What Does Avia Do?

What do I do?
What do I do?

I made a new friend, and if you’re not already friends with Pamela McQuade, you might consider dropping by www.SpiritualityIsSexy.com to introduce yourself – she’s fabulous!

Anyhoo, in the natural course of getting to know each other, she asked me…”Avia, what do you do?”

How come I never have simple answers?  *sigh* & *smile*

In truth, after shifting a few gears last year, the answer is more amoebic but no less vital.

Switching streams was the right thing to do, but I’m still paddling about to find the right “estuary” in which folks can connect with me if they like, but ultimately sail through my waters to get to divine tides – to the cosmic oceans beyond all banks.

So, what do I do?

  • I surf the cosmos gathering glimmery bits of bright inspiration. 
  • I convert these bits in some sort of useable format, adding my own spin & flavor.
  • I send them back out into the cosmic seas, messages in buoyant bottles, gift wrapped with high anticipation. 
  • I observe who picks these perspectives up, who shakes out the oracles, and who weaves personal understanding between the lines. 
  • I remain vigilant, expressing in as many ways possible the variable paths to self-empowerment & personal illumination.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then surf along with me.  I got tons of boards you can “hang ten” from.  Check them all out on my Google Profile here.

3 Comments on “What Does Avia Do?”

  1. I sat reading your site I stumbled across it as I was researching the ouroboros,I felt compelled to leave a message. I’m wondering whether your a crackhead or this is some sort of scam. The ladybird conveyed wisdom to me comment was brilliant though! It made me smile,I defy people to read it and not smile! Comedy gold! “I see beauty in every grain of sand and the children are our future”! How profound !! I’m presuming your american and I hate to do so as I don’t like to presume! Quoting william blake was also a highlight ,the man had much to say about wisdom though in this instance I cannot recall him receiving any from a ladybug! As you have quoted one of my countrymen I will leave you with one of yours that I think sums you up “I think I’m dumb,maybe just happy”

  2. Being vs.doing.
    Sometimes it’s enough to live, breath
    and walk the earth. To Be.
    A mere presence
    can lift the vibration of the here & now, radiating outward like a pebble
    tossed into the pond of the ever-unfolding universe.
    Avia, thanks for being… you are
    sharing, caring, and I’d bet the farm, a self-sacrificing human being willing to give the shirt off your back and the life vest / (personal floatation device)if you
    happen to be wearing one, adrift on flood or stormy sea.
    Your help and insights are greatly

  3. Dearest Vera, thank you for knowing (perhaps more than most), loving, being, doing and understanding. This comment serves as a flotation device for me.
    Much love to you, dear friend.

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