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Spider Messages: Avia's New Roommate Shares Sage Advice on Life
Spider Messages: Avia's New Roommate Shares Sage Advice on Life

It’s been a brutal few weeks, but I’ve gotten by with a little help from my friends (shout out of “Thanks!” to my soul sisters, Donna Faber and Michele Knight  for helping me keep it together).

I want to also acknowledge gratitude to my new eight-legged roommate.  She moved into my home office window three weeks ago.  On the lunar eclipse (and full moon) to be precise and that she made herself known to me on this auspicious date should have clued me into the revolutionary writing on the walls.

Without going into too much detail (as my friend Donna says, I’m still percolating), I did want to share a few “instant spider messages” my orange arachnid roomie had to share to date:

  • Who is Weaving Your Web?
    My spider sage asked if I was the weaver of my own life experience, or if I was letting my life weave circles around me (and consequently allow myself to be consumed by the process of living).
  • How Divine is your Design?
    Messages tumbled out of her spider web as if to say “See my design? I made it purposefully.  Each loop, turn, cross and connection was strategic and tailored to my own ideals.  Be as purposeful as I am in building your experience and you won’t have these problems, Avia.”
  • Get Real!
    I love how my roommate looks so pissed off in this picture.  That look was conveyed in a few spider messages too.  She expects me to tow the line, and that stern look is a confirmation.  She’s asking me to sift through the illusions and get real about focus.

To be sure, more spider messages are coming, with more on the way. 

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8 Comments on “Spider Messages”

  1. You know I am very much into spider messages…like the one at the top of my blog. 🙂
    I think she is beautiful, and quite wise!
    Thank you for sharing her.

    Good energies and peace of heart to you,

    ~g-h (aka Susan)

  2. Love spiders! they do say a lot with their webs. Besides being a feng shui consultant i am also an ecologist and hike the southern california foothills for a living. Many dewy mornings I come across many spiders and other critters. You have a beautiful roommate!

  3. How wonderful! She is a wise arachnean and you seem to get along just fine. By the way, Icelandic lore also has it that spiders will show you where to find berries among the moss and heather…
    All the best, ever.

  4. Hi Gypsy 🙂 Yes, as a matter of fact, I thought of your arachnid beauty on the header of your blog when I shot this image. I knew you’d be pleased with her. The shot didn’t come easy. Three weeks worth of attempts. She’s incredibly tiny (you’d never know it w/ this zoom lense I have)…and almost transparent.

    I’m so glad her radiance is has caught you up in her web too. 🙂

    Be well & peace b 2 u 2.

  5. Goddess, she’s a stunning creature And your acceptance of her message is righteous and evolved. I’ve received some of my most pertinent messages from the spider realm, when Grandmother Spider first taught me about weaving my own reality, and not getting woven in. You just can’t ignore her when she makes han appearance. And this one, well … she’s a beauty! You’d have to be a coma not to see her magnificence!! D~

  6. Hi Donna, Ólöf & Elyssa! Thanks to each of you for your added perspectives & great kindness! It’s amazing to be bouncing in the same web together!

  7. Hey Avia!
    I felt like you’d fallen off the edge of the world for awhile…glad all is well and that Spider is helping you make sense of things.
    I’m Spider’s Daughter, too…have been visited by them repeatedly over many years as reminders to write and weave my own web of tales to show the world…and most recently, dreamed of being born into a Great Mother Spider’s eight arms, where she cradled and held me. An archetypal feminine image for me, to be sure!
    Much love to you,

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