Robert Phoenix Rising: Astrology Review

Robert Phoenix Astrology
Robert Phoenix Astrology

I’ve been following Robert Phoenix’s work for awhile, but not until recently did I commission him to cast his perceptions upon my astrological chart.  This blog post is a review of Robert’s services as a practitioner of astrology.

From the onset I was impressed with Robert’s apparent expertise in the field of astrology.  His analytical response to my signs, planets, transits, etc. were accurate and confirmed my own understanding.

Anyone who seeks deeper wisdom from the heavens knows identifying motions/placements on a chart is only a crack in the grand canyon of astrology.  The real magic is in the interpretation of stellar activity.

Robert’s approach to interpreting astrological data is refreshing.  It’s apparent he draws upon a vast stockpile of unique education & perspective.  I found his observations to be mind-broadening.  The way he expressed certain features in my chart allowed my perceptions to shift.

All outside opinions can be catalysts – but I found Robert’s view to be particularly kindle-worthy.  In other words, his insight is motivating.  Inspirational fuel.  That’s what a catalyst does…affects the molecular structure of a thing just by introducing itself to the mix.  Indeed, Mr. Phoenix’s astrological reading was impactful and affecting.

I appreciated Robert’s ability to express his opinions candidly.  He was straight-forward and delivered his perceptions without apology.  Honesty is vital in these scenarios – beating around the bush has no place in interpretations and I value Robert’s candor.

What’s more, Robert is a perfect blend of mystic and pragmatist.  He extolled ethereal/esoteric wisdom with aplumb and ease.  With the same easy charm he offered practical advice that played with my astrological proclivities.

  • If you’re the kind of person who cannot tolerate fluffy, woo-woo astrological readings, Robert Phoenix is the astrologer for you.
  • If you need clarity/confirmation on who you are & where you stand in the grand scheme of current times, Robert Phoenix can assist.
  • If you are seeking inspirational fuel to ignite your spiritual/psychic/creative flames even higher, Robert Phoenix is your lighter fluid.
  • If you need practical, stable guidance built upon educated astrological interpretations…you guessed it, Robert Phoenix can dispense.
  • If you need accurate astrological information from a trustworthy, soulful mage – Robert Phoenix can fill that tall order too.

To be clear, I do not endorse unless I’m whole-heartedly satisfied about the practitioner.  Ergo,  it should be clear I highly recommend Robert Phoenix as a remarkably talented, high-integrity, qualified astrologist.

His rates are extremely reasonable tooBook a reading with Robert Phoenix here.

Or, read through his tremendously unique and thought-provoking blog here.

4 Comments on “Robert Phoenix Rising: Astrology Review”

  1. I am speechless. This is the most coherent and penetrating appraisal of what I do.

    You totally get me/it.

    I cannot thank you enough for the gift of being seen and taking the time out to share it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. The pleasure is mine – particularly knowing others can benefit from your uncommon gifts. Thanks for being you & for your excellence in this critical time.

  3. On your indirect recommendation, I’ve visited this site many times and continue to do so. I’ve made him a favorite. Actually, he’s in the Bay Area, not too far away from where we are. I am always amazed at the correlations Robert draws between current events and esoteric currents. His site has become one of those places I check in with when I’m formulating my own opinions of the state of our planet.



  4. Hello Donna love,
    Robert has a very unique flavour, and like you, I find myself drawn to his blog ( ) when an unorthodox perspective is required. He’s a heretic (and I mean that in a loving way) – in that he chooses based on his own view rather than common view.
    Thanks for your comment dear, and as always, thanks for your support.

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