Symbolism of Creepy Crawlies in the Home

Spider Roommates

A reader contacted me asking about the symbolism of creepy crawly creatures (spiders, mice, snakes, etc.) hanging in and around her house.

Get Avia’s full response, including ways to interpret the symbolic meaning of pests in the home here.

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6 Comments on “Symbolism of Creepy Crawlies in the Home”

  1. Hey Venefica, thanks for this post. it really helped me to cope with what I (normally) consider “invaders” in my home. Your ideas here help me approach these critters in a different (more peaceful) way.

  2. From the perspective of love, all creatures are equal and we should love them all. Every perception and happening has a purpose. Every view of a symbol is a mixture of truth and illusion. We decide what we choose to see.

  3. Hi, though i was startled for a moment i actually like spiders so i amstill not sure how to intreprate this.

  4. so do I (like spiders), as is clear in the post.
    And, that’s the beauty of interpreting – we do so for ourselves. Symbolism is subjective with meanings variable depending upon the view of the beholder.

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