s fire festival). I read your Moth page too. Nice!

  2. When Light passes thru the prism of life we get the rainbow rays! Woo Hoo! Yesterday, braving impending weather and a 130 mile round trip,4 of us, Mama Duck and 3 ducklings in row,attended the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temples festival of color, Holi. Music, Mayhem and Ecstatic Joy,
    with 30,000 of our closest friends.
    Favorite images in my minds eye this morning, young people with homemade signs… Free Hugs! A couple dressed in wedding finery splashed with color, me and my girls dancing with abandon on the hill side.
    On our drive down, a miracle occurred. Amide freeway construction
    and tight driving conditions,a full grown pit-bull came running
    counter to freeway traffic. “oh god, I murmured, clutching the wheel. What? my oldest asked, I nod toward what was coming quick.
    All my girls gasp…..Don’t look!
    my oldest cried to the others and they bow heads and cover their eyes. A horse in a pasture, distressed, ran toward the fence totally aware of what was happening. All of this in nano seconds! And one look in the rear view caught sight of the dog, who had made it into a nearby field.Safe!
    Just prior, I was teaching them a Krishna chant…did it raise the vibe? did it make a difference?
    did horse magic of care and concern come into play? All of the above, I’d say.
    The festival was a melding of humanity, we are the same and we are unique. Frisky pelting of caulky bright color, mass releasing
    of winter and welcoming spring.
    Today, tie dyed remnants of color remain missed by last nights shower,skin is slightly perfumed,
    concrete boogers are all but gone.
    Holi is a worth while experience at least once in a lifetime. And happy to share with mentor and friend alike,avia…….

  3. Vera, LOVE this, and LOVE you! i wonder if you’d be interested in writing a blog post for this website. I’m going to email you about it. xo

  4. Symbolism is truly an ancient language, one that manifests from the very biology of life. Placing symbols in human historic context reveals so much about our ancestors and their knowledge. Understanding symbolic language is like becoming literate – it opens up a whole new world.

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