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Bird Totem Messages
Bird Totem Messages

I was asked a question about hawk and owl messages.  My friend described a moment in which a hawk cried out to her.  Immediately following its call was the cry of an owl.  After contemplating other question details and ruminating with the hawk and owl, I offered possible messages the owl and hawk may be communicating to her. My response follows:

Hawks speak to us about focus.  They come to us in times when we are in the midst of a project or life situation that requires the bulk of attention.  They wing their way to us when we need a reminder to concentrate.
That your hawk was immediately followed by the voice of the owl may indicate a message of transition…specifically, a change in focus.
Owls speak to us about the unseen side of life, mystery, wonder, and the “otherworldly” cycles of reality.  Further, they bring us messages about change and transition.
That the hawk (focus) energy was followed by owl (transition) energy in your experience brings about the association of a “change in focus” or direction.
Further, both of these magnificent creatures are birds of prey.  They are deft at getting what they want in the most efficient and effective manner.  Therefore, they ask us to use the same stream-lined means at obtaining the objects of our vision for ourselves. 
That both of these birds vocalized themsevels to you may indicate a need for you to use verbalization more clearly in what you are wanting.  These two bird totems encourage us to enunciate our intentions and they move in alliance with our enunciations.

Stategy, concentration, confidence and patience are the watchwords given from both of these creatures.
Indeed, if you feel their calling out was a sign of warning, go with your gut instinct and explore those feelings more.  Call upon hawk and owl for assistance and, thank them for their guidance. 
I hope this brief summary has enabled you to take a few more steps into the depth of animal messages that are available to you.  Take the time to contemplate further this experience with hawk and owl, and you will find more clarity – simply ask these regal birds for there presence, and they will make themselves (and their intentions) known to you. 

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16 Comments on “Hawk and Owl Messages”

  1. Hi All
    I REALLY REALLY hope someone reads this comment and can give me some comfort. Here is my story:
    I was driving late or early am (4:00am) with my finacee which we do alot as I find it relaxing. As we were driving for fun we practiced a few exercises like He would pick a color and I would guess and vice versa. Well we were doing excellent and having a ton of fun. We had just stopped and were nearing our home when in the middle of the road I saw two hunched over figures. I screamed and my fiancee who was driving swerved to avoid hitting them. When i screamed the little figures looked around at us. It was two white owls. The just stared and then flew off. I cant get their faces out of my mind and to be honest I am a little terrified. I read Veronicas reponse to another owl email and it help calmed me but I am still very scared. Please anyone what does this mean??? The whole experience was very odd. Any help would be SO appriacated.

  2. Hi Shawna,

    I’ll kick off what will hopefully be a full round of voices speaking to you and your experience in support.

    Kudos for taking steps to process this experience more fully. This type of consultation with your thoughts/beliefs will drive away that sensation of terror.

    I believe your experience was profound on a symbolic level. However, you’re the one who will identify meaning to the experience. Mine is only one perspective. The best perspective is your own.

    I find no coincidence that I’ve spent most of the morning pondering direction in the form of destinations (roots/home and otherwise). Your experience points out directions or destinations.

    To highlight a few elements of your experience:

    ~Driving in a Car: A mode of traveling in a direction
    ~Driving at 4:00: The number four focuses on direction (think of 4 points on a compass)
    ~Owl sighted on the road: Roads are symbolic of travel/destination

    These and other elements point to moving in a specific direction. That you shared the experience with your fiancé and there were not one, but TWO owls reinforces my inclination of thought that moving/travel/direction deals with both you and your fiancé as a whole.

    So we ask:
    ~Where are you two headed together?
    ~What kind of connections do you share on a deeper level?
    ~How can these connections be enhanced to a greater contribution of good?
    ~There is something specific you two are of “one mind” about. Focus on it as it can potentially be a catalyst for great growth and expansion.

    It’s important to note most animal significance comes from the present tense. The theme of “movement/travel/direction/navigation” identified in your experience is a very present-tense matter. Ruminations and decisions you make as a result of this experience will be now’ish not 10 years from now.

    Owls are quite specific in their purpose – and, as you can attest, they are extremely intense in their delivery. This enhances the message present tense, as well as an urging for you to make clear your understanding of this experience to your highest benefit.

    Within great intensity (even terror) resides the potential for our greatest reward and understanding.

    Thanks for being open to these amazing phenomenon that occur in all of our lives. The questions and the answering of them prompts us all to come to our own unique place on the path.


  3. I was driving home at about 2:00 am in the morning when someting white hit the side of my car. I turned around to see what it was. When I got out of my car, I saw that it was a small white owl. There were cars comming up from behind me , so I turned on my emergency blinkers, so the owl and myselfe would not be hit. I then walked over to the owl that was looking at me. I then raised both arms and the owl flew away.
    I have been going through some really hard times in my life. I am wondering if this is some type of sign ???

  4. Hi Avenefica,

    As from my other comment post, the first night i heard the owls calling, immediately the next day there were two Red-tailed Hawks that had perched near my home area on street lights. Then I had seen two hawks flying, then another red-tail perched on another street light driving down the freeway, and two more hawks circling and being harassed by a bird. It was awesome sighting them around. The following night I heard the two owls calling/talking to each other. Then about a week after on the day I was leaving for college I saw a red-tail riding the strong winds when I was at the gas station. As I observed the hawk, it glided right above where I was standing, and I stared at the hawk wondering what this meant and why I didn’t have my camera, while it just remained at that spot for about 20 seconds, then the wind guided it away. I was quite pleasantly surprised, and I felt like I was encouraged and supported when I was nervous and reluctant on going back to the college I’m at. Then as we drove off down toward the freeway, I looked back and saw a large hawk flying close to the ground towards my direction. Wasn’t sure if it was the same species hawk, but it was still wonderful to see. I’ve always felt a connection with hawks, especially the red-tail, its always a pleasure catching sight of them.

  5. Hi Crystal, thank you for sharing this experience, and your perception of its meaning here with the group.

    I find no coincidence in your posting a comment about your hawk experience and my own encounter with a young hawk this morning while “shades drawn” (that is, meditation). I concur with your instinct – the hawk can offer great strength and encouragement – dispensing steely focus in our times of fuzziness (often born from moments of fear or doubt, which are synonymous, really).

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here.

  6. I was driving down the street and seen a large bird stuck in a barbwire fence with it’s wings spread out wide for two days 75 degrees in the day and 40 degrees at night. In discuss on the evening of the second day. i jumped the fence and trespassed to take the bird down off the fence. to my surprise it was still alive and it was a short ear owl. while watching the bulls in the pasture coming my way i hurried to unwrapped the wire from the wings from the barb wire. they were in bad condition bloody and crushed. one had bone exposed the whole length of the wing and a a small bone fragment. when i got The owl in the car it’s head kept falling over and i thought for sure it would die. i took a syringe and gave it water slowly till i was satisfied and put it in a safe place to rest. after a few hours i gave it more water. after about 8 hours it was still alive so i set some traps and caught two mice in the barn. now it has been about 20 hours i gave more water and cut the mice up and used a chop stick to feed the Owl. only a few pieces. placed them on a lid and put them in with the owl and left it alone in the dark for a few hours. the Owl ate both mice. I was very happy. I took out the owl to clean it’s wound as much as i could. it was still bleeding. and looked raw. The Owl was very calm also which i thought was a bad sign (maybe still in shock.) I would scratch between its eyes and it would go to sleep sitting on my lap. I fed the Owl a full raw chicken breast over a couple days. when i left it alone it would eat. well this went on for 5 days. but the wing still looked really bad. so thinking the vet would be a better place for the bird could get antibiotics. i took it in. The owl must have taken to me because it would not let anyone else near. it would hiss and flare its feathers and straiten its back. when anyone came close to us. i thought this was strange. i had to hold the Owl and cover it’s eyes just so the vet could look at the wing. She was amazed how calm the Owl was with me. when they walked away the owl calmed down and just watched them .she asked if i had raised the owl myself because it was so calm with me. I explained how i found it wrapped in a barbwire fence. Then i was told to place the Owl in a cage.The Owl was not happy when i placed it in there. it tried to cling to my hand. The veterinarian said they would try to help the Owl and if they could not save the wing it would be put to sleep. i was very upset. Why did i even bring the owl to them. They told me i would be fined if i kept and tried to take care of the owl myself. I thought i was doing the right thing,taking the Owl to them. but, now i feel i should have taken care of the Owl myself just as i was. Did I do the right thing?? Why did the owl take to me like it did. not allowing anyone else close to it? Do you think i should be seeking the meaning why the Owl and i crossed paths? I make custom hand crafted cedar boxes and i work with rocks Of various type like agate’s and semi precious and precious stones. placing them in wands and hiking staffs.Beds,chairs,and root art. I always try and help to others, i have a very strong energy and a love for nature and mother earth. I have saved and returned to nature many animals from deer to raccoons, pigeons geese and one owl i let down. Lately i have been feeling a little down living life alone and wishing to meet someone who is like minded. I spend my days dreaming of a life i hope to have. I have been un-employed for about nine months now so i have been meditating and praying for something to change in my life. I have been trying new things from building a web page to sell my arts and crafts to photography also putting in job applications every other day. After i found the Owl all of my e-bay items sold and good things have happen to bring a long forgotten smile to my face. Do you think i was meant to learn something form the Owl (i may have saved??) I feel very sad inside thinking i may have made a mistake taking the Owl to a veterinarian. Please tell me your thoughts..
    Thank you
    Free stonehound

  7. I love your site would you mind me placing a link to your page from my web page myrockshop.com ? i have been thinking of the owl all day so i called to see how it was doing they said: great so far things are looking good. i feel much better. i also have been reading all day me being a Sagittarius i had to search more information on owls. and found the owl is also my native America symbol. Your web site is the best and i would be honored to place a link on my page with your permission. do you take links for your page from others?

  8. I am very curious about the following. I usually wake up at about 5 in the morning and spent some quiet time before the day starts, I have also been going through some changes in my spiritual life as well as some difficult times I am experiencing, in fact right now at this moment I am going through the most difficult time ever. However about 6 weeks ago for about a week every time I get up early, roundabout just after 5 in the morning I hear owls hooting in the trees just outside my backdoor, sometimes there is more than one, then they were gone for a while and 2 days ago I woke up in the early morning hours and I could hear 2 owls hooting. This is very unusual for me especially as I have never heard owls before but immediately I knew it was owls, I feel that this is a sign to me but I would love to know what exactly this means. Please can someone spread some light for me, I would appreciate it…

  9. Hello Avenefica,

    About a week ago I went for a walk with my friends, and we sat down at a clearing near a cliff edge. While we were talking I noticed a hawk (I’m pretty sure it was a hawk; the area we were in was Canada, Ontario, Hamilton). It was in flight at this time, and the second next time I looked back up for it, it had gone.

    After some time had passed I looked back up again and saw two hawks. They were both in flight, circling, but going in different directions (clockwise vs. counterclockwise). At one point it looked like they were about to collide with one another (they were still circling one another but one went higher in the air while the other was going lower).

    This experience really had an impact on me, and I was hoping you could provide insight as to what it could mean. Lately, I’ve been going through a very hard time with someone I’m close to, and have been very confused as to what direction I want to take the relationship in (and having been unsure about what to do, I’ve put thoughts regarding that person on the backburner…I know, not a good idea…). I’d appreciate any advice you can offer.


  10. Had been hearing screeches in the woods across the street from my house for about 2 weeks. The screeches were pretty spooky and even made my 120lb. dog hide under the porch when they were happening. I figured that they were a type of bird because the screeches were up in the trees. We have hooting owls deep in the woods and they can be heard hooting back and forth from time to time, this wasn’t them though.

    The other night, after many nights of the screeching, I was awaken about 2:45am to the screeches. They woke me up because they sounded like they were screeching in the open window. Outside on my fence was an owl. About 10 feet away from the first owl, on the sidewalk to my front door, was another owl.

    Opening the front door to the house to investigate scared them. One owl flew into the woods, the other up onto the phone lines in front of the house. I called to the owl on the phone lines while it was looking at me. The owl in the woods flew back to be with the one above me and they both watched me as I hooted at them (neighbors may think I’m nuts). A passing truck scared them both into the woods.

    The owls came back after I had gone to bed again. Their screeching was keeping me from falling fully back to sleep. Something strange then happened. I was annoyed with the owls by this time but not wanting to scare them or hurt them I decide to just mentally acknowledge them. I felt like I mentally reached out and let them know I was aware of them and that the screeches could stop now. At that moment they did (the hair on my neck is standing up as I tell this) I haven’t heard or seen the owls since.

    My internet research leads me to believe that they were barn owls based on the noise they made and their color. What could this mean if anything??????? I’m not nuts, just curious. The kicker is that I’ve just recently started to research intuitiveness because of the many recent hunches I’ve had that have come true. Could this be related????

  11. Hi,
    I just had a visit from owl and hawk. Definitely here for me. I don’t know why I am so moved, well yes I do. All day I’ve been saying to myself “I can’t do this anymore. ”
    And telling myself “I can’t go through watching another parent die slowly, not again.” My dad who I live with has been talking about him dying all week. First thing this morning he asked about his will! I’m not over my mom yet and it has been over a year. My life has been on hold for them for four years, and I believe I may not last, perhaps owl was here for me?
    Probably not because the conversation between the two of them, owl I could see, hawk was above my window, went on for at least 30 minutes.
    You said focus and transform. Well indeed I am anything but focused and wanting to jump head first into transforming. Like I always do. But I am scared this time. I don’t know why I’m writing because I know a thing or two here, but I’ve been alone for a long time excepting my ill and dying parents. My social life is completely nill. As is my bank account. But, I so ready to leave this life just to breathe again. I guess I was gifted by a life I used to live, a chance to revisit my me, my spirituality, which I totally lost in the trying passing of my mother and the medical chaos that accompanied that feat. And now dad pulling the same troubling scenario all over again. If I don’t listen here, I will be lost.
    Well, mahalo for listening!
    LeeAnne Phillips

  12. I’m so glad that you posted This because my whole life I have dreamt of a Falcon that watches by day and and owl that watches by night. recently I drempt the owl was a baby snowy owl .

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