The Gentle and the Small

Allow yourself to be tamed by the gentle and the small.
Allow yourself to be tamed by the gentle and the small.

I don’t talk about it often, but twice a day, every day, I devote to meditation.  It’s been that way for years, and I cannot express how revolutionary that single choice to meditate has been.

A portion of my meditations is spent in devotion to the well-being of all my peeps.  That’s a lotta peeps, considering all life is kin to me, and vice versa.

But in the conventional sense, I’m kin to a lot of folk.  Whether friends, family or internet peeps, my prayer list for my kindred is super-long.

Sometimes, while sitting in meditative council, proffering sincere whispers of well-being on behalf of those I love, my mind interjects.

It happens to the best of us.  We’re moving in blissy waves of meta states one moment, and the next, our crest breaks into a mental analysis of the experience.  A perturbing dialogue breaks in, barking stuff like: “Wow, this is trippy! What’s all this mean? What are those curly q thingies, and when was the last time you ate?”

One such interruption came knocking at my meditative doors while in prayer, and said: “Life sure is hard, ain’t it Avia?

At the time, It seemed a valid observation (despite the weird accent).

No matter how many assurances we have that life is supposed to be navigated by butterflies and wrapped with rainbows (and it truly is for some of us, some of the time), life still seems hard sometimes to many of us (present company included).

However, I’d like to think most of us can agree, life is supposed to be good. Or, at the very least, life has the potential to be good. Further, I’d bet a fair piece a lot of us can point a finger as to why our life isn’t good.

So if we know this stuff, why does life still seem so hard sometimes?  And what can we do to make it less hard?

I know what helps me….I always revert back to a piece of advice Kim Gould of Love Your Design gave me.  She said, “Avia, allow yourself to be tamed by the gentle and the small.”  Taking that advice has been tantamount to enlightenment.

Here’s why – the breakdown:

  • Allowing oneself to be tamed by the gentle and the small forces simplicity.
  • Simplicity births a sense of comfort.
  • Comfort is married to gratitude.
  • Gratitude is kin to love.
  • Love is all we need.  (the Beatles can’t be wrong 🙂

That’s why I love living a totemic life; a symbolic life.  There’s magic in the simple, magic in the small things.   Becoming more focused on the smallest of miracles in our midst flips the concept of ‘hard life’ on its head.

Grateful attention to witnessing your kid’s first taste of ice cream, bird song at twilight, a fuzzy friend in a loving frenzy to see you return home, a perfect cappuccino, good soap – whatever  – the little blessings that pop into the seconds of all our lives – these little gems of joy accumulate to deflate the hot air talk about life being hard.

At least, it works for me.  There are countless opportunities for me to allow myself to be tamed by the gentle and the small; doing so keeps me in a cycle of gratitude.  Perhaps it will for you too.

Happy Thanks.  Happy Giving.

8 Comments on “The Gentle and the Small”

  1. Just saw this on my feed. Perfect timing. Sage wisdom in that advice. Happy Thanksgiving, Avia, I’m thankful for your websites.

  2. The whirl wind of days are passing so quickly, yet tonight is cold, quite and still. I take a moment to seek those who share their light and say “Many thanks”.
    The facets you share
    ( hopes , dreams , aspirations,
    insights, PHOTOS! , and love of music plus the weird & wondrous)sparkle
    like sunshine on snow, shine like silver waters reflecting and bring a warm feeling to my heart (<3)
    a big smile to my face. Every so often a tear or two, yet even those
    hold healing fire all so magic, I capture them with my finger and relish the salt.
    No matter the season, YOU ARE A GIFT.

  3. Avia, a few things to say, in no particular order:

    1- I have yet to see another tarot site with card readings and interpretations as deep, rich and educative as those on your tarotteachings web-site.
    2- Silly me to take this long to follow the link to your blog.
    3- Your hair-do is awesome (from one short-haired gal to the other)
    4- the small and gentle things I let myself be tamed by: my cat (not always very gentle), my niece, the snails appearing after rain, season’s first snow (like here tonight, yay), dream-memories that hit most unexpectedly during the day, the feel of wearing something yellow, fuzzy socks, anniversaries of achievements or goals attained (today is one of them, 11th!) ….


  4. I need some help. Why do I keep seeing rainbows every place I go.I also see Hummingbirds,Dragonflys,Cahmeleons ,Roadrunners and Dolphins. I use to be way off track but God Has helped me to change.The Rainbow thing is Crazy, ive also seen double Rainbows. I really need some help on this could you email me with some Insight Thank you.

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