Symbolism of Creepy Crawlies in the Home

Spider Roommates
Spider Roommates

A reader contacted me asking about the symbolism of creepy crawly creatures (spiders, mice, snakes, etc.) hanging in and around her house. 

Rather than dismiss the presence of insects and the occassional rodent (or worse, allow her distaste for these creatures control her with fear), she began to work out the symbolic meaning of their presence in her life. 

She had a feeling there was a deeper meaning to this, and asked for my perspective, which follows here: 

I make my responses from the standpoint that everything occurring in our external lives is a result, symptom, or reflection of our internal life.  And so, we can effectively look at our life situations as a metaphor or parable.  This is where symbolism (and the knowledge of it) becomes quite effective in determining solutions to our concerns.
To demonstrate…
Houses in our external life are symbolic of internal concepts such as:

  • safety
  • security
  • belief
  • structure
  • organization
  • foundations
  • unification
  • protection
  • contentment

When our external lives serve up disturbances within and around the home it can be likened to a disruptions in the above listed areas of thought/emotion.  For example, upset in the home may signal feelings of disorganization, or we feel our safety is being compromised, or we feel the foundation of our beliefs are becoming threatened.
“Creepy crawlies,” such as rats, spiders, snakesinsects are representative of the unseen side of things…the underbelly of our thoughts and feelings.  Thus, encountering creatures we find undesirable usually symbolizes our unwillingness to face fears, or emotions and thoughts that are unsavory to us. 
Once we do a little thought-research…mining out those thoughts/feelings that are scratching at our minds causing discomfort, we can begin to win control over our lives again.  It does not require psychotherapy, or digging up painful memories. 
Solutions typically work better when we come from a standpoint of inclusion rather exclusion.  Meaning, when we incorporate and accept our inner facets (rather than chop them out or poison them out of our lives) we find success. 
So, consider whatever it is that may be troubling you, and find something acceptable, or positive about it.  Essentially, (and symbolically) you are setting out nice bits of cheese for the rats in your mind.  Satisfied rats will romp and play out in the field (away from your proverbial hearth & home).

Don’t worry about them coming back to you, wanting more cheese, they won’t.  Just know they’re so happy at the positive feeding, they’ll bliss out so far in their reverie – they’ll simply lose your house in their excitement.
When we take care to unearth the positive attributes from our inner landscape – I guarantee our outer landscape will mimic and comply.  Meaning, steps taken to comfort the inner you will lead to a comfortable outer life experience too.

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6 Comments on “Symbolism of Creepy Crawlies in the Home”

  1. Hey Venefica, thanks for this post. it really helped me to cope with what I (normally) consider “invaders” in my home. Your ideas here help me approach these critters in a different (more peaceful) way.

  2. From the perspective of love, all creatures are equal and we should love them all. Every perception and happening has a purpose. Every view of a symbol is a mixture of truth and illusion. We decide what we choose to see.

  3. Hi, though i was startled for a moment i actually like spiders so i amstill not sure how to intreprate this.

  4. so do I (like spiders), as is clear in the post.
    And, that’s the beauty of interpreting – we do so for ourselves. Symbolism is subjective with meanings variable depending upon the view of the beholder.

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